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    Dealing with the low temperature in the winter season is not so pleasant for your wallet. 

    Besides considering putting your investment in buying some pricey devices, it is a better option to look for any device which is reliable, efficient, and extra economical as well. 

    To have an eco-friendly heat source, and to get something that is inexpensive and efficient, it is important to look for a reliable and best propane heater for your winter season.

    Most of the units are mobile and portable. You can make the comfortable use of propane heaters for camping, indoor areas, or tenting purposes. 

    What are Portable Propane Heaters?

    As we all know that as soon as the winter season starts, the prices of electricity goes high because the use of electric-based heaters gets a lot in demand.

    Such portable propane heaters are divided into different categories, and each one of them has its significance and cost of purchasing.

    Although for the winter season, investing in a reliable and best room heater is a great idea.

    The reason why some of the portable propane heaters are not able to heat the room entirely is just that they are not settled with the powerful heating system.

    Having a well-placed heater will be solving much of your issue when it comes to warming up other rooms around you.

    This is because they are portable, and they can easily be moved around from one place to another.

    They might be increasing your energy bill, but at the end of the day, they are quite a lot a practical option for your home use in the winter season. 

    As we mentioned already that propane heaters are available in so many types, and each one of them has its features and differences in the working system.

    One of the most popular types is the ceramic heater in which they are installed with the electric-based heating element. It even includes a fan on top of it for spreading the hot air all around the room.

    Which is the Best Brand of Portable Propane Heaters?

    As you start looking for portable propane heaters, you will come across so many models one by one which is different from one another in terms of designs and specifications.

    Different brands introduce different models based on the heating requirements for any area.

    Among all such brands, we have the name of Mr. Heater which is one of the top leading brands of portable propane heaters. 

    Right here we will have a comprehensive guide about top best Mr. Buddy heater reviews 2020 to pick the ultimate best model for your house use right now:

    What Mr. Heater Buddy Models Have in Common?Mr. Heater Buddy Models Have in Common


    One of the most significant benefits of Mr. Buddy heater is that they are so much useful.

    They do have the ability in which they can heat any area so quickly, which gives you and all your family members with the best comfort.

    Just because they have been designed for heating any small space, you don’t need to take stress or wait around for the heater furnace to quickly heat the whole room.

    Energy Savings: 

    Most of the portable heaters have the capability of being energy efficient. They will make you initially cost around 10-11 cents per hour for its quiet smooth operation.

    While you are watching TV with your family members, you can turn down the thermostat of the Mr. Buddy heater for the relaxed heating environment. It is so much cost-effective.


    The main reason why most of the house makers fully prefer using portable Mr. Buddy heater is probably that they are not at all portable.

    They are at the same time quite easy to move around from one location to another. Some of the heaters are equipped all through the wheeling access to easily locate it over one room to another very quickly.

    They are so much handy, and you can at the same time take along with you on travel.


    Last and most important of all is that it plays an essential role in giving you and your house members with so much-needed support.

    They are so much effective to be used for the older or small homes in the middle of the cold drafts to be located on the floor or even near to the windows.

    Mr. Buddy Heaters-The Best Portable Propane Heaters Reviews 2020:heater

    Now without wasting any time, let’s check out the list of excellent and best reviews 2020 of Mr. Buddy Heater-portable propane heaters for your house use:

    1- Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big BuddyMr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Big Buddy

    Mr. Heater is one of the most powerful units which is also portable to survive with. You can easily carry it from one place to another due to its medium weight alongside the access of carrying handle. 

    All such specifications make it easy for the heater to carry it all over by giving it a powerful sitting base. 

    This reliable propane Mr. Buddy heater is having the tips on the side areas. It even offers an automatic safety feature which enables you to shut off the supply of gas to prevent any sort of mishaps.

    Besides extra safety, in case if the pilot light dies, or even if the oxygen level falls short, it will automatically shut off. 

    Moreover, the Mr. Buddy heater unit is having 100% efficiency.  You will be able to get steady output at different levels of low, medium, or high form. 

    A reliable propane heater normally makes the use of complimenting heat distribution to achieve better results. 

    You can make a selection from two different color variations where you connect almost two cylinders in one course. Both of them offer greater flexibility and stress-free efficiency.


    • Two different color variants
    • Extra efficient
    • Easy to move around
    • Access to anti-tipping safety specification 
    • Three different power settings
    • Easy to connect with various cylinders at one time


    • Strange noise starter

    2- Mr. Heater F271380 MH85QFAV Forced Air Propane HeaterMr. Heater F271380 MH85QFAV Forced Air Propane Heater

    This is another top most recommended unit of Mr-Heater which is extremely powerful and the best outdoor propane heater. It is having a coverage range of almost 2125 square feet to meet all your requirements and basic needs. 

    If in case you are having a smaller space, then you can choose to have a 1500 square feet or even 950 square feet of the coverage variant. 

    Being mobile and light in weight, this is an excellent Mr. Buddy heater unit which you can use for camping, greenhouse, or ice fishing. 

    You can even call it best for hunting purposes as well.  It is extra efficient in which you don’t need to impose any enclosed space to let it function properly. 

    You can easily transport this Mr. Buddy heater from one place to another with the help of a handle. 

    It does not make any sort of noise during the start as it is quieter as compared to the rest of the propane heating units.   This unit is included with quiet burner technology to add a noise-free nature in its working system.  

    In its package, it includes a propane regulator with 10 feet hose.  This will allow you to do instant utilization which saves much of your time and cost.

    You can easily carry it from one place to another due to its medium weight alongside the access of carrying handle.  

    Apart from it, this propane Mr. Buddy heater is having adjustable thermostat access to hold the temperature steadily at one preferable setting. All of its components are durable and long-lasting to survive. 


    • Included with three different model variants to meet your needs
    • Wide range of coverage area 
    • Best for both outdoor and indoor use 
    • Handle for easy transport.
    • Hose & propane regulator is needed for instant stress-free installation 
    • Offers quiet burner technology for noise-free operation 
    • Thermostat for auto-regulate room temperature
    • Durable manufacturing


    • The 950 sq. ft. & 1,500 sq. ft. units are not included with an in-built thermostat

    3- Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Propane HeaterMr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Propane Heater

    This has been a compact and lightweight unit that is primarily designed to meet all your basic needs and requirements of heating/cooling.

    Even if it is positioned next to you, it will never be giving you any sort of hassle because it is fully producing quiet and clean heat in pure odor-free operation.

    Plus, this Mr. Buddy heater unit is equally excellent when it comes to conserving gas. Its compatible nature has made it extremely popular in the market along with the access of lightweight propane tanks. 

    Thus, this initially makes this heater best for small homes, tents, camping, or shops. 

    Another best thing about this unit is that it will keep you safe for a long time. You can easily carry it from one place to another due to its medium weight alongside the access of carrying handle.  

    No matter even if it is small in size, still for your protection, it is available with an in-built automatic tipping sensor. Plus it is also included with the oxygen depletion sensor to keep your safe and secure. 

    It has the ability in which it can heat almost 95 square meter areas with which it provides you an excellent heating solution if the primary heating system is not too much improved.

    For your patio or barn areas, this Mr. Buddy heater provides an excellent heating source. 


    • Lightweight and compact for quick transport 
    • Affordable 
    • Used for both secondary and primary heating source 
    • Offered with Oxygen low automatic shut-off 
    • Offers odor-free and clean heat 
    • Noise-free operation


    • Sensors can be triggered with the slight winds because it is too much sensitive

    4- Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT Vent-Free Natural Gas HeaterMr. Heater MHVFB30NGT Vent-Free Natural Gas Heater

    This is another top leading portable propane heater for your daily use! This as heater is accountable to burn a brighter blue flame. 

    Hence this flame is not just accountable in providing a cost-efficient heating system but even adds an excellent aesthetic value. 

    These flames will give you an impression as if you are sitting in front of the fireplace and you won’t get bored with it. 

    Plus, this Mr. Buddy heater unit is available with the wide coverage area access which is almost 750 square feet.  If in case you have a larger office area or home, then you can choose a unit in 2, 4, or 3 variants. 

    To get access to all-around heating for all your rooms, you can wire it with a similar propane tank. This reliable propane Mr. Buddy heater makes the use of convection heat.

    This heating system will let your entire space or room to get heated without any hassle. Even the air which you are breathing will be warm for extra comfort. 

    For the sake of protection, it provides an access to a low oxygen shut-off system. The Mr. Buddy heater unit will be available to save you at the moment where the level of oxygen drops off. 

    Plus it also includes a thermostat with which you can set the overall temperature of the heater according to your convenience level and relaxation. 

    You can easily have your room to be set at an ordinary room temperature level.  Inside the box package, it offers a kit, mount hardware, and legs for a quick installation. 


    • Blue flame provides excellent aesthetics 
    • Wide access to the coverage area
    • Gives an excellent heating power 
    • Use of a thermostat will regulate your room temperature  
    • Included with a mounting kit 
    • Safe to use and is highly durable


    • Lacking blower for primary heating source 

    5- Mr. Heater Corporation F299730 HeaterMr. Heater Corporation F299730 Heater

    This Mr. Heater F299730 is covering a wide surface area space which is around 750 square feet. You can effortlessly have it hung on your wall or can even locate it on the floor surface. 

    The best thing is that the kits of this unit are available with both styles of installation.

    For producing a superior convection heating system, the Mr. Buddy heater unit burns a blue flame.  Due to the high conversion rate, it offers a superior heating procedure. The flame is having an aesthetic purpose value. 

    Moreover, it also includes an adjustable thermostat to maintain and regulate the level of temperature based on your requirements. 

    In case if the unit sensor is picking up with some low oxygen readings, it will power off instantly until and unless the room air does not reach back to its safest level. 

    It is easy to install and is also certified safe. All in all, this excellent propane Mr. Buddy heater is best for small houses, bedrooms, or garage areas. 


    • Easy in installation 
    • The blue flame offers the best aesthetic features
    • Best for floor use and wall mounting 
    • Kits are included with floor placement and wall mounting 
    • Offers adjustable thermostat for auto-regulating the room temperature  
    • Oxygen low gets automatic shut-off
    • Safe to use
    • Durable construction


    • The hose adapter needs improvement 
    • Not suitable for large areas

    6- Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant HeaterMr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

    These propane heaters have always remained on top of the demand among customers. This heater is offered with the automatic element, which lets the warm air get spread in your entire room.

    You will be finding it so much comfortable and best for the homes or office purposes.  You can easily let it carry around you at any place because it is light in weight.

    The heater is included with the PTC based ceramic heating which let the resistance to get increased as soon as the temperature rises. It is based on an automatic shut-off feature, which makes it excellent to buy right now.

    The heater has been divided into two different heat settings along with the consumption of power, which is based on 1200W as well as 1800W.

    It has been adjusted with the powerful motor access along with the copper wire all around the core.

    You can easily carry it from one place to another due to its medium weight alongside the access of carrying handle.  

    The heater is included with the PTC based ceramic heating of 1800 watt. The heater has been divided into two different heat settings. It has a wide sort of angel auto oscillation functioning. It has protective tip-over switching


    • Pricey 
    • Offers 1500 watts with 3 heat settings
    • Added with overheat protection


    • The fan is not offering high speed 

    Essential Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Propane Heater:Portables

    Do you find some issues when it comes to buying a reliable and best portable propane Mr. Buddy heater?

    If yes, then here we have a complete buying guide for you to make your task a lot easy to perform.

    Below we have a few essential factors which you need to consider before buying a portable propane heater:


    The first element is about the wattage power of the Mr. Buddy heater. It is all know that the ultimate power energy of any heater will be showing an impact on the overall output of the heating capacity.

    In case if they have high wattage, then it is a lot evident that it will be producing extra heat. 1000 W power of portable heaters is available with the set of 5 Amps plug. 1500 W power of room heaters is possible with the set of 15 Amps plug. 

    In some of the households, you will merely be found with just 5 Amps socket.

    In this way, what we wanted to say is that if the 15 amps of the device do not accompany your house, then you should choose a room heater with the wattage power of 1000W.

    Tip-Over Cut off Switch:

    The reason why portable heaters are high in demand is that they are light in weight, and they have a small size too.

    This would make them much more favorable when it comes to falling down or even tipping over as soon as something has bumped into the Mr. Buddy heater or also if you are making an effort to change its location. 

    If you have so many kids in your house, or even if you have pets, then there are more chances that it can push or catch easily.

    To prevent all such risky situations, make sure you cut off the whole switch, which might get active as soon as it falls.

    Sizing of Room:

    Another most important element is the size of the room where you are planning to locate the Mr. Buddy heater.

    Before you buy any heater, make sure that you are aware of the house corner where you will be finding it.

    If you are looking for a heater that is for small-sized rooms, then choosing fan heaters or even radiant heaters can bring excellent results.

    But for the large size of rooms, we will be recommending oil-filled rooms as the ultimate option.

    Level of Noise:

    Similar to different home appliances, it might be possible that space Mr. Buddy heater will be emitting certain noises at the time of their operation.

    But there are few basic models of room heater in the market which are entirely noise-free during the working process.


    We all have been aware of the need for portable and reliable heaters for home use during the winter season.

    This is because they are excellent in providing a room with much-needed warmth and heat, which they are in want for. 

    We have presented you with a complete list of top best Mr. Buddy heater where each one of them is different from one another in terms of features and working system.

    Look for the one which suits best according to your daily needs and comfort along with budget considerations.

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