Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit Review

    What users saying about Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit

    We love to build fires outdoors. It keeps us warm during cold seasons and we could use it to grill out our favorite marsh or barbecues. That is why fire pits are purchased by a lot of people to cater to this function. However, buying and choosing a perfect fire pit is not that easy. You should give a particular concern with the design and size of the fire pit. Introducing, Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit with Spark Screen to you. An intuitive way to lit out big fires!

    Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit Review

    • Simple Operation
    • Hassle Free Assembly
    • Great Design
    • Versatile Use
    • Corrosion Prone
    • Tiring Ash Disposal

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    What users saying about Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit

    This is an incredibly large fire pit accommodating firewood at any sizes you want. It’s easy to use and assemble it as needed. You don’t have to use a lot of tools or equipment upon setup. Its design is good. The material is durably made and completely lightweight as most of the users are never expecting. It’s very portable and quite solid for longevity.

    Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit Review

    However, there are minor complaints with this fire pit from its few users. There are those who have issues with some of the screws incorporated in the package. It easily loosens out upon using it a couple of times.

    Aside from that, there are users who wished for an addition of drilling holes at the bottom of the fire pit for simple disposal of ashes and water. Also, it’s recommended that you should paint this device with a high thermal paint to prevent any rusting or corrosion with it.

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    Key Features of the Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit

    Intelligently Built and Design
    Weighing 36 grams, this steel made fire pit having a bowl round based shape measures about 23 inches tall with an internal diameter of 42 inches. It has a black housing patterned with moon and star cutouts into the main body of the fire pit. It stands with three durable longitudinal bases for stability and reliability during utilization.

    High-Temperature Resistant
    Additionally coated with rustic patina color paint, this fire pit would definitely not melt out temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, its built for long-lasting use with a thick 0.73 mm steel surface conducive at any occasions and to whatever type of solid fuel put into it.

    Easy Assembly and Use
    Upon obtaining the package, you could easily setup it as needed. All you have to do is attach the three legs and the outer rim for a complete setup. Disassembly is also simple just like its setup. Thus, you could use and transfer this fire pit anywhere you want. Utilization is simply similar to any typical fire pit that you’ve seen in the market.

    Flexible Application
    Whether you are just putting it as a decoration, use it to warm you out, or through grilling marshmallows and barbecues, this fire pit is something that you could use on. It is authentically made to complement out through your space with its modern touch design for the convenience of all its users.

    Safe and Secure Use
    You’d never have to worry about this because it’s built durably preventing any fire accidents to happen. Also, it’s incorporated with few additional tools like a spark screen and built-in grate strips to prevent any fire debris or spark from coming into you. Aside from that, it incorporates a poker tool to easily maneuver around the logs while creating fire and a screen protector to guard it out.

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    Compare with Landmann 25282 BarroneVs. Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit

    Though both are made from different manufacturers, you’ll notice that both fire pits have a similar build and design. It’s bowl-shaped, three legs, with the same arrangement of patterns into the sidings of the bowl’s surface.

    Nevertheless, the Landmann has a leaf design while the latter has a cosmic theme. Aside from that, both fire pits have different colors. The Landmann is red finished while the latter is black coated.

    Compare with Landmann 25282 BarroneVs. Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit

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    At to its weight and dimensions, the Sunnydaze is double the size as the latter. The Sunnydaze seems to be not that heavy. It has a very comparable weight as the Landmann at about 35 pounds. Both are durably made included a poker tool and a spark screen into its package.

    With regards to the utilization, both are easy to use and assemble. It has similar setup instructions with the difference only on the size. Both are flexible could be used for grilling and other purposes yet will still corrode and don’t have drilling holes into its bottom.

    As to its price, the Sunnydaze is 50 dollars more expensive than the Landmann. This is reasonable knowing that Sunnydaze is larger than the latter accommodating a lot of fuel and fire as needed for wide-scale applications.

    What’s the disadvantage of the Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit?

    Basically, a lot of its users hope for an addition of drilling holes into the bottom of the fire pit. Its quite helpful especially on disposing of ashes as needed. Aside from that, its easily will corrode so it’s important to not expose it to with rain or water. As to its functionality, there’s really not many problems with this fire pit.

    What's the disadvantage of the Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit?

    It’s quite big though, could not easily fit into any other bag you’ll see in the market. Also, there are few users who received easily loosened out screws. It’s best to check ahead or buy extra screws to prevent any accidents to happen while using it.

    Other than that, there’ll absolutely no major concerns that most users addressed upon with this product. Its durably built, lightweight, and has a big solid fuel capacity. Also, its price is really not that expensive for the quality you’ll be experiencing when used this.

    Truly this Sunnydaze Fire Pit worth your invest according to specs?

    Yes, absolutely. It’s one of the largest fire pits that you’ll have in the market. Plus, its price is quite convenient for the quality and functionality it induces. Its made for the convenience and sophistication of its users.

    Its very versatile and could be used for large based grilling including barbecues and marshmallows. For its size, you’ll won’t regret on having this fire pit. Its one of a kind in the market.

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    Final Verdict

    Fire pits are scattered all over the market. You’ll be able to see fire pits sold at different shapes, sizes, and design. Nevertheless, its quite rare to see a fire pit which that caters a variety of solid fuel sizes, be able to withstand high temperatures, at the same time, could be bought at the most efficient price. Nonetheless, the Sunnydaze possesses this qualification.

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