Southern Enterprises Claremont Convertible Media Cherry

    Southern Enterprises Claremont Convertible Media Cherry Electric Fireplace Review

    If comfort and excellent design could come up in a brilliant combination worth owning, it would surely be Southern Enterprises Claremont Convertible Media Cherry Electric Fireplace.

    Forget limiting experience to just using the media console for keeping and watching television as it not only does that while adding to the looks of your living space, it also provides you with ample space and a comfortable experience of enjoying the warmth after a long cold day at work.

    The design of this cherry electric fireplace is truly beyond the industry standard, setting it apart from its counterparts. Its collapsible panel allows easy setup with a flat wall as well as a corner electric fireplace.

    The fireplace has been laced with a multicolor flame and brick design in the interior for a great aesthetic look.

    The energy-efficient LED display mounted in the fireplace makes it a price-friendly addition to your living or media room.

    Be it storage, media console needs, or warmth that you require in extreme colds- this fireplace has quite a lot to offer, to the best of standards.

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    My Experience About the Cherry Electric Fireplace:Southern Enterprises Claremont Convertible Media Cherry Electric Fireplace Review

    I am a fan of media console combined fireplaces and as I had had a decent experience with the last three.

    I wanted to get a better one to suit my needs well.

    After much research, I chose this Southern Enterprise electric fireplace that is truly one of its kind in design and performance.

    The fireplace did need some assembly procedures which were easy to follow up from southern enterprises Claremont fireplace manual.

    And the first impression of the assembled fireplace was truly mesmerizing.

    First of all, I found it quite easy to place in my room because of the state-of-the-art design with a collapsible panel, allowing maximum freedom of placement.

    The top is sturdy and strong as it effortlessly conveys my 38 inches LED TV.

    Coming to the fireplace, it has been equipped with a realistic flame and glowing embers.

    The firebox itself has been lined with brick interiors, imparting a lifelike look to the fireplace that makes it look even more attractive.

    With the facility of remote control provided as well, I can control the temperature as well as an automatic timer and blower strength from the comfort of my couch while enjoying my favorite show or reading a book.

    In fact, its low illumination often adds to the aesthetics of my living room, making it a relaxing experience.

    To be frank, this has been one of the most cost-effective, energy and power-efficient additions that I have made to my home in recent years.

    How And Affordable And Attractive This Fireplace Is In Your Home:

    This cherry fireplace is one of the most cost-efficient and budget-friendly fireplace media consoles that have been designed in a unique mater to allow perfect special adjustment.

    The fireplace has a look to kill for and a brilliant set of functionalities that allow it to hold weight, store objects, and provide more than sufficient warmth for everyone.

    To put it clearly, it is worth every penny spent to buy it which is why if you’re an entertainment enthusiast and happen to have good taste in fireplaces, this is what you really need.

    Being just short of $500 in its price, this fireplace is truly a remarkable home appliance that you would just love to get your hands on.

    Comparison with ClassicFlame 23DE379-E451 23 Inch Wall or Corner TV Stand:Southern Enterprises Claremont Convertible Media Cherry Electric Fireplace

    The ClassicFlame 23DE379 fireplace has the same design and almost the same looks as that of this Southern Enterprise fireplace.

    Both of the sets can hold a television set measuring up to 47 inches.

    Now coming to the differences, the ClassicFlame fireplace has been priced quite surprisingly high while the Southern Enterprise fireplace is priced above less than $500.

    Not only that, but the southern Enterprise fireplace also happens to be more efficient in giving the required warmth and comfort.

    This is why the ClassicFame fireplace takes a dive down when being compared to the others on the grounds of value for money.

    The ClassicFame might just be good, but this Southern Enterprise fireplace is a truly great addition to your home space.


    • It has a brilliant remote control functionality that enables users to change temperature, timer, and sleep time
    • Its flames are quite lively and realistic looking, making this fireplace just the place you would like to get in front of or born in.
    • They had glowing ember that changes the very appearance of the fireplace console as well as your own room.
    • This durable fireplace with a shelf allows ample space for you to store your television, game CDs, books, jars, etc.
    • Not to forget, this fireplace has a convertible side, allowing easy placement solutions in any part of the room.
    • The heating is user-friendly as both the glass and the fireplace itself remain cool to the touch even a few minutes after.


    • The glass does remain cool after heating but everything else becomes very hot, making it unsuitable for kids and pets.
    • A few of the fireplace sets do not have a well-functioning remote.
    Features and Benefits of the Southern Enterprises Claremont Convertible Media Cherry Electric Fireplace
    • The console has remote controls allowing you to set the temperature, timer, or other settings from the remote.
    • The console is really easy to work with and assemble which is why people consider it a top choice
    • This fireplace possesses multicolor lifelike flames with an ember glow that makes this fireplace one remarkable and aesthetic addition.
    • The usual temperature reached average heating or cooking has been noted between 60-80 Fahrenheit.
    • It is energy efficient and economic while physically, it provides us a chance to interact with overall shots.

    Final Thoughts!

    This cherry wood electric fireplace TV stand is truly a revolutionizing piece of furniture that is providing quite a lot more than just warmth and comfort to the members of the house.

    This fireplace is truly a great buy as it delivers efficiently as well as effectively in all aspects, be it providing warmth or storing excess stuff into the media console.

    This Southern Enterprises fireplace is a true package of user comfort and affordability wrapped into one.

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