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Sunward Patio Portable Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Review

We always want to warm ourselves in a cold weather. That is why we tend to buy thick jackets and drink hot cocoa or tea at these times. But nonetheless, there are times that these things aren’t enough to provide heat.

Basically, a fireplace or campfire pit would be intuitively perfect for you to warm over whenever you are relaxing on the patio or just watching the outdoor view in your terrace or balcony. The Sunward Patio Portable Outdoor Propane Fire Pit brings that experience into your cold days. This fire pit is fabricated to bring cold and winter unbothered whenever and wherever you are!

Sunward Patio Portable Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Review

  • Compactly Built
  • Ease of use
  • Good Heating Output
  • Lightweight Fire Pit
  • Long Lasting Utilization

  • Safety Issues

The propane hose seems quite loose for attachment into the device. It is better to evaluate it readily before turning it on. To tighten it up, you could use a wrench or put additional bolts to keep it secure. Nevertheless, there are some issues of leaks also on the rubber hose. Make sure to check things readily before the operation to avoid risks on fire or any accidents.

  • No Built-in Igniter

You have to buy a separate igniter for this device to utilize it. Though you could manually turn it on using a lighter or a match, it’s rather unreliable and unsafe. It would be better if the manufacturer has incorporated an automatic ignition feature to ease out its utilization. But nonetheless, it’s still everything is doable for this device.

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Key Features of the Sunward Patio Portable Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

Durably Made
Weighing about 19 pounds, this device is fabricated from black finished stainless steel construction. This fire pit is water and heat resistant, not easily corroded with CSA approved materials to indicate that it’s made from industrial strength materials. The fire bowl has a 19-inch diameter with a base standing about 11.5 inches tall.

You could easily bring this fire pit anywhere, camp site, tailgating or a bonfire. It’s lightweight and easily installed. It incorporates an elastic 4-way strap that hooks into the pit into four locations upon setup. Aside from that, the package includes a weather resistant carrying kit with a fabric strap to conveniently carry it into long distances.

Easy to Use
You don’t need to spare more than 20 minutes on building fire. Everything in this device is automatic. You just have to turn on and lit up the device as required. Nevertheless, turning off is quite easy also. Just turn the knob into the device’s interface and it will turn off as you wanted.

Immense Heating Output
The device is empowered with a 58,000 Btu heating output which will accommodate a versatile function. It could be used as a fireplace to warm you over the cold days or you could roast over smores and marshmallows. The flame is readily adjustable according to what intensity you wanted.  It is an efficient fire pit with a smokeless fire being generated. Nevertheless, you’ll save energy and fuel consumption upon utilization of this device.

The fire pit is operated through a 5-gallon propane tank. Thus, it is expected that you’ll continuously create fire as long as you’ve like. This device is made to last with its durable material construction and flexible utilization.

What users saying about Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit?

With a current rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, the device is truly a blessing to most of the people who had used the Sunward portable patio heater. It’s very convenient, easy use with a wide range heat output that could be used either for cooking or just warming up. It has a simple installation with compactly manufactured materials that resist any weather and heat conditions. Plus, its portable and aesthetically design for outdoor activity.

Sunward Patio Portable Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Review - What users saying about Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit?

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Though the device is really great, few of its users hope that the fire pit should upgrade its features to match out with its competitors. It does not have a separate igniter and considerably, a cheaply made gas hose prone to leaks. Nevertheless, the hose is prettily very long with astonishing 10 ft. for which makes this device intuitively better than some similar brands.

Compare with Outland Firebowl 870 vs Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Generally, the two devices have very close resemblances in terms of design and operation. Both devices have a bowl-like design with propane tank used in its operation. Though, Sunward has its edge with the utilization of a 50 lb propane tank than the latter with only 20-lb propane tank. Thus, you’ll expect to last longer with Sunward than Outland’s brand.

Compare with Outland Firebowl 870 vs Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

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With respect to heating output, surprisingly, both devices have the same output with 58,000 Btu. The interface is somewhat similar with an edge to Outland’s unique and shiny appearance. Aside from that, Outland Firebowl 870 is lighter with only two to three pounds with the latter fire pit.

As to the price, there is not much difference between the two devices as expected. The Sunward is expensive for about five dollars as compared to the latter. This slight increase could cater to some add-ons that Outland does not include in its package.

Aside from the device, the package of Sunward’s includes four bags of decorative Lava stones, a bowl lid, a weather resistant storage bag with a strap on it.

What’s the disadvantage of the Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit?

Other than some design flaws, there is nothing to complain about this device. Yes, it’s a bit expensive but its price is totally reasonable with the durability, flexibility, and function that you’ll experience upon using the device.

What's the disadvantage of the Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit?

It has a lot of features that you’ll truly want into a fire pit except for the igniter. With this lacking function, the device seems quite unsafe especially to children for utilization. Thus, extra careful about using this device should be done to avoid any accidents or fire hazards from happening.

Truly Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit worth your invest according to specs?

Combining all the features and specs of the device, you could intuitively say that it is worth to take a shot using it despite the price you’ll take. Consequently, it is durably made and portable setup that most users find into a fire pit.

Aside from that, it is designed for longevity with its 50-pound propane gas tank viability. It incorporates also some add-ons that most similar devices do not include in their package. Though it has some safety issues, those problems are readily addressed by employing remedies and careful monitoring.

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If you are still searching for an outdoor fire pit that will give you warmth and flexibility, then it’s a great option to use this Sunland’s latest fire pit. Other than that, this device promotes longevity, portability, and durability at its finest. This is the best way to start your camping night out!

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