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MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Review and Buyers Guide

At A Glance: Top 3 MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for a fireplace without all of the hassle and work, you should take a look at the Magikflame Electric Fireplace. This beauty is a holographic electric fireplace (and mantel) that will connect right to your smartphone through Bluetooth or through our app. Magikflame is known for producing one of the most, if not the most, realistic electric fireplaces on the market to date, using real logs, fire, and crackling sounds. With it’s HD screen, it’s almost hard to believe it isn’t real!

  • 4600 BTU log set
  • Beautiful white mantel

  • 26 life-like flames that simulate a real fire
  • Heats up to a 1,000 sqaure foot room

  • Made in the USA
  • Quality furniture grade cherry mantel

  • Insert only
  • Mantel not included

Not only do these fireplace inserts appear real enough for every person who visits your home to do a double-take when they see it, but they are super safe always remaining cool to the touch so that if kids were to get near it they wouldn’t get burned. Somehow beneath all this amazing technology and coolness, the Magikflame still puts off some of the coziest vibes (and heat too, of course!) that you’ll ever obtain from sitting by the fire.

Magikflame always chooses quality over quantity, which is mainly what gives them the title of the best electric fireplace company on the market. They far surpass other companies in the same field when it comes to making a durable, long-lasting and still amazing product, and people are even choosing these over real fireplaces, which is a huge compliment to their company and product.

Perhaps one of the things that make Magikflame the best electric fireplace company around is the fact they use solid-state electronics from the United States, whereas their competitors use cheap Chinese made electronics that don’t last. These gorgeous realistic electronic fireplaces from Magikflame are said to last at least 15-20 years, as not only do they use better electronics but they also work with fewer moving parts that allow the furnace to outlast any other faux fireplace competing against it.

Magikflame Electric Fireplace Review and Specs

1. Magikflame – Trinity

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace with Mantel -...
  • PERFECT FOR NEW HOMES, REMODELS: Whether you are an interior designer,...
  • MOST REALISTIC ELECTRIC FIREPLACE: 26 ultra-realistic flames that...
  • ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL DESIGN: 55″w x 48″h x 18”d. The...

The Trinity white mantel and fireplace is made out of quality AAA+ furniture-grade white wood and stands at 55″ wide, 48″ tall, 18″ deep, which is one of the larger mantels Magikflame offers. What makes these furnaces so realistic is the holographic technology and illusion that is used to show the actual fire. You’ll also hear crackling sounds with running videos of real logs burning and even fire with fire sounds, all of which create a toasty temperature that can heat an 800-1000 sq/ft room. Relax to the sound of nature too by adding in ocean waves or rain for extra mental pleasure, and never have to worry again about the children getting near the fireplace as this beauty is never hot to the touch!

The creamy, milk-colored white mantel almost has this Victorian style and design that look to be fit for a queen! This will certainly be the talk of the party for everyone who visits your home for the first time, they’ll have to take a double-take to make sure it isn’t real and then when they find out it’s not, they’ll have to know more about it!

2. Magikflame – Artemis

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace with Mantel -...
  • PERFECT FOR NEW HOMES, REMODELS: Whether you are an interior designer,...
  • MOST REALISTIC ELECTRIC FIREPLACE: 30 ultra-realistic flames that...
  • ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL DESIGN: 52″w x 45″h x 15”d. The...

The Artemis white wood mantel is also made out of the same AAA+ furniture-grade white wood that the Trinity is made out of, and includes most of the same wonderful qualities such as heating a room that is up to 1000 sq/ft, realistic holographic technology, even the simulation of smoke and embers can be experienced through a Magikflame electric fireplace. The Artemis also produces a toasty temperature of 4600 BTU, keeping you warm and cozy all night long without the worry of having to put out the fire. The best feature of these high-quality electric heaters is the fact you can download our app on your iPhone to control the fire, giving you the luxury of changing the temp from the comfort of your own bed.

This style is slightly smaller than the Trinity white wood, so if you are someone who needs a smaller fireplace insert and mantel, our Artemis white wood stands at 52″ wide, 43″ tall, and 15″ deep. The same milky white paint is so exquisitely used on and detailed on this modern-day faux furnace, fitting right in with today’s style of homes.

3. Magikflame – Neo

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace with Mantel -...
  • PERFECT FOR NEW HOMES, REMODELS: Whether you are an interior designer,...
  • MOST REALISTIC ELECTRIC FIREPLACE: 30 ultra-realistic flames that...
  • ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL DESIGN: 55″w x 48″h x 18”d. The...

The Magikflame Neo cherry Wood mantel and fireplace insert are in a category all of its own, with its burnt auburn look it is no wonder they named it cherry wood. Classy, chic, and stylish, you won’t find another realistic electric fireplace more brilliantly designed and detailed. The Neo is one of the larger mantels standing at the same size as the Trinity, 55″ wide, 48″ tall, and 18″ deep, so prepare some room for this beauty when she’s coming through. The holographic technology simulates 26 flames that are so life-like and realistic, you’ll forget how ‘unreal’ this furnace truly is. Since Magikflame is always about quality, they used the same amazing AAA+ furniture-grade wood to create the cherry mantel, built to last for many years to come.

The color is so brilliant, deep, and mysterious, made out of cherry wood, which gives it a super unique style that will surely be a show-stopper at every get-together. Use your iPhone app or smartphone Bluetooth to control the fireplace right from your recliner.

4. Magikflame – Insert

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace 28" Insert -...
  • PERFECT FOR NEW HOMES, REMODELS: Whether you are an interior designer,...
  • MOST REALISTIC ELECTRIC FIREPLACE: 30 ultra-realistic flames that...
  • ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL DESIGN: 28″w x 32″h x 12”d. Upgrade...

The Magikflame premium inserts are perfect if you already have a mantel or TV stand that you would like to hold your fireplace in, these inserts are 28″ wide, 31″ tall, and 12″ deep so please be sure to measure your area before purchasing to make sure it’s big enough. Don’t let the size fool you, however, these inserts are still toasty with a 4600 BTU log set heater built within, just like the fireplace mantels. And much like the mantels, the inserts can heat a room that is roughly 800-1000 sq/ft with no problem. The inserts are built for ambiance and specifically made for a family atmosphere. In fact, more and more families are starting to gather in the living room to watch the fire, not the T.V.

Each flame you see inside of these faux furnaces are 3D flames, with super long crackling sounds made from real fires that have been sampled and recorded into this high-tech heater. Magikflame remains the best electric fireplaces because of these realistic sounds and views, without the dangers and hassle of a real fire. Fit these inserts into many medium and large mantels or stands.

Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Magikflame

Should you choose an electric fireplace over a real one?

If you are still torn between purchasing a real furnace or a realistic one, or you’re just curious why you would want to purchase these holographic fireplaces over a real one anyway, you may want to consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have children in the home?
  • Do you or anyone in the home have problems with asthma or breathing difficulties?
  • Do you find yourself not having time for things that are unimportant around the house?
  • Do you have flammable items near your fireplace area?
  • Do you have animals that like to get into things at home?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you might want to consider a fireplace insert or mantel, instead of a real one because those could be quite dangerous for someone with a busy lifestyle. Electric fireplaces are not dangerous at all, so even if you forget to turn it off and leave it on all night or your 3-year-old falls into it running from the puppy, everything will be just fine and nobody will get hurt.

How much heat would you like from your electric fireplace?

The Magikflame emits crispy warm air that will heat up the room you’re in, providing a selected area of toastiness. It’s not meant to replace the heating system in your home, only to complement it. Of course, there are many different styles of Magikflame electric fireplaces (not just the ones listed above) so do your research on how much heat each one puts out to determine which one fits your needs the most.

Fireplace insert or mantel?

If you are trying to decide if an insert is better, or if a mantel is, the biggest question here is do you have somewhere to put and hold in your insert? A fireplace mantel is giving you not only the realistic-looking fire but you’ll also obtain that top-notch quality wood that holds the insert inside and gives that certain style to your home. An insert would be used when you already have a mantel or T.V. stand in place for the insert to go.

Can I convert from a regular fireplace to an electric one?

You are able to use the fireplace inserts to convert from a real fire to the Magikflame electric fire, all from their website!

How do I know if I have enough room for an electric fireplace?

Honestly, you can probably measure the area with just your eyes and be able to estimate if you are going to have enough room for a mantel, however, to get technical you’ll need to get out the measuring tools. All of the dimensions are listed in the descriptions of each style, even with viewable areas that you should measure out to, to ensure it all fits properly. You could always have a professional come out and help take a look for you, providing an estimate at the very least.

The Bottom Line on Electric Fireplaces from Magikflame

Between the handcrafted premium, high-quality wood, and mantels, coupled with the real sounds and even the real videos that play on an ever-lasting LED screen, it’s no secret why Magikflame is considered the best on the scene. With Bluetooth technology or an app to control the heat and ambiance of the fire right from your phone is almost too good to be true. And the real sounds of logs crackling, embers, and fire burning with an added option to play sounds of nature, the ocean, and rain, are daydreamers (and anyone who sleeps at night) favorite sounds!

Electric fireplaces are becoming the new thing now with how sophisticated and classy they look, sound, and the toasty hot coils used to heat the room up in no time. Besides their style and realistic sounds, these are the safest fireplaces on the planet and you’ll never have to worry about anything catching on fire. Children and animals are safe to play near it and even touch it without getting burned, making it not only the best fireplace but just a great product and idea in general, thinking on every aspect of its being. With real fireplaces, you’ve got to store wood and of course, buy wood, over and often, and again risk the chance of creating something much bigger than intended. The maintenance of a real fireplace far exudes the maintenance and some of the costs in the long run as well, as a real fireplace is going to cost you wood every single use, matches for flames, and could potentially be super dangerous to children, animals, and anyone with asthma.

While the price of the Magikflames may seem steep, the choice is well worth every single penny, and again, you actually end up saving money over any other choice out there. These heaters are built to last roughly 20 years, making it one of the cheaper options since you’ll be paying for something new just about every other week with cheaply made materials from competitors, and with how expensive it is to continuously replace and store wood for real fireplaces.

All in all, choosing an electric fireplace is essentially much better than a real fireplace or any other electric heater for that matter, as Magikflame only uses the best quality materials so you know you’ll always be getting your money’s worth with these tanks.