9 Best Propane Burners Reviewed: A 2023 Guide

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    In order to help you choose the best propane burners to buy for outdoor cooking, we tested and reviewed 9 of the top-selling outdoor propane burners on the market today.

    Outdoor cooking with a propane burner is great for all occasions.

    And a quality outdoor propane burner is useful if you want versatility in your cooking.

    Propane cookers can be used for frying, boiling, roasting,  a cookout, home brewing, and a lot more.

    They also tend to be more eco-friendly when compared to other heating methods.

    Best Propane Burners: Comparison

    Here are the 9 best outdoor propane burners:



    1- GasOne 200,000 BTU Square Outdoor Single Burner Stove

    1- GasOne 200,000 BTU Square Outdoor Single Burner Stove

    On our search for the best outdoor burner, we found that you can’t really go wrong with the GasOne Single Burner Outdoor Stove.

    This stove is built using a combination of cast iron and metal. It features a sturdy, welded metal frame, a cast iron burner, and a reliable steel braided hose.

    With a welded frame, it’s able to support a much larger weight capacity while still being portable and giving off a small footprint. As for the cast iron burner, it can handle hot temperatures better than other materials so this outdoor propane burner can last a long time.

    Using cast iron works well in this case as the stovetop features a high heat output of up to 200,000 BTU, which is more than enough to heat anything you want to cook up.

    However, it can get hot rather quickly to the point that the coat of paint begins to burn off. It may be best to burn it all off prior to cooking as it can emit a potent odor.

    As for controlling this beast of a propane burner, there’s a thin metal panel used to easily adjust the air. Note though, that the knob can feel flimsy, so it doesn’t take much to turn it.


    • Designed with a heavy-duty build.
    • Heats up water quickly even in chilly conditions.
    • Quick and easy to assemble.
    • High-quality braided hose.


    • The red regulator knob feels too fragile.
    • A coat of paint can burn off and emit a smell.

    2- Bayou Classic SP10 – 14-in High Pressure Cooker

    2- Bayou Classic SP10 – 14-in High Pressure Cooker

    The Bayou Classic SP10 is a top-rated all-around propane burner. For one thing, it features a 10-psi regulator to help it reach a high BTU heat output, which is perfect when you want to reach a well-heated boil fast.

    At the same time, it offers a gentle cooking method if you need to slow cook.

    One thing to keep in mind is that although it has a 360-degree windscreen protector, it’s still prone to losing the flame in high winds.

    It is remarkably easy to transport the SP10 as well as it only weighs around 13 lbs. This makes it a great choice for tailgating or bringing along in an RV.

    Its one-piece welded steel frame offers it good durability to hold up when being moved around, while the three widespread legs provide it with the necessary support.

    This may be the best outdoor propane burner if you need something compact while still offering enough space and strength to hold a variety of cookware, such as stockpots or any type of large pots.

    Its 14 in. cooking surface helps with that, allowing you to use it with a wok as well as with a saucepan.


    • High pressure cooker h  eats to a quick boil and maintains it well.
    • Lightweight and compact for better portability.
    • Can handle a variety of cooking surfaces.
    • Flexible braided hose with ideal length.


    • Doesn’t seem well protected from the wind.
    • Can be difficult to keep the flame low without it blowing out.

    3- Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer

    3- Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer

    Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer is the outdoor propane burner for those who want versatility in their cooking.

    With the two-burner setup, you can cook more of the same thing or make two different things at the same time.

    Lay down a grill on one end and a griddle on the other, or pull out a Dutch oven and a roaster combo. The mix and match combinations are near endless.

    To show just how easy it is to use this propane burner stove, Camp Chef provides numerous 14in. system accessories. Simply find your match and enjoy it.

    The burners used are made from durable aluminum material as well, and they feature 30,000 BTU output each. Be cautious of the knobs, however, as they can get a bit hot after prolonged use.

    Also, though there’s a chance the flames can blow out under high winds, it does have good protection from the average breeze.

    So, whether you’re camping, catering, or having a backyard party, there should be enough defense against the usual wind to keep that flame going strong.

    You don’t have to worry about wasting time setting up and breaking down either. Simply secure the sturdy adjustable legs and get cooking.


    • Two burners allows for variety of cooking surfaces.
    • Three-sided windscreen protection.
    • Fast to setup and breakdown.
    • Easy to adjust the flame.


    • Control knobs can get a bit hot with prolonged use.
    • Not the easiest product to clean.

    4- GasOne Portable Propane 100, 000-BTU High-Pressure Single Burner Camp Stove

    4- GasOne Portable Propane 100, 000-BTU High Pressure Single Burner Camp Stove

    This Portable Propane Single Burner Camp Stove from GasOne is a powerhouse in a small size. Made from strong cast iron, this propane burner can reach up to 100,000 BTU output.

    The burner is also intended to be as simple as possible for easy use. Its regulator hose is designed with a built-in heat adjuster so you can keep control of the flame directly from the regulator itself.

    An important note about the regulator though is that it may feel lightweight to the point of being a bit flimsy. So, it’s important to take some care when you’re setting it up and adjusting the flame.

    The overall frame of the unit is sturdy enough even if the legs could use some more stability. However, it could be due to the fact that you can remove the legs in order to change the height of the unit.

    The height itself is another benefit this has over other models. This may be the best outdoor cooker that won’t cause back pain thanks to how tall it stands.

    It only weighs 16 lbs. so it’s relatively easy to move. This allows it to be used well if you’re out camping and need something quick and simple to pull out and setup.


    • Heats up large amounts quickly.
    • Good height to it to make it easier to use.
    • Designed for simplicity in setup and use.
    • Easy-to-use valve for accurate control of the temperature.


    • Legs do not appear to be as stable as they should be.
    • Propane Regulator and jet connections feel a bit fragile.

    5- Coleman Gas Stove | Portable Bottletop Propane Camp Stove

    5- Coleman Gas Stove

    Need an outdoor propane burner to make your car camping experience that much better? Consider this Coleman Gas Stove Portable Bottletop. It’s compact and doesn’t weigh too much.

    If you need to make it even simpler to use, the burner and base separate from the propane bottle. This way, it takes little effort to carry it and store it when you’re done.

    The 10,000 BTU burner adjusts well enough. Do be aware that the lowest setting still puts out a great deal of heat, which can sometimes result in uneven cooking if you don’t watch it close enough.

    Nevertheless, it does use PerfectFlow technology, which helps it maintain whatever heat setting you do place it on.

    To keep that flame going, there are wind baffles, so feel free to cook in various weather conditions without concern of losing your heat.

    It’s ideal if you’re cooking smaller meals as the surface manages to hold an 8in. pan.

    Actually cooking your food is safe as well as the large base aids in keeping everything steady. Of course, be sure you place the stove on a flat surface in the first place.


    • Lightweight and compact for simple transport and storing.
    • Solid build with a wide base for stability.
    • Manages to hold larger cookware with ease.
    • Concentrated flame can withstand the wind well.


    • The high heat it puts out can sometimes cause uneven cooking.
    • Takes some effort to line up threads to properly secure the bottle.

    6- Concord Deluxe 16″ Banjo Single Square Burner Stove

    6- Concord Deluxe 16″ Banjo Single Square Burner Stove

    Concord Deluxe Banjo Single Square Burner Stove burns up to a strong 200,000 BTU. With it burning such high heat, the paint can readily burn off, resulting in a rather obvious smell.

    If you aren’t concerned too much with appearances, then it’s not something to worry too much about. Know though that the weather-proof coating it has will remain.

    Underneath the coating, is one of the best outdoor propane burners as its constructed from heavy-duty cast iron. Even if the paint doesn’t last, the outdoor propane burner itself will last you a long time.

    In fact, it’s the cast iron construction that helps it reach those high heats so you can do some serious cooking.

    When it comes to cooking, the stove is strong enough to support 400 lbs. or a 200 QT pot that’s filled with liquid.

    The burner head is 10 in. wide, so all in all, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing what to cook and with what cookware. High-pressure regulator, hose, and connector included.

    All the necessary parts are included, and it takes no time to assemble. It’s even made with detachable legs so that you can pack this up with ease in your car, RV, etc.


    • Made from heavy-duty cast iron.
    • The pressure knob offers ideal flame height.
    • Features detachable legs for easy storing.
    • Sturdy enough to support up to 400 lbs.


    • Possibility of it wobbling when stirring.
    • Paint quickly burns off.

    7- Bayou Classic Square Outdoor Patio Stove

    Bayou Classic Outdoor Patio Stove

    Another stove rated as one of the best outdoor propane burners by many is the Bayou Classic Square Patio Stove. It’s a comfortable 13 in. height, making it work well for picnics, camping, or anything else you put your mind to.

    For the surface, you get a wonderful 16 in. to work with. So, feel free to put your pan or even your wok on it to cook up some great food.

    There are some reported quality control problems, so check that the welding is done right before using it. With that said, this propane burner is made with a heavy-duty steel frame that should hold well with frequent use.

    This manages to burn up to 55,000 BTU, so it can handle the average cooking. It may lack a wind guard, so take caution cooking if the breeze picks up, but adjusting the flame is simple enough to do.

    The unit is fuel-efficient as well so that you won’t go through large amounts of propane while using it.

    To speak more on the propane tank, this stove is designed in a way to keep the tank out of the way if that’s an issue for you.

    The propane burner features a 29 in. hose, so feel free to setup the tank completely separate from the stove.


    • Designed to be fuel efficient.
    • Large, square cooking surface.
    • Puts out strong heat in a short amount of time.
    • Long and sturdy hose to give enough space between the propane and stove.


    • Risk of losing flame due to the lack of a wind guard.
    • Some quality control issues with the some welding being incomplete.

    8- GasOne B-5000+50460 Propane Double Burner

    8- GasOne B-5000+50460 Propane Double Burner

    Another standout outdoor propane burner from GasOne is the B-5000 Double Burner.

    As its name implies, it features two burners, each with their own heat dial so you can give the necessary amount of heat and flame to the proper burner. This makes it even easier to cook or boil separate things at the same time.

    It utilizes a steel braided regulator that makes for easier adjusting as well as granting the unit a more secure flow of the gas.

    Additionally, the unit is constructed from solid cast iron that holds the total 150,000 BTU (75,000 BTU per burner) easily without warping. However, the knobs catch a good deal of that heat and can become too fragile over time.

    More on the build of the unit, in spite of its size, it’s rather easy to transport and store it away when you’re done using it. It features detachable legs, which then allows the unit to become more compact.

    This makes the unit not only a good propane burner for regular camping or tailgating, but also if you have to cater an event and require a space-saving option when loading the unit up.

    Yet another great feature of this that helps with portability and storage is the fact that this comes with a bag. GasOne includes a heavy-duty Burner Carry Bag that’s almost a must-have if you plan on carrying this stove around.


    • Rugged cast iron construction.
    • Convenient portability thanks to the detachable legs.
    • Comes with a bag so you can readily pack it up and store it.
    • Double burner design to get more boiling or cooking done.


    • Knobs can potentially overheat and break off.

    9- GYMAX Outdoor Stove, Single Burner High Pressure Portable Gas Cooking Stove with Adjustable Regulator

    9- GYMAX Outdoor Stove, Single Burner High Pressure Portable Gas Cooking Stove

    Rounding out our search for the best outdoor propane burner is the GYMAX Outdoor Stove, Single Burner. This stove has nearly nonexistent criticism for several reasons.

    For one thing, it has tremendously strong construction thanks to the cast iron design. In addition to that, it has a powder coating finish that makes it both waterproof and rust-resistant.

    Such a rugged design is needed as this propane burner manages to burn 200,000 BTU.

    It can help you fry, roast, boil, etc. almost anything in less time than you would be using a regular stove. The adjustable regulator allows a slow boil when needed.

    It is also designed at a good, tall height that allows you to store the propane gas tank underneath if you want to. This also makes it easier on your back as you’re not bending over as far as to use it.

    Also, if you need to change the height, the legs are adjustable. You can even detach them all together to transport it when you’re finished cooking.

    The square surface with a bracket burner design is capable of holding an assortment of cookware also. Feel free to set up a saucepan or even a grill without any difficulty.

    For safety purposes, it has an overvoltage protection system in place. It even has an O-ring installed on the regulator so that you can tighten it up without worrying about gas leakage.


    • Tall enough to store the propane tank underneath if desired.
    • Simple design makes setting it up and using it user-friendly.
    • Legs are both detachable and adjustable.
    • Cast iron construction and powder coating offer great durability.
    • Overvoltage protection to keep the stove lasting a long time.


    • Might benefit from more wind protection.

    Best Propane Burners: Buyers Guide

    Best Propane Burners Buying Guide

    While buying a propane burner, it involves so many important factors.

    To make the right choice is not enough thus we are here to help.

    Below we have listed down a few points relevant to the propane burner.

    It also includes other aspects like cleaning, maintenance, accessories, etc.

    Let’s take a quick look at buying tips first.


    Burners with heavier weight offer more stability so look for such options.


    If the design is not stable and sturdy enough, the burner might tumble down.

    Keep in view that the burner will have to endure some weight so opt for secure ones.


    The size of the burner is also an important factor to consider before buying.

    Then the cooking area also may alter your choice so always pick a suitable sized burner.

    Heating Power:

    Usually, the range lies between 15.000-200.000 BTU.

    But the choice depends on your requirements and usability criteria.

    Why You Should Get Propane Burners?

    Before you buy any sort of item, you must know why you need it.

    Now, this might seems to be odd but people often buy items but never use them.

    So the answer to why get a propane burner is that you can do all outdoor cooking.

    Either it is a fire pit, grill, or even an indoor kitchen.

    Hence such reasons make a propane burner the best tool and worth buying.

    Outdoor Frying:

    Outdoor Frying

    With propane burners, you can enjoy outdoor cooking in bulk.

    For instance, you can cook a whole turkey for thanksgiving. Or chickens, even crabs and that too without a mess.

    It only gets better!

    There won’t be any smoke, burning oil, or cleaning required. Especially for deep oil frying, an outdoor propane burner is an ideal choice.

    Not only it allows you to get heated oil in lesser time but also gives you more control. Hence you can keep the heat level as required while maintaining a stable environment.

    Moreover, the mess created by frying and oil can be a pain to clean up. But thanks to outdoor propane burners, you never have to undergo deep cleaning.

    The smoke can cause difficulty to breathe and the residue is impossible to get rid of. But when you have an outdoor burner, all the smoke disperses in the air.


    In a brewing process, the most crucial step is to boil the wort. Even if you are not a pro at home-brewing, this is a common fact that everyone knows about. Often people start from 5-10 gallon batches for a home brewery.

    Here’s the deal!

    These are actually too much with the amount of water that needs boiling. Kudos to people who stick with their home stoves and waste hours to boil water.

    But those who prefer smart work rather than hard work, propane burner is here to help. With these burners, the process takes minimal time, more efficiency, and less mess.

    All you need is to set up a propane burner in your patio/garage or outdoors. The market has a whole list of reliable, affordable, quality products.

    Smoked Meats:

    Smoked Meats

    Though we all can enjoy smoked meat indoors yet the better version is outdoors.

    So opt for the right propane burner, heat the pan, and throw in some wood chips. Afterward, all you need to do is smoke the meat.

    Unlike indoors, you won’t have to suffer from the aftermath like stained walls, windows. Also, the smoke can easily dissipate in the open air, so the alarms won’t go off.

    Want to know the best part?

    Furthermore, you can get that certain smoky flavors with high heat. This is a major missing while smoking meat indoors because you need to keep the heat controlled.

    Whereas in the open air, you won’t have to stick with low temperatures. A suitable propane burner can serve you well for such an adventurous outdoor evening.

    Crawfish and Seafood Boils:

    For all the seafood lovers and especially crawfish fans, a propane burner is a must-have. You can consider it as a staple to enjoy perfectly boiled crawfish or seafood. A home stove is not only small but would end up taking forever to boil the water.

    Then the fact that we need to boil water in a massive amount. So you will only need 30-40 minutes with a 30k BTU gas burner. Also, if the burner has 15″+ diameter then it is a cherry on top. Due to being in the open air, these burners can cool down in minimal time

    Such burners provide a safer environment and extra stability to larger pots.

    This is why you need to have the right tool for the right job. Then the cleaning required afterward would also be lesser.

    You can easily dump the water on the ground and later clean the pot.

    Propane Burners Safety:

    Propane Burners Safety

    While using a propane burner you can rely on it as it is a safer option.

    Yet precautions and careful usage can always be helpful even with the safest product.

    Hence read out a few important points relevant to propane burner safety.

    1. It doesn’t matter if you are about to brew a beer batch or boil a crawfish. The only thing that you need to ensure is not to use a gas burner inside. When propane burns, it releases odorless carbon monoxide. This gas is not only toxic but can ruin your whole day.

    Hence we urge users to set up the propane burners outdoors.

    You can either set up it in the patio, garage, driveway, backyard, etc…

    This will allow carbon monoxide to disperse in the open air while you enjoy cooking sessions.

    • Another important safety measure is to adjust the flame. Even if you are outdoors, the flame should only reach the edges of the pot. On the opposite, if your flame spills over, it will only cause excessive sweltering. Instead, keep the flame in control so the usage is efficient enough. Also, this will keep you protected against any fire hazards.
    • The next tip is to keep flammable items away from the propane burners. If by mistake any such item ended up being near the burner, the results can be threatening. And you will see scorching, blazing flames and smoke around. Though open air is a safe option yet it is best to be a step ahead and keep things at least 3 ft. away.
    • This tip is something that the majority of us already know about. Yes, you guessed it right! To set up the burner on a level and stable ground. Of course, no one would like to see the burner tripping all over the ground. Or else that turkey would end up on burning on the ground rather than getting cooked in the burner. Try to set up the burner on a smooth surface, a concrete slab, etc to reduce the chances of any accidents.
    • Although we are all vigilant enough about the pipes and links. Yet it is best to check if there is any leakage and fix it timely. There is a whole chunk of people who leave the propane leaking out. This can be an alarming situation and needs proper measures. So if you hear any hissing sound or the smell of rotten eggs, it is time to fix the leakage. In such a scenario, the best practice is to avoid cooking until the damage gets fixed. Besides, this only requires a few minutes and you can save a bigger mess from occurring.

    How to Set up a Propane Burner? (Steps)

    If you are dubious about how to set up a propane burner, then sit back and relax.

    It involves no rocket science and can be easily done with a few steps.

    Below are those simple steps that you need to know about:

    • First, select a level, clear, stable ground to place your propane burner. Also, keep any sort of flammable item far away from the burner.
    • Connect the pipe of your propane burner to the base unit. Often this pipe/hose comes with woven connections. So for a strong seal, make this pipe hand tight by adding half turn more.
    • Close the valve of the propane tank and then connect the regulator end to the propane tank. Turn the plastic hand thread clockwise to connect the regulator. It will slip around the tank and will fit in its place.
    • Place a lit lighter over the propane nozzle when you are set to light the burner. Then open the tank valve slowly and you will hear a small hiss. Within seconds the flame would appear but in case you don’t get a flame.
    • Repeat the process but turn off the valve first and don’t open it fully. Or else the gas accumulation can cause massive fireball and fire hazards.

    How to Clean a Propane Burner?

    For the sake of longevity and making the products more durable, it is vital for you to take care of them.

    Cleaning a propane burner is one of the ways that you can take good care of your products as well as maintain good hygiene.

    Propane burners can for sure be beneficial and safer options to use.

    But at the end of the day, they also need cleaning for the next outdoor session.

    But again like its other plus points, the cleaning process is also pretty facile. Within only a few minutes you can clean so let’s get started with some tips.

    • The first important step is to disconnect the propane burner from the gas tank. When there won’t be any gas, the chances of accidental leakage will be null. Or you can either unscrew the pipe from the base unit to clean any dirt or oil residues.
    • Now, coming towards the burner you will need only a wire brush. Using this brush you need to scrub off all the burnt bits or chunks of carbon.
    • Use an abrasive cleaner later along with a sponge. These will help you in cleaning any cracks and tough corners.
    • In case you had spilled something over it, use the brush drill attachments.
    • At last, you need to let the burner dry off either via air compressor or keep it under the sun.
    • A pro-tip here to never leave even a droplet of water as it enhances the chances of corrosion. As a result, the rusted parts won’t fit well later.

    One of the best reasons for having Propane Burners is the fact that they are actually very low maintenance.

    However, if you are looking forward to last a good long time, then it is essential for you to keep it maintained.

    Read on further to know more about keeping the product maintained.

    Propane Burners Maintenance:Propane Burners Maintenance

    For a typical propane burner, there are no hard and fast rules for maintenance. But you can surely follow a few tricks to keep it in the best condition. Or at least to enjoy flame that burns strong and hot.

    With the constant use and time, it is common to see grease, oil, carbon caked up.

    For external cleaning, a toothbrush can be the best option. As its narrow head, the reach hard spots and scrub off any gunk.

    In case the internal residue causes any blockage or clogs the nozzle. You need a tool that’s thin enough like a needle or paperclip to reach those areas.

    Use the needle to clean the burner nozzles, run it in and out a few times to clean any gunk. Later with the help of compressed air, blow off the burner or shake it off. Or else the gunk you just scrapped will again clog the nozzles and send you back to zero.

    Also, don’t forget to check on the propane pipe connection, take them off, and clean them. As the metal contracts and expands over time, it may lead to serious damage or leaks.

    Again a toothbrush is the best option along with a mild cleaning solution. When your gas connections remain clean, they will for sure remain in the long term usage.

    One last tip here is to maintain the connections and check if all screws are tight. As mentioned-above the metal expands/contract or the heating-cooling cycle continues. These factors can contribute to loosening the bolts and screws.

    Hence keep a check on them, after every few months don’t forget to tighten them. Hand-tight is what you need to do rather than going overboard. These tips will not only keep the propane burner new but also enhance its life span.

    Propane Burner Accessories:Propane Burner Accessories

    As much useful propane Burner already are, Having the additional accessories can make them serve you better!

    Using accessories will also allow you the product to the full of it’s potential.

    The absolute usefulness of any product makes it the best of all. The same is the case when we take a look at propane burners and their usability.

    Either it is boiling or frying or smoking, a single unit can serve in various ways.

    What’s The Bottom Line?

    But the only restriction here is the right accessories for the desired results. You don’t need to worry about that either as we are here to guide you.

    Below we have jotted down the list of the accessories that you will need. Each of these serves in its way and has certain functionalities.

    Turkey Fryer Pot:

    Most of the people prefer propane burners for their turkey. Hence if you are also among the lot then you will fry the turkey or boil the crawfish.

    In case, you are up for frying a larger turkey you need a turkey fryer pot. It has to be durable and of the right size along with other features.

    Now, the market has a whole lot of options to offer in various ranges, sizes, specifications, etc. Some of these are quite easy to clean and have an outlet for draining.

    Propane Tank:

    When you buy a propane burner don’t forget to add a propane tank on your list. Usually, a 20 lb. tank would be the best choice depending on your usage.

    Or you can anytime opt for a tank exchange program at a local grocery/hardware store. But this option does come with a major setback. The exchanged tanks are often under-filled ones that most people don’t mind but it is your call.

    Insulated Heat Resistant Gloves:

    Though this accessory may not seem to be as crucial as others yet it is best to be on the safer side.

    Hence heat resistant gloves can keep you from burning hands either by metal or boiling oil.

    There are various options in the market with extra-long arm coverage. Try to opt for such a pair so you get extra safety measures.

    People often make mistakes by using a folded towel as it is not a safe option. A towel won’t provide you the strong grip that gloves will.

    With gloves, you can hold on the handles, lids, pipes, etc. Thus we urge you to pick up a pair of insulated gloves. Also, this 1 pair can go in the long run and help you with grilling/BBQ.

    Long-handled Skimmer:

    A skimmer is a must-have for people who are always up for deep-frying. Or else how on earth can you flip food and get it out from the pot?

    Skimmers come with a long handle making it a lot easier to use them. So you can pick up anything without a struggle even if it is at the bottom.

    Another plus point is that you won’t have to stay near the hot oil. Instead, you can maintain a safe distance while flipping the food in time.

    Try to pick a skimmer that has Nickel plating. Not only it would offer high-quality but last longer. Thus saving you from the hassle of buying a new one every few months.


    If you are recently going to be going on an outdoor trip, Then it is important for you to grab the best propane burners that are available on the market.

    One of the many things that make an outdoor propane burner a worthwhile investment is how portable they are.

    Some are compact enough to be used when backpacking, while others work well for camping trips.

    This allows propane burners to be the go-to option for any fun outdoor activity you can think of, even if you want to stay within the comforts of your own backyard.

    Another wonderful thing about an outdoor propane burner is how well-built they generally are. More often than not, you will find these portable stoves made from cast iron or stainless steel construction.

    Both materials are designed to last a long time as well as hold up against the high heat exposure they will inevitably experience.

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