Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

    Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

    Warming your home is a must in freezing cold days, and the Regal Flame Broadway electric wall mounted fireplace does this job and ensuring that the overall comfortable ambiance is worth staying. There’s nothing more special than watching the realistic flame while getting a comfortable warmth while relaxing, bonding with the family, or entertaining guests.

    With the Broadway inside your home, you no longer need a fireplace tote, firewood rack, haul wood, firewood log carrier, ethanol, purchase gel or to run gas lines. This is a reliable fireplace with a chic and bold look in a black housing, soot free, smokeless, and odorless. Before purchasing this electric fireplace, it would be nice to check this detailed product review for your reference.

    Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Review

    • Easy to install 
    • Looks warm and inviting
    • Good heating coverage
    • Reasonable price

    • Loud Beep

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    There is a sort of groan heard every few seconds and a loud beep when this electric fireplace is turned on. The sound produced by an electric fireplace should be of the normal range and not incredibly annoying. If it does, contact customer service. The company can offer a replacement if the issue is a factory defect detected within the warranty period. Anyway, the customer service is impressive.

    What Users are Saying About the Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

    Majority of customers really like the easy installation that can only take less than 30 minutes, and most of the time is spent ensuring that the electric fireplace is straight on the wall. No complicated procedures at all. It looks very warm and really inviting, with a nice and comfortable warm feeling.

    What Users are Saying About the Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

    The flames are realistic and the overall quality is very good. The only disadvantage is the loud beep and groans sound the heating appliance make but completely negligible like what an AC do when it runs which is pretty normal for electric devices. The price is incredibly reasonable with the superior heating performance and coverage it provides. It works on a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. Now, customers are enjoying the ambiance without the smoke and ash.

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    Compare Regal Flame Broadway with AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace

    The AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace is a 27-inch heating appliance that comes with LED flames, safety thermal cut-off feature, and modern and sleek design. It measures  26.75 W x 12.5 D x 30.5 H with a heating area of 400 square feet. It doesn’t have a remote and adjustable heat setting. The Regal Flame Broadway is a 35-inch electric wall mounted fireplace that comes with 3 heat settings.

    Compare Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace with AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace

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    It comes with a remote control for easy managing. Both are plug-and-play electric fireplaces that offer comfortable warmth in freezing cold days. The Regal Flame has a higher price but with larger dimensions and the advantage of having a remote control and adjustable heat settings, tat AKDY doesn’t have.

    Key Features of the Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

    Relaxing Realistic Flames
    The realistic flames of the Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace are set in a pile of real-like faux gas logs without actually running gas lines, carrying firewood, ash cleanup, and presence of smoke. It appears like an authentic fireplace without any hassle. The log set is located behind the tempered glass in a contemporary frame (matte black). It measures 5.1D x 35.4W x 22H inches.

    Versatile Heating
    The three heat settings of this fireplace are perfect for very cold seasons including no heat, low, and high settings. The heat vent is found on the top middle of the front area. You can adjust the heat level according to your preference, thus making this electric fireplace a practical and functional fixture. You can turn the settings all the way up during winter to keep you comfortably toasty and snug.

    Easy Installation and Usage
    Installing the Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is very easy to set up. This is a 35-inch-wide wall mounted electric fireplace that only weighs 26.5 pounds. It has an included easily mountable bracket for mounting the regal Flame fireplace to a wall. After the bracket has been mounted to the wall, just hang and secure the fireplace., then enjoy the warmth it brings to you and your family.

    Convenient and Efficient
    This is an elegant electric fireplace that can serve as a functional and appealing décor for your living room, bedroom, family room, or library. You can use it any time because of the dual-mode feature, allowing operation with or without heat. Also, you don’t have to worry about the dangers of traditional fireplaces.

    What’s the Disadvantage of Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

    What's the Disadvantage of Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

    The Regal Flame has an excellent quality and performance. Some customer complains of the groaning sound and loud beep it makes when being turned on but these are only minor issues that are negligible without really focusing on them. Just like any appliance, it makes a sound when running and when turned on. Nevertheless, this sound issue is not all true with the purchases made. A factory defect can be easily replaced by the company, proven that’s the case.

    Why Should You Choose Regal Flame Broadway or Not?

    The Regal Flame Broadway wall mounted fireplace is a must-have for every home. With its great value, it adds a good focal point to your living room, bedroom, or any room at the touch of a button. You can adjust the heat to low or high for superior warmth or no heat at all. The flame effect is impressive. It is a smokeless, odorless, and soot-free fireplace.

    In addition, you can also use this fireplace outdoors as long as it’s covered to prevent rain from damaging the unit. Having a fireplace has never this easy with electric fireplaces. You can build a fireplace mantel around your Regal flame Broadway and insert it into a TV Stand. It is also environmentally-friendly and very affordable.

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    The Regal Flame Broadway Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is a great solution to very cold winter days. It supplies a comfortable heat for you and your family to enjoy. The flames are realistic. It is eco-friendly and energy-saving too. The heating performance is superb with the 3 adjustable heat settings it offers. It is a worth it electric fireplace investment.

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