Solo Stove Yukon Review: Extra Large Backyard Fire Pit

Yukon Solo Stove Review

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The Solo Stove Yukon  is the largest fire pit from Solo Stove, who is also the maker of the popular Bonfire Solo Stove.

It is made with the same patented technology applied in their smaller stove models like the Ranger or Bonfire. This Solo Stove fire pit is designed for a larger backyard that needs to be warmed up, and the Yukon produces more heat and less smoke. The sleek design will sure to fit your larger space and look great while heating you up.

Simply add firewood and the whole yard will be illuminated with a big flame which allows for more friends or family get-togethers and have fun without feeling the night’s chilliness.


Solo Stove Yukon Review: Pros and Cons


  • Produces a large fire and plenty of heat for a large area or party
  • Less smoke and more flame meaning no unpleasant campfire smells
  • High quality and includes a lifetime guarantee
  • Relatively easy to clean up with the removable ash pan
  • Limited use for cooking, can be used to roast marshmallows, smores and hot dogs.
  • While it can be used for as a campfire for camping, it weighs 45 pounds and is not meant for backpacking
  • Some customers have complained about rust

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Yukon Solo Stove Features

This large Yukon fire pit has a double wall that enables fire to ignite fast, bursting into a brilliant flame, leaving no room for smoke. The fire is produced by natural firewood pieces which is far safer and cheaper than propane gas. Everyone can gather around the Yukon without worrying that their clothes will smell like smoke.

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Extra Large Fire Pit

  • The Yukon Solo Stove has a double wall with a diameter of 30-inches, which makes it the ultimate stove for an outdoor fire pit.

Aesthetically Appealing

  • The appearance of the stove is attractive with a shiny metal finish, making it a piece of art in your yard or camping site. The Yukon fire pit is made of stainless steel, and the thick walls block the wind from interfering with the fire.

Almost Smoke-Free

  • This stove produces little smoke because the double-wall design allows for the circulation and burst of hot air. With this additional oxygen available within the stove, the fire burns more efficiently which produces little smoke. As a result, you can sit around the Yukon without your clothes smelling of unpleasant smoke. 

Durable Design

  • The fire pit utilizes 304 stainless steel. Not only does this material look beautiful, it is also more durable and can last for years. The Yukon fire pit uses a single-piece construction with a fire ring, and it allows control of airflow while making the stove easy to use.

Easy To Use

  • The Yukon comes ready for use. No assembling is required, and starting the fire is simplified by the unique design, which allows airflow.

Produces A Big Flame

  • The Yukon has a double-wall airflow design that allows cool air to get to the bottom and move in between the two walls and pump out a huge flame. It is most suitable as a backyard fire pit for large groups looking for a large flame to keep them warm.

Perfect For a Stationary Fire Pit

  • This Yukon stove has an outer cover that protects it against harsh weather. It measures 16 inches tall and 30 inches in width. It weighs 45 pounds and is perfect for a large stationary fire pit that lives in your yard. There is an optional Yukon stand available as well.

Cheap to Fuel

  • Wood burning fire pits are more affordable compared to propane gas and other energy sources used in fire pits. The Yukon Solo Stove is made to provide for the easy lighting and burning of firewood.  Hardwood is the best to use with this stove because it lasts longer.

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Yukon Solo Stove Customer Reviews

A reviewer by the name Amy C. bought the Yukon Solo Stove via Amazon and is extremely happy with the purchase.  She and her family use the stove in the deck and it is so different from the fire pit they had been using. The low smoke impressed her most and is looking forward to getting it cover to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Paler says the Solo Stove Yukon is the second product she has bought from the manufacturer. She already has the Bonfire Solo Stove, and though the large one didn’t come with a cover and is a little hard to empty, she is happy with the purchase.

According to Aggie, the Yukon looks much better when you see it live. It is her second stove, but initially, she was worried it would consume too much firewood. Later she realized that it’s just that she was used to the smaller Bonfire Solo Stove and that the larger Yukon fire pit  is fantastic also.

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Solo Stove Yukon vs Solo Stove Bonfire

The Solo Stove Yukon is bigger than the Solo Stove Bonfire; this means a more significant flame and increased heat.  It is wider than the Bonfire fire pit with a diameter bigger by almost one foot. But the Bonfire Solo Stove is taller; it is 19.5 inches while the Yukon is 16 inches in height. The Yukon Solo Stove is also a lot heavier, weighing in at 45 pounds compared to the Bonfire Solo Stove which is 20 pounds. 

The Yukon has more stability, thanks to its size and weight. It is perfect as that large, beautiful centerpiece fire pit in the yard and can radiate heat up to around four feet of its surroundings.  While it can be used on a camping trip, it is not nearly as portable as the Bonfire Solo Stove.

In addition, If you are looking for the less fuel consuming option, the Bonfire Solo Stove is the better choice. The Yukon swallows chunks of wood because its large and can be a bit more costly to run. Both the Bonfire and Yukon Solo Stove serve the same purpose; they both produce a smokeless fire and are made out of the same high quality materials.  The only significant difference is the size.

As a buyer, I seldom have the need for a bigger fire and do like to go on camping trips so I would personally go for the Bonfire Solo Stove over the Solo Stove Yukon. The Bonfire Solo Stove is easier to maintain because it needs less firewood. It has the same great qualities of the Yukon so I will not be missing much except the bigger flame and additional heat. However, if I had a larger family or entertained a larger group of people more often, I would opt for the Yukon Solo Stove as the Bonfire Stove wouldn’t cut it. 

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Is the Yukon Solo Stove Worth It?

The Solo Stove Yukon is worth buying if you value a larger flame and need that additional heat that it produces. It dwarfs the Bonfire Solo Stove in all ways, especially in the size and amount of heat produced. The Yukon is a perfect choice for anyone who wants more warmth or a larger group of people looking forward to a warm time while outdoors.

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