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PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater (36″) Review

Do you want a fireplace to keep you warm? However, do you dislike smoke and burning wood? Then you can get the best of both worlds in terms of having a firebox and a heater with the PuraFlame Provo wall mount fireplace.

This is a tabletop/floor-stand/wall-mounted-bracket fireplace that’s actually a mountable infrared flat panel electric fireplace.

It’s the cleaner version of the fireplace that doesn’t actually need soot and charcoal cleaning every time!

PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater Review

Key Features of PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace

  • Wall-Mount Fireplace: It’s a fireplace that you can mount to your wall. It’s not a traditional freestanding gas fireplace that includes actual logs and fire but it’s instead an electric, infrared panel that produces heat like a heater but is mountable like a TV set and offers the fire feel with its realistic simulation of fire.
  • Various Mounting Options: You can put it up to your tabletop like an LCD screen. You can also use a floor stand to keep it on the floor, close to your feet and couch. You can also mount it on the wall with wall-mounted brackets. It’s all up to you.
  • Realistic Fire-Like Feature: You’ll get the realistic flame to feel from the PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace thanks to its simulation of fire that’s reminiscent of how an e-cig simulates cigarette smoking without all the dangers. It’s LED-backlit to boot.
  • Alternating 13 Multi-Color Mode: If you’re in a festive mood and you wish to do something with your PuraFlame that you can’t do with your heater or a real fireplace, you can activate the alternating 13 multicolor flame mode to see the flame color change into various hues and colors.
  • Three Levels of Brightness and Heat Options: You can make the flames as bright as you want in 3 levels, which is something you can’t do with a real fireplace or even a radiator/heater system. You can also get the flame effect without the heat if you wish.


  • The PuraFlame Provo has a nice thermostat that can be adjusted to the temperature you want.
  • It has a reach of up to 400 square feet, which means it’s not just for show or a TV panel with a video of flame on it.
  • Cleanup is obviously a breeze with this device.
  • The portable electric fireplace can automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the room temperature like how your refrigerator enters defrost mode when it’s cold enough.


  • Not everyone approves of the simulated flame and they might prefer a real fireplace for its real flames even though it’s more troublesome to maintain.
  • Competing heaters have quieter blowers. The blower for this device is quite noisy in comparison, earning it minus points.

At a Glance PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater

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Compare PuraFlame Provo vs. Touchstone Onyx Electric Mounted Fireplace

The Touchstone Onyx Electric Mounted Fireplace has a lot going for it. It has a realistic log set, two heat options (high and low), easy wall-mounted installation (just like with PuraFlame), safe and efficient use, and the ability to serve as ornamentation or decoration on top of being a novelty item of a heater simulating the fireplace experience.

The PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace shares many of these same capabilities more or less, like easy mounting, a timer, and perhaps being used as a light decoration during Christmas or some similar holiday.

In general, they’re both mountable heaters that can simulate the feel of a fireplace without all the soot, burning, clean up, and some such associated with having a traditional brick fireplace.

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However, in contrast, PuraFlame Provo also lacks certain things that Touchstone Onyx has, like the fact that Onyx is the superior flame simulator with its faux logs and multiple heat options that doesn’t include a “heatless” option (that has led to complaints about Provo not working even when the flames are turned on, although this is actually a feature).

PureFlame also does certain things better than the Touchstone Onyx Electric Mounted Fireplace, like its ability to be mounted in many ways, from the wall to the floor to even on the table like a flat-screen TV.

It can also reach a range of 60 °F to 84 °F in contrast to the Touchstone Onyx’s unlisted temperature range that’s nebulous at best.

What Are Users Saying about PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace

Users, in general, love the PuraFlame Provo wall mount fireplace in light of the feedback it’s been getting online.

They particularly like its thermostat feature that’s missing in other competing brands that only have a low and high setting. They do complain about the blower though. For an infrared panel, it sure does make a lot of noise.

PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater Review

Customers take note of its handy big red light that signals when the heating element is on. It turns off when it’s hot enough in the room so that it doesn’t turn it into a sauna of some sort.

They approve of this warning system and appreciate the efforts of PuraFlame to save them money on electricity, especially if you’re now using the machine as your de facto heater for your apartment in the winter months.

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PuraFlame Provo Performance Compared to its Price

The PuraFlame Provo performs well in accordance with its price.

Its fire simulation isn’t the only thing that makes it worth its $170-$200 price tag (in stark contrast to the $390-$400 price tag of the Touchstone Onyx Electric Mounted Fireplace).

It’s a cost-effective wall-mounted fireplace that really delivers the heat with its LCD display remote control (so that you can turn it off manually at the click of a button), its timer range of half an hour to 9 hours, and a toasty temperature range of up to 84 °F.

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The Power of PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater

Below you can specifically see what power is present and embedded in this respective reviewed product:

The ultimate and massive power is showcased by this PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater. One can buy and order this fireplace flat heater without having any worry and risk in its head.

Want to know the best part of this flat heater present in the form of a fireplace, here you can know about it! This is a portable as well as a wall-mount capable product. Furthermore, this product is marked and categorized as infrared and flat panel electric fireplace.

You can mount it on the top stand or you are free to set up and position it on the floor stand. With the package, you will get mounted brackets for simple and easy installation that is hassle free.

All realistic like features are present in this fireplace flat heater! It manages to give out a life-like flame experience and that is the catchy and interesting thing about it.

Besides, this fireplace heater is composed of a LED-backlit. It comprises an alternating 13 multi-color mode. Talking about its flame brightness cycles, it runs and operates through the mode of three levels.

You can make use of the flame effect either with heat or without heat. If you are looking for a fireplace heater that gives out a supplemental heat, then try out this option.

Moreover, this product has an adjustable thermostat. You will see that it automatically turns on and turns off for the sake of maintaining the room temperature.

This fireplace heater will look great in your homes and offices. Besides, it is going to look lovely in your apartments. It creates the perfect ambiance and gives out clean and user-friendly warm air.

Can PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater be an Ideal option?

Now, coming to the main question that can this PuraFlame Provo Wall Mount Fireplace Flat Heater be an ideal option for you! Yes, it is! It is immensely portable and available in a wall-mounted design.

This is an energy-saving fireplace heater that we have recommended to you. It is massively elegant looking and composes of a back glass heater.

This product is installed with convenient looking multi-function LCD remote control settings. If you feel like wall mounting this heater, you can do that as well. Or you can use it in the form of a portable tabletop heater.

Hence, it is time to feel the vibe of utmost cozy ambiance. This same product provides you with overheating protection. This fireplace heater is completely safe to use.

To be on the safe hand side, make sure that you keep the combustible, paper as well as fabric materials around and about 3 feet (0.9m) all away from the fireplace heater.

You can share with us your viewpoint and experience if you had ever used and mounted an electric fireplace heater in your room! We are confident that you must have the lovely and best of all moments and experiences.


At first glance, you might think it’s just a video of a flame with a soft low heat emanating from its screen as though it’s a traditional CRT (cathode-ray tube) for a computer with a screensaver of a fireplace.

Of course, the product actually looks more like an oven on fire.

In regards to its little contest with the Touchstone Onyx Electric Mounted Fireplace, although Touchstone is the more expensive brand, you get more out of your money with the PuraFlame Provo from flame simulation to outright heater performance. It’s just the better deal.