Outdoor Brick Fireplace Kit

    The most important feature that completes the look of your home is having an extraordinary fireplace. They typically are the focal point in anyones home. Whether you have it in your living room or front yard, the design elements need to match its environment. Selecting the right fireplace for your home sets the tone of your home, as it can set a romantic vibe with your loved one, to a classy vibe with friends, or even a fun atmosphere with your family. There are various books and guides that tell you how to build wood burning fireplaces, outdoor gas fireplace, and even fake fireplaces, the list goes on. Specifically here, we will briefly be discussing how to build an outdoor brick fireplace.

    Design elements of Brick Fireplace

    A fireplace with an attractive anterior elevation enhances the beauty of your front yard. While there is an ample amount of design options, the fireplace must serve its basic purpose and functionality. While building an outdoor brick fireplace, be sure that the bricks are of high quality to endure the seasonal changes of being outdoors. Depending on the design and materials used, a sealant may be recommended to help protect the fireplace.

    Pick its location

    The first step in building an outdoor brick fireplace is to decide on its location. Most often, fireplaces are ideal in the front yard. A brick fireplace in the front yard enhances the aesthetic esteem of your home. Though building an outdoor brick fireplace on your own requires effort, it is absolutely worth it.

    Following are the essential steps involved:

    Choose the most ideal place to build your fireplace and have the entire place thoroughly cleaned.The most important aspect to be taken care is the direction of the wind. The fireplace has to be opposite the wind direction. Avoid having the fireplace under any electric pole or tree. You will need to dig a deep area to your desired size. Make the base ready by filling in the hole with 3″ of cement and then the rest with gravel. Let this dry for at least two days. In the meantime you can make a wooden frame. You can also get the bricks ready by drenching them in water for one day before installing. You can then place the bricks on the fireplace mantel. There are fireplace mantel designs available that are prefabricated and ready to use, if desired. Then use mortar to affix the bricks into desired shape. Fit the plywood frame inside the firebox and shut the frame-base with two wood frames. Now place the bricks without mortar at the base of the fireplace (this is for you to trace the layout of the bricks). Then remove those bricks and fill the interior of the tracing with one layer of mortar. Once again keep the bricks on the mortar from one corner and raise the height as per your need. Based on the level of every layer, use mortar to butter the bricks. Use a metal sheet to roof the top and complete the design by mortaring the top of the sheet with one more layer of bricks.

    Building an outdoor brick fireplace can further be improvised by an additional space for a tray for a barbecue, etc. Imaginations only add more value to the entire appeal.

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