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    small electric smoker

    If you are out camping, then your camping would be incomplete if you haven’t tasted the delicious recipes that you want to.

    So for that purpose, the electric smokers would be your best choice. The best small electric smokers are known for preserving the taste of your meat for effective family camping activities.

    An electric smoker does not require many trials and hard work; they are the easiest types of smokers.

    Once you set it you can also forget about it. It will automatically provide you with the best quality of food you want.

    Usually, a thermostat or electric rheostat controls the temperature inside the chamber of electric smokers.

    The best small rheostat-controlled electric smokers usually give you options to choose the setting – low, medium, or high.

    In the case of the charcoal, gas or pellet smoker’s combustion gives heat but in the case of the small electric smoker, the heat comes from the superheated metal coil.

    There is a distinct difference between the flavors of the best small electric smokers and charcoal or gas smokers.

    The best small electric smokers offer you a delicious and mouth-watering taste. You can operate it very easily.

    You just have to put your meat in the smoking box, then all you have to do is to set the thermostat and the timer and forget about it.

    It is as easy as sticking a roast in the oven. You can also add an authentic syllabus by adding the wood chips.

    The other wonderful thing about these best small electric smokers is that they are very inexpensive as well. Every penny you spent on them will be worth it. 

    Top 10 Best Small Electric Smokers:Best Small Electric Smokers

    So if you are a person who likes to do outings and camping often, then you must not waste your time and must go for it without thinking anything.

    In this article, we will give you a detailed description of the best small electric smokers.

    Here are our best findings:

    1- Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

    Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

    The topmost small electric smoker in our list is this smoke Hollow’s 26-inch electric smoker.

    First of all, will talk about its body and material from which it is made. Its cabinet is made up of welded steel, the cooking grates have chrome plating and its door handle is made up of a spring wire material.

    These fine materials not only keep these small electric smokers durable but they also help them to maintain the heat inside the cabinet.

    It offers you a cooking space of 171 square inches for 1.3 cubic feet, being a perfect choice for the small cooking.

    You also get a wood chip and a water plan in its packing. The other best thing about this small electric smoker is that it gives you the highest amount of Wattage that is 1500.

    So this small electric smoker is a perfect choice for those people who want an exceptional build quality and high wattage capability.


    • Perfect weight and dimensions
    • Impressive build quality
    • Water pan and wood chips included
    • Highest wattage


    • It doesn’t have wheels

    2- Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

    Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

    The Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker comes second in the list of the best small electric smokers.

    It consists of three chrome-plated smoking racks which make it well-suited to smoke meat for a small crowd. Its wonderful build quality made us place this electric smoker on our top 2.

    To give you a perfect smoking experience, this best small electric smoker is designed with the dual exhaust ports as well as the double-wall insulation.

    It provides your cooking space of 544 square inches. The other things which will attract you towards this smoker are its front-load water tray, the wood chip tray, and the grease cup.

    It is also very inexpensive. You can easily afford it.


    • Superb build quality
    • Versatile cooking racks
    • Well insulated
    • Inexpensive
    • Adequate cooking space


    • It doesn’t have wheels.

    3- Smokin-It Compact Electric Smoker

    Smokin-It Compact Electric Smoker

    The next on our list is the Smokin-It Compact Electric Smoker. The reason for its inclusion in the list is its great quality.

    Its build quality has beaten the topmost smoke hollow, which is a thing worth considering. This small electric smoker is restaurant certified. It is made up of 201 stainless steel with almost 18 gauges.

    It consists of three removable shelves including a 3-inch diameter rubber caster. This makes it a perfect option for a portable small electric smoker.

    It’s cooking space can handle up to 20 pounds of meat. Its 400 wattage makes it an excellent option for the slow and recreational low smoker.

    And the most wonderful thing about this small electric smoker which you cannot ignore is that it comes with a massive 3 years’ warranty on defects. So you can easily buy it without worrying about anything.


    • NSF certified
    • Three cooking racks
    • 3 years’ warranty
    • Side handles increase portability
    • Easy access to the smokebox


    • Expensive
    • Relatively low wattage

    4- Bradley Electric Smoker

    Bradley Electric Smoker

    Another addition in the list of the best small electric smokers is the well-known Bradley electric smoker.

    It is a very price effective smoker such as this Smokin-It model. It costs almost $350 but it offers you such features that are worth considering.

    One of its best features is that it has an internal cooking volume off to 288 square inches. Its impressive internal dimensions are 15, 11.5, 25.5.

    It offers you 4 cooking racks with the 125-watt smoking element and a 500-watt cooking element, reaching up to a temperature of 2 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Another wonderful feature that keeps this Bradley smoker in the list of the best small electric smoker is its controls for smoke, cooking time, and temperature.

    It gives you a wide range of controls with which you can have the setting of your own. It is much more technologically advanced than the other small electric smokers in the list.


    • Massive internal cooking space
    • Technologically advanced
    • Portable size
    • Separate heating elements


    • Not well insulated
    • Expensive

    5- LANDMANN Smoky Mountain

    LANDMANN Smoky Mountain

    Landmann’s small electric smoker is the next recommendation on the list. The reason behind the inclusion of this electric smoker is its viewing window no and the huge heating element.

    Both these features combined make it apart from our top 1. There are a lot of benefits to the viewing window.

    The viewing window enables you to monitor the meat with a single glance at your small electric smoker and to watch the progress of your meat without letting the heat escape.

    Then the combination with a 1500-watt heating element makes Landmann’s electric smoker one of the best small electric smoker for achieving consistent temperatures.

    With its smaller cooking space of 147.7 square inches, this electric smoker is still worth considering, as this is perfect for the people who want to have meat for almost five people and also want to enjoy the benefits of the viewing window.


    • Massive heating element
    • Huge viewing window
    • Portable size


    • No insulation
    • Very small cooking space

    6- Smokehouse little chief front load smoker

    Smokehouse little chief front load smoker


    When talking about the cheap small electric smokers, then the smokehouse little chief front load smoker holds the first position.

    This small electric smoker is the cheapest in the list having a price of less than $100. People of every type can easily afford it.

    Specially it’s the best choice for beginners who wants to try the experience of smoking their meat on their own without even worrying about its price.

    Moreover, its low price doesn’t mean that it offers you fewer features. But on the other hand, it provides you all the features of the best small electric smokers. W

    ith its embossed aluminum construction, it becomes a perfect choice for outdoor smoking, better than the other expensive models in the list.

    Another wonderful thing about this is that it also CUL, CSA, and UL certifications and it’s 2-year warranty period. So if at all it gives you any faulty experience, you can change it within the two years.

    The front-load wood chips tray is its final feature which compelled us to include this in our list.

    So it appears to be the best choice for the people who wants the cheapest but durable small electric smoker.


    • Long warranty period
    • Front-load wood chips tray
    • Cheapest and portable
    • UL, CSA certifications


    • Temperature controls are not good

    7- Masterbuilt Patio-2-Portable electric smoker

    Masterbuilt Patio-2-Portable electric smoker

    This electric smoker is added into the list of the best small electric smokers due to its cleaning category which makes it shines the most.

    Masterbuilt’s small electric smoker offers you 280 square inches of cooking space with two Chrome coated smoking racks. It has a 1400-watt heating element.

    These features combined make the setup portable and easy to clean electric smoker.

    This also gives you a built-in temperature gauge as well as an analog temperature control dial. So for the people who are used to analog control, can easily smoke the meat through high or low heat.

    The other wonderful feature which you will experience in this small electric smoker is its foldable legs.

    With this feature, you can transport your small electric smoker without any effort. When it comes to portability pop small electric smokers, its foldable legs enable it to take the crown.

    So this electric smoker is the perfect choice for the people who want easy to clean and easy to transport electric smoker.


    • Huge heating element
    • Easy to clean
    • Built-in temperature gauge
    • Inexpensive
    • Well insulated


    • The short warranty period of 90 days

    8- Pit Boss digital electric smoker

    Pit Boss digital electric smoker

    This electric smoker is added into the list of the best small electric smoker due to its unique design. It feels different looks different as well as cooks differently, which makes it unique.

    It gives you a digital LED screen and controller with which you can easily monitor the smoke pressure and the temperature.

    It is having three grading racks which are coated with the porcelain. The racks are not small but are 593 square inches in area.

    Pit boss digital electric smoker also has a porcelain coated water pan and a viewing window to look inside.

    So you can easily check if your steak is done. The viewing window is much better than to remove its door every 5 minutes.

    Its walls are also coated with insulation. Another wonderful feature is its massive 1650-watt heating element which allows it to roast any type of steak or grill.

    Combining all its wonderful features you can have a perfect choice for the best small electric smokers. So you should go for it without thinking anything.


    • Unique design
    • Massive heating element
    • Wide cooking area
    • Viewing window


    • Expensive

    9- Masterbuilt electric bullet smoker

    Masterbuilt electric bullet smoker

    This is another product from Masterbuilt. We have included this product from the same brand because of its wonderful features.

    It is one of the best small electric smokers. It is a perfect choice for small gatherings in parties because of its portable design and minutes size.

    Its cooking space is about 395 square inches, which is enough to cook steaks and burgers. To give you optimal durability it also has two porcelain coated cooking racks.

    It also has a water bowl wood chip tray and a drip pan which also quoted with porcelain. Its body is well insulated to trap much heat.

    It cooks every corner of your food by circulating this heat and smoke within the chamber frequently. With its massive 1650-watt heating element, you can cook almost any type of meat and grill.

    Another wonderful feature digit gives us is that it can reach about 400 degrees within a few minutes. You can easily keep the track of the internal temperature with its built-in temperature gauge with a thermometer.

    Such amazing features will surely make you think about this best small electric smoker.


    • Portable design
    • Optimal durability
    • Massive heating element
    • Well insulated body


    • Expensive

    10- Old Smokey electric smoker

    Old Smokey electric smoker

    When you are searching for the best small electric smokers, then the old Smokey electric smoker will come in front of you more than once.

    So we have to add in the list because of its simple drum shape and flat-topped cooker.

    It gives you are delicious and moist food because of its closed ventilation system with which the juices drop back on top of the food.

    It is a perfect choice for this low and low BBQ smoker. It is very simple and you just have to put your wood chips then add the meat, then finally set the temperature and your meat is ready within a few minutes.

    It consists of carrying handles a drip can and two cooking racks. It has a corrosion-resistant aluminum steel body.

    Its weight is almost 24 pounds and it is available usually in a grey color. Its heating element is 1250 watt.


    • Easy to use
    • Closed ventilation
    • Portable
    • Inexpensive


    • Not good for slow and low flavors.

    Things To Consider When Buying the Best Small Electric Smokers:Best Small Electric Smokers

    We will also provide you with the proper tips which you must consider when buying the best small electric smokers.

    These are the things which you must consider:


    The size and capacity of the electric smoker are one of the most important things that you must consider before buying an electric smoker.

    If you are a person who wants to have the parties in your backyard with your friends and your family members after regular intervals, then you require a smoker having a higher capacity.

    So in this case you must go for an electric smoker having a higher cooking space. But if you are a person who just needs to prepare the meals for only your family, then you require an electric smoker with a smaller capacity.

    And also you are not using it regularly, then you must buy a smaller capacity electric smoker.


    The price has been a crucial factor in buying. It depends on your requirements and budget. If you need an electric smoker for a small gathering and party, then you can opt for moderately priced ones.

    But if you want it for a medium crowd, then you will require a smoker with a bigger cooking capacity. The bigger the cooking capacity, the higher will be its price.

    These small electric smokers come with different price ranges. The entry-level cost around $50 to $100.

    The mid-level range is around $100 to $300 whereas the high-level solar security lights come with a price of above $300.

    Places to Buy These Electric Smokers:

    You can buy these from the hardware stores of your community.

    But if you want to have the genuine and the best small electric smokers, also saving money, then you must go and check Amazon.


    Before buying these small electric smokers you must always check for their warranty. The products without having any warranty may end to be faulty or damaged within a few weeks or months.

    So in these cases, the product warranty is very helpful. You must always go for the products which are having a minimum 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

    It ensures the reliability of the product you are buying. So if it all you come across a faulty product then you can easily replace it with a good one.

    Most of the small electric smokers come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Some also have a 2-year warranty.

    The Most Trusted Brands:

    First of all, let me tell you that all these lights which I have mentioned above are the best ones.

    But if we look into the market rating then the Masterbuilt, Char-Broil, Bradley are the most trusted brands among all of them and provides you the best small electric smokers.

    They provide you the manufactures warranty for almost 1 year so you can easily go for them.


    Another important thing that you must take into consideration is the features which you require in your electric smoker.

    You must buy electric smokers according to your way of use. There are many features in modern smokers just like cooking settings, temperature settings, time settings, etc.

    The higher the number of features the higher will be the price of your electric smoker. Cheap electric smokers do not usually have a lot of features.

    So you must invest according to the feature which you require. Invest in the expensive model only if you require the features in that.


    Portability is the most important feature of an electric smoker. Being portable doesn’t just mean being small. Small enough to fit in your trunk.

    Considering the portability, you have to keep other things in mind as well just as the storage of the smoker, easy to move and easy to clean, etc.


    Everyone desires to enjoy this summer with family and friends. If you want together everyone on a lazy summer afternoon for a delicious meal, then you must have an electric smoker.

    With a small electric smoker, you can chat and gossip while cooking perfect meat. So if you have decided to enjoy such an experience, then you must take a look at our top picks.

    We have tried our best to make your camping and your outings perfect and rememberable with the help of these electric smokers.

    I hope that you will find this article very much interesting and according to your will and desire. Everything is described in detail and in an organized manner.

    I am sure that after reading this article, you will be having complete knowledge of all types of best small electric smokers.

    I am sure that you will love all the bits of contents which are provided here. You can ask us anything you are doubtful about and we will provide you all the possible solutions to your problem.

    All the information will be thoroughly researched which will help you understand all your queries. Now I hope that you will concern us for every of your query and we will surely make you satisfied.

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