PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace Review

    The PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace might just be what you need for a fireplace. You can use it in any part of your house such as in the bedroom, living room, home office and even in your dining room.

    The versatility of this latest electric fireplace will astound you. Also, it is very user friendly and comes with features that will cater to any need you might have. Let’s find out more about this product below.

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    At a Glance PuraFlame Serena 50” Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace Review

    • Large electric fireplace for any part of your home
    • Modern appearance for an elegant touch
    • Effective heating capacity
    • Has many custom settings
    • You might encounter problems with the wall mount during installation
    • Cord gets warm sometimes

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    Key Features of the PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace

    Modern and Elegant
    The jet black finish on this linear electric fireplace is much appreciated by users. It is a large electric fireplace that definitely does the job but does not take up much space as it is wall mounted.

    It brings you comfort by providing ample heat suitable for any room in your house whether it would be the bedroom, the family room, the office, the living room or even the dining room. Plus, the heat that it provides makes the ambience much more homey and relaxing.

    Customizable Flame Appearance
    Aside from providing you and your family enough heat for the cold days, the PuraFlame Serena Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is also very customizable when it comes to how you want your pretend flame to look. It has a total of 4 various flame image settings depending on what your mood is.

    The flame settings include a high bright yellow flame, a high bright yellow flame but with a little blue in the bottom part, a combination of half middle bright yellow flame and half blue flame and lastly a short flame with both yellow and blue.

    Capable Heating Capacity
    The PuraFlame Serena Electric Fireplace comes with a down blowing heater which makes it very suitable for an under TV wall mounted heater because the heat it produces won’t affect your television set at all. The heating settings on this electric fireplace comes in two options, one with a high heat setting that goes up to 1500 W and one with a lower heat setting that is until 750 W.

    One of the many features that makes this fireplace a delight is that it can heat a small room of up to 400 square feet in area without even needing to turn on the heating system in your own home.

    User Friendly Thermostat Control
    Also, what makes this electric fireplace very user friendly is that it is very easy to use. It comes with a remote control that is very easy to use so you would not have to get up from where you may be perched in your room just to change the electric fireplace settings.

    The heat can be adjusted from 61 F to up to 82 F. It can also be controlled so that the electric fireplace will automatically turn of on its own. The automatic countdown timer can be set from as early as 30 minutes to up to as long as 9 hours.

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    What users are saying about the PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace

    Users who have purchased the PuraFlame Serena definitely love this electric fireplace. It is very elegant and suits their every need. And the price tag on it does not hurt at all especially because it is a bang for the buck option.

    What users are saying about the PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace

    The heating capacity is perfect and one which users are praising the most. Although you might encounter some problems upon installation, it is nothing that can’t be fixed and not a big issue at all.

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    Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure Linear VS. PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear

    Another option you could consider when thinking about buying a wall mounted electric fireplace is the Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace. This electric fireplace produced by Napoleon is somewhat larger than the one by PuraFlame because it is 60” wide.

    Similar to the one by PuraFlame, the Napoleon also comes with a remote control to manipulate the various customization options that the electric fireplace offers. It is also wall mounted which means that it is just as space saving as the electric fireplace we are reviewing here.

    Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure Linear VS. PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear

    However, what users may be more attracted to is that the Napoleon Allure comes with a touch screen panel that makes it more modern and up to the latest technological advances. And with its elegant finish and design, it is definitely a shoo in.

    But if you are looking for a more budget friendly option, you might want to stick with the PuraFlame Serena because it does the job with more than half the price.

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    How Durable and affordable is the PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Fireplace

    If you ask anyone who has bought and installed the PuraFlame Serena this question, they would definitely say VERY! When you compare this electric fireplace with others that you find on other sites, one can most definitely say that this is one of the most affordable ones and one that can last you a very long time if you just take good care of it.

    How Durable and affordable is the PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Fireplace

    Why you should consider PuraFlame Serena Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace

    There are many things I could say if you ask me why you should consider buying the PuraFlame Serena. First of all, it is very affordable. Aside from that, this electric fireplace is customizable and user-friendly. And the most important part of it all, the heating capacity is up to par with more expensive models.

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    Final Verdict

    If you are looking for an electric fireplace for any part of your house that won’t burn your pockets then the PuraFlame Serena 50” Linear Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is most definitely the one you should be considering. It looks pretty modern and sleek that brings a touch of elegance and modernisation to any room you wish to install it in.

    Also, aside from providing a very efficient heating feature that can heat up a small room all on its own, it also comes with four different flame image settings that you can choose from depending on your mood and desired ambiance. And the additional feature that is the countdown timer doesn’t hurt the PuraFlame Serena’s case at all.

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