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MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace Review

Different electric fireplaces with different features are being introduced in the market. It has many abilities and features that best suited to the tastes and preferences of the people.

As of today, since the advancement of technology can be observed anywhere, electric fireplace manufacturers showed different ways to persuade the public to choose their brand or product and add to their home as a piece of furniture.

However, choosing the best fireplace is difficult considering that you have a variety of choices. Such as do you want solid wood, shelving, adjustable shelves, dvd players, certain square feet or even glass doors, to name a few. MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace has the most realistic media mantel TV stand fine furniture construction that offers both fireplace and TV stand all in one.

MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace Review

Like any other product from MagikFlame, this fireplace has a real flame look, logs, ember bed, and sound. All of these features are 3D and in HD quality making it more real than any other fireplaces.

With MagikFlame, no need to find the remote control because you can control your fireplace and change its settings with its easy to navigate the app in your smartphone via Bluetooth.

During wintertime, you can give comfort and warmth to your place while enjoying the real like fireplace from MagikFlame.

Want to change the video flames? You can do that with its free flames videos and automatic update that you can receive freely.


  • It produces real like embers, flame effects, sounds, and logs
  • Can be controlled with smartphones via an app
  • Can place TV at its top
  • Has built-in fine furniture for your book and other stuff


  • The firebox space is a bit small
  • It requires a bigger space to be mounted
  • Its price is a bit high

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Key features of the MagikFlame Chronus Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace Review - Key features of the MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace

Real Like Fireplace

MagikFlame Chronus Fireplace is one of the most real-like fireplaces introduced in the market.

From flickering flames, embers, logs and sounds all are closer to reality which makes this fireplace more real than any other electric fireplaces.

Can be Controlled with your Smartphone

Technology is everywhere, this fireplace from MagikFlames is more advanced than other plus convenient to use anytime.

With this media fireplace, no need to find your remote control since you can control and change its settings using your smartphones with the use of Bluetooth.

Has a TV Stand

During winter watching TV will be more enjoyable when you stay in warmth with the fireplace near you. With this fireplace, you can place your TV at the top of it and enjoy your favorite shows while enjoying the warmth of your living room or home decor.

Has built-in Furniture

Many people love all in one product. This fireplace will not just give you warmth during the winter season but it will also let you place your books, videotapes, CDs and etc. with its built-in fine furniture.

The App can Receive Video Flames and Features that are up to Date

With this fireplace, you can now receive video flames and updated features for free. This enables you to have an updated fireplace without changing anything physically.

Made with Durable Materials

With its different features and abilities, the most important point in this fireplace is the fact that it is made from durable materials making this fireplace last longer.

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Compare MagikFlame Chronus Features with the money you invest

This fireplace is a bit high, however, looking at its features and benefits will let you realize that your money receives its worth. Even if it is quite expensive, the features like real sound and embers, real like logs and flames, all of these are worth with its price.

Most of all, it is convenient to use plus it is hassle-free to control because you can control it with its app in your smartphone via Bluetooth. Of course, this fireplace is made up of durable materials making it to have a longer life of use.

MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace Review - Compare MagikFlame Chronus Features with the money you invest

What users are saying about the MagikFlame Chronus Media Center?

All in all, many users found this fireplace effective and useful. Many users were amazed by how this fireplace performs and showed its features.

They liked it a lot because the logs, flames, embers, and sound are almost real making their atmosphere homier. Aside from that, they also like the fact that it can be easily controlled with remote control via Bluetooth.

Some users found it very helpful and useful at the same time.

Since this fireplace has also TV stand and extra space for your books and other stuff, multiple users of MagikFlame Chronus like its free video flame settings which can be controlled and updated via apps on your phone. 

Majority of its users like the fact that this fireplace is more than a source of warmth but also fine furniture where you can place your TV and stuff.

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How durable and affordable MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace

When we talk about durability, this electric fireplace can guarantee a lot. It is made with durable materials letting it last for a long time of use.

Talking about affordability, this electric fireplace from MagikFlame is a bit expensive; however, its price is just right when it comes to its features and quality.

MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace Review - How durable and affordable MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace

Why you consider MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace

MagikFlame electric fireplace can be a good choice. It has features and benefits that will surely meet your possible standards.

In addition to that, this fireplace has a good quality letting you enjoy and use it longer. Unlike other electric fireplaces, this one has many additional features like a TV stand and fine furniture.

This is an electric fireplace that will not just enable you to enjoy the warmth during the winter season but also a good choice that will add life to your room.

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Bonus Points Present in MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace

If you are planning to give a remodel and refurnished look to your home, then get hold of this fireplace piece. The best and catchy part is that it comes and infused with a media center.

Have you ever come across a fireplace that has a media center component attached to it, of course not!

Those who love to give an elegant look to their homes they can think and plan out buying this fireplace for themselves. Furthermore, it is now much loved by all of the electric fireplace enthusiasts.

This is an ideal piece that you can place and keep as a great piece of living room furniture. Moreover, this is a freestanding electric fireplace.

You will love it at gives a cozy focal vibe to your home. Listen to your favorite music and gets cozy under this heat source. Even more, on top of it, you can place a television, how cool it is!

The Most Realistic Looking MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace

No doubt, this is the most realistic looking fireplace that one can try out and buy. Besides, it gives out ultra-realistic flames.

It manages to simulate wood and also gas fires.

This product has made use of patented HoloFlame video technology and gives you the experience of actual burning fire.

Using this fireplace is the name of seeing innovative experience. It surpasses all of the traditional and also mechanical electric fireplace models that are currently available in the market.

This fireplace is completely and wholly practical looking. It has got an attractive design element in it.

Moreover, it is simple and compact, what else you are expecting and demanding. This piece will look extremely luxurious in your home. It comprises a luxurious finish element in it.

MagikFlame Chronus Media Center Electric Fireplace- Perfect for your Home

It is high time to add up and place this opulent beauty piece in your home. This is a multi-operating fireplace piece as you can use and operate it with your phone as well. It offers the user with latest and advanced mobile integration features.

Moreover, it has easy to use controls. You can run and operate this fireplace from any room section of yours. In its app zone, you are free to select flame and power functioning. In addition, you can set the volume levels and to heat the controlling part. 

Design the home of your dreams and place this realistic electric fireplace! It is the name of top-quality and extreme innovation.

You can keep it and place it as a centerpiece, not just as a media cabinet, as well. It is high time to unwind and listen to the soothing sounds and see the beauty and charm of these dancing flames.

If you plan to buy and use this state-of-the-art kind of MagikFlame electric fireplace, then share with us your experience too. Most noteworthy, it is made and manufactured by dedicated craftsmen, and massive attention is given to every detailing.

Final Verdict

MagikFlame electric fireplaces never stop in producing products that could meet the standard of the public. This electric fireplace from MagikFlame deserves a commendation because it offers unique features and benefits that will add convenience to its users. It is easy to place and pair with your room’s ambiance because it will not just as an electric fireplace for the winter season but also furniture where you can comfortably place your TV and other stuff.

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