KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Review

    KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Review

    Electric fireplaces are the modern way to warm ourselves up during winter. You don’t have to manually create fire and emit polluted smokes into a chimney or vent that has been done a few decades ago. That is why a lot of people tend to buy these fireplaces easily inserted through their walls to not just warm their spaces but create a majestic and elegant effect into the room. In this product review, we will evaluate on this particular electric fireplace named KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert. Scroll down to know more its features, users opinion and more.

    Kuppet Electric Fireplace Insert: A review on the beautiful Kuppet YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert. #kuppet #electricfireplace #electricfireplaceinsert #FireplaceLab

    • Easy to Use and Assemble
    • Gorgeous Design and Build
    • Cost-Efficient
    • Limited Documentation

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    Key Features of the KUPPET YA-300 Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert

    Beautifully Design and Fabricated
    Having dimensions of 28.5″ x 6″ x 21″, the rectangular shaped electric fireplace is heavily metal finished with black coating streamlined to the borders of the device.

    This electric fireplace weighs about 38.2 pounds having a traditional design, on its centrepiece situated the elegant LED powered realistic flame effect with electric fireplace logs surrounding it for intensification. The body is covered with a thick tempered glass for which is easily detached on as needed.

    Heats the Room Efficiently
    Comes with the patented 3D flame technology, this device is incorporated with two heat settings for which could be controlled as you’ve wanted. It distributes heat with an intuitive power range from 750 for low heats or 1500 watts for high heats with an input frequency of 60 Hz respectively. Nonetheless, the device is suited for use only to small and medium-sized rooms.

    Secure and Safe
    Since it does not use any gas or oil to give warmth, the electric fireplace does not excrete any unnecessary by-products like ash or smoke to it that is a problem for some fire pits. Its electric powered and does not produce any odor, safe for use to pets, adults, and even children. Its highlighted with a tip over and overheating protection that will turn off once it detects that the device produces much heat.

    User-Friendly Interface
    Opened through the hinge situated on the interface, the front controls of the device consist of three smoothly pressed buttons and a separate turn on/off button. Aside from that, it includes a small black polished rectangle shaped remote control for which is powered by AA batteries.

    Nonetheless, the remote control has three buttons into it. Respectively, each is used for power on/off, adjust out the heat, and the brightness or dimness of the LED fire-like display.

    Easy Assembly
    There’s no need to assemble the device since upon purchase you’ll receive it readily assembled. All you have to do is mount the device into the wall or setup it wherever you wanted it to be. Nonetheless, it includes more than 10 screws to accompany the wall setup of the device.

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    What users saying about KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Insert?

    As of now, this electric fireplace has minimal reviews with its users. Nonetheless, this electric fireplace is quite typical of what you’ve seen in the local market. It’s decent with an elegant fireplace design. It’s easy to assemble and use.

    You don’t have to read any manual as related to it since everything is direct and straightforward with this. As to its operation, few of its users said that it does not distribute heat efficiently into the room.

    KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Review

    However, this is expected since the device is suited only for use into small rooms. To feel the heat, you must be around five feet from the device as needed. Otherwise, you’ll just use the device as a decoration to your homes. Overall, it’s a very affordable device, reasonable enough for the quality and performance you’ll be experiencing into it.

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    Compare Best Choice Products SKY1826 vs KUPPET YA-300 Electric Fireplace Insert

    Similarly built and design, these two electric fireplaces is heavy metal black bordered with LED fire-like powered center to complete the experience. Aside from that, both have a similar front interface with controls hidden and opened through a hinge.

    Though, upon opening the hinge, the Best Choice has a richer interface than the latter with its controls incorporating four smoothly pressed buttons and a red power button to manage the operation. Aside from that, the remote control for Best Choice is more detailed, equipped with six buttons as compared to the latter having only three buttons.

    Compare Best Choice Products SKY1826 vs KUPPET YA-300 Electric Fireplace Insert

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    As to its size, the Kuppet has its edge. The device is about 10 inches larger than the other. Aside from that, the Kuppet is 10 grams heavier than the latter with 38.2 pounds. With its heating capability, both devices have similar power exclusively two heat settings, 750 and 1500 watts.

    Both devices also have the five brightness adjustment but the Kuppet has limited flame effects for which other electric fireplaces includes on its design.

    Looking at both the device’s prices, you’ll notice that the Kuppet is cheaper than about 20 dollars as compared to the latter. The Kuppet has limited flame features with simple menu and control interface for which accounts perhaps for a decrease in price as opposed to the other device. Thus, the current differences in price are quite reasonable for certain factors that are lacking one from the other.

    Overall, though the Kuppet has few drawbacks, it’s important that the Kuppet is a bit larger and distributes heat similarly as the Best Choice. Thus, preferring Kuppet to Best Choice would be something reasonable to do given that its inexpensive with still the similar design and build.

    What’s the disadvantage of the KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert?

    Primarily, as said, the device has very limited ratings and user reviews. This is an important criterion for there are a lot of buyers look at the comments, reviews, and ratings before purchasing a product. But nonetheless, it has a high rating almost five for which is something to look forward to.

    What's the disadvantage of the KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert?

    Other than that, the device seems to be fabricated from not so high-quality materials. As a user, it’s important that you’ll ensure that the device would last long. Though, its metal-made for which makes you be in relief with quality.

    Also, don’t expect that the device will give off a large amount of heat. It is suited for use to small rooms. With its price, the device is not conducive for use to very big spaces.

    Does it worth your invest according to KUPPET YA-300 specs?

    It depends. If you’ll be using this device to small rooms, then you could consider this device. Otherwise if not, then you’ll have to think twice regarding it. But nonetheless, it has an excellent typical fireplace design easy to use and assemble as needed. The price could be surprising given that it’s very affordable.

    But, you don’t have to worry because there are already people who have used the device. Also, the device has an average positive rating on Amazon. Overall, the quality of this device is quite decent, suitable for use as an entry-level electric fireplace.

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    Final Verdict

    If you’re out of the budget, then you’ll most likely save around buying only cost-efficient products. However, most affordable products tend to have the lowest quality as the price is commonly dependent on its material quality and performance.

    But nonetheless, you should never have a problem with buying an entry-level electric fireplace that perfectly suits your budget. The KUPPET YA-300 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert is something worthy that you could have!

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