Ollieroo 50″ Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

    Ollieroo Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

    Winter and spring season is two of the most awaited seasons of the year. A lot of people tend to get enjoy the cold breeze and snow that you could see even on the streets.

    Nevertheless, these seasons are great if you’ll be outdoors but completely drastic when you’re indoors. You’ll have to bear with the coolness of the environment for which sometimes could go to the extreme. That is why users tend to look for the electric fireplace to ease out there feeling when you’re indoors. If you are searching for one until now, then try this Ollieroo 50″ Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace.

    Ollieroo 50" Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

    • Simple Installation
    • Easy to Use Interface
    • Flexible Utilization
    • Adjustable Features
    • Beautiful Flames
    • Safe for Use
    • Limited Heat Production

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    Key Features of the Ollieroo Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    Contemporarily Built and Designed
    Rectangular in shape, this 40.8-pound wall mounted fireplace measures about 50.3 x 5.1 x 21.6 inches. The interior borders are black framed with its main realistic LED orange flames as the center attraction of this fireplace. It’s mostly covered with glass for protection and resistibility against all kinds of weather.

    Versatile Application
    This all-weather device could be placed wherever you are from the living room, bedroom, verandas or to patio. This fireplace matches up and enhances the ambiance for which place you’ll put it into. It’s built with a mixture of traditional and modern design for sophistication and convenience.

    Gives off Heat Efficiently
    This heater provides warmth to the surrounding area from 750 to 1500 watts that could heat out the room up to 400 square feet. It has 3 heat settings (low, mid, and high) through its fan-forced unit which could be adjusted using its integrated remote control. It has a running voltage having 120 volts with a frequency of about 60 Hz.

    Smart Control and Technology
    Intelligently operated, this device does require minimal effort when using it. Nevertheless, it includes 4-level frame brightness for which could be managed out using its remote control. It features a safety feature including an overheat protection that immediately turns off the device when it senses extreme heat. Aside from that, it incorporates a timer that automatically shuts off per 0.5 to 7.5 hours of use.

    Eco-Friendly Technology
    This 50-inch electric heater is made for the safety and convenience of its users. This is considered safe for use with children and even for pets. It does not fume out smokes or release any odors. Aside from that, the device is governed by power saving mechanism to protect the mother Earth and to save out a few dollars into our money.

    What users saying about the Ollieroo Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

    A great looking electric fireplace that you could buy at a cheaper price. Installation is easy with only 15 to 30 minutes. You’ll just have to mount it into the wall and put on some screws to follow through its installation. It’s a bit heavy so consider safety precautions and read thoroughly the manual to ease out the process. Aside from that, its safe and does not smoke around as to other fire pits.

    What users saying about the Ollieroo Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

    It has a good design and quite big to be installed in your living or dining room. Its beautiful with the adjustable flame feature as it should be. As to its heat distribution, not all users really agreed to it. There are few who are not satisfied with the heat it produces across a room.

    Nonetheless, it should be remembered that the device heats up efficiently to 400 square feet. Just make sure that your spaces are small to this designated area for direct use.  Its definitely has few drawbacks but all in all, the device has positive ratings in Amazon for which is definitely something to look forward to.

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    Compare with Touchstone 80001 Onyx VS. Ollieroo 50″ Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    Looking at both devices, you’ll basically can’t identify one from another. Their physical features are quite really similar possessing a realistic fire, built rectangular shaped around it. As to its size, Touchstone 80001 Onyx is much bigger and heavier with an approximate of 46-pound weight into it.

    Compare with Touchstone 80001 Onyx VS. Ollieroo 50" Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

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    Installation and use of both devices are quite similar. You’ll just have to mount it into the wall as needed. Both have conducive 1500 watt maximum power that could cater at least 400 feet wide coverage. Aside from that, both are smokeless and odorless, illuminated with LED lights as it should be. It incorporates an auto-shut off timer both tying at 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

    However, both devices are different in terms of flame adjustability. The Touchstone 80001 Onyx is governed by five flames adjust while the latter goes only with four. Aside from that, the Onyx has longer electric cord having 6 feet as compared to the latter with only 3 to 4 feet.

    Comparing both prices of these devices, there’s entirely at most 100 dollar difference for which the Ollieroo has its advantage. Thus, you’ll probably opt for Ollieroo since its quite cheaper with the similarly built and quality as the Onyx.

    How Durable and affordable Ollieroo Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

    Well, this device is not the best that you could find on the market but definitely the most practical option that you could have. It’s built durable for long-term use with a stylish and modern design that would be suitable for your spaces. It has a power saving feature so you’ll guarantee on spending less for this device.

    How Durable and affordable Ollieroo Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

    It’s easily wall mounted with simple to use features and adjustments that you’ll find convenient. It does not really give off heat similar to some premiere electric fireplace that you could find in the local market but it’s sufficient to provide warmth to small and medium-sized rooms. Its price is quite unexpected. Its quality and size are much conducive for the price you’ll be paying.

    Why you consider Ollieroo Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

    In the local market, it’s rare to see a product that could be bought at low cost with a great quality. Consequently, this electric fireplace is just one of these few examples.

    It’s wonderfully made with durable and lighting features that are conducive to place into any living or bedrooms as needed. It produces heat enough to provide warmth up to 400 square feet with easy to use interface that is convenient to any user. Rest assured, this is a must-have electric fireplace to everyone.

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    Final Verdict

    As there are tons of electric fireplace that you could find in the Amazon or through different stores, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing a product that is cost and quality efficient. Without further ado, as stated and read above Ollieroo Smokeless Electric Fireplace will deliver you comfort, convenience, and sophistication into your modernly or traditional spaces.

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