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Touchstone 80025 Sideline Review – Why Might Be The Best Choice?

Need a new extravagant look to ease your mind every time you place your arms over an armchair? You might consider looking for a wide-range comfy decor and this might be the opportunity to create a relaxing ambiance in your home.

A recessed Touchstone 80025 Sideline electric fireplace really is the total package and fits an elegant style and creates a sophisticated room ambiance.

Easy to relax and wind down after a long day of meetings and field activities. Provides an impressive central point when entertaining not only you but your guests as well.

You don’t even need to have an existing hearth or chimney to install the unit. No need to cut holes in your wall either.  Just plugin and have an extravagant flickering flame with the different flame settings. Turn on the heat and warm up even in the coldest winter nights!

Touchstone 80025 Sideline Review - Why might be the best choice?

Key Features of the Touchstone 80025 Sideline Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

Recessed Electric Fireplaces on Its Finest

Custom built, flush-mount, and easy installation. Space-wise, no need to create another slot, no hole digging over the walls. 

Flashy and you decide the style at your own convenience. Functions the same but lesser time, work and cost compared to what you are expecting.

A variety of heat settings can heat up room coverage for 400-square feet. A couple of press and voila! Manage the heat via remote control.

No more cleanup ashes on the floor, right? Convenience and classy look is the top-notch attributes of this wall recessed electric fireplace.

Realistic Flame

Brilliant flame radiance is the very heart of Touchstone’s electronic fireplaces.  This fireplace consists of a log-set both of crystals and artificial firewood, which indeed produce realistic and vivid flames.

This Recessed Electric Fireplace makes an environment-friendly atmosphere while keeping your place free of smoke and ashes. Feels relaxing and making your place warm and cozy at its best.

Control the Heat

With new technology heat advancement, the fireplace comes with a remote controller, which allows your preference over the heat station.

The unique heating process makes the Recessed Electric Fireplaces become popular over its peers. The wattage can be modified from 750 watts up to 1500 watts.

Combined the heat emitted by your electric fireplace with the visual appeal will provide your room with unwinding and calming aura.

You can set up the timer up to 7.5 hours. Whether you like it warmer or just a natural fresh heat as if you were experiencing a summer evening, the choice now is yours.

An Extraordinary Home Décor

Starting with the fireplace dimensions that measure 50.4 x 5.5 x 21.5 (length x width x thickness) to its weight of 58.2 pounds clearly suits a fashionable size, perfect for a blank space wall in your house.

Luminous and fab look creates an excellent and relaxing aura. It is an elegant and decent flat-screen glass-made fireplace, which remains cool so you can touch it.

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Compare with Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure VS. Touchstone 80025 Sideline
Compare with Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure VS. Touchstone 80025 Sideline

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Control Panel – Touchstone Sideline has it on the front of the unit, placed under the vent. Napoleon Allure has a touch display panel in front as well; the screen controls dim after 10 seconds, disappearing completely off the screen.

Remote Controller – both these two electric fireplaces are remote-controlled devices. Both items can be set to high, low, or no heat at all. Measures from 750 watts to 1500 watts.

Flame EffectsNapoleon NEFL60FH Allure Electric Fireplace comes with crystal ember, while the other one comes with both logs and glass crystals, it will be on your preference what to choose between the two. Both have flame intensity buttons on the remote. Both can increase gradually the brightness and other for decreasing the light effects. You can choose your preference depending on the mood.

Timer – Both are logically set up with a timer that allows it to shut off in preferred time.

Price – Clearly, Touchstone Fireplace is more affordable than Napoleon Allure, the latter is expensive than any other electric fireplaces considered.

What users saying about the Touchstone 80025

The Touchstone Sideline 80025 enhances the ambiance while warming your room with your preferred temperature.

Perfect and glamorous design that captivates the center beauty of your home, it keeps your kids and pets awestruck the whole evening.

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What do I love about the Touchstone 80025 Sideline?

  • Heater – Gives a notch that warms the room.
  • Timer – Easy to control; the heater and the flame shut off by itself
  • Independent effects – The flame and heater works separately. You can use heat with the flame effects or just flame only.
  • Safety – Made of LED bulbs. Glass is cool to touch; pets and kids are all safe.
  • Customer service and installation– I have a lot of questions and this company provides excellent customer service, deserves to be mentioned. Fast installation as well.

Durability and performance of the Touchstone 80025 Sideline

When the temperature drops, it affects the house temperature. Fixing yourself with a blanket sometimes was tiresome and bulky compared to enjoying yourself over a fireplace with your family.

That’s why it’s important to know if the heating system in our house were good to fit for a longer time. No one wants to be caught out in the colds.

Physical appearance has a big factor in whether to consider if an item is durable or not. You can look over the frame, the built-in structure and so but sometimes there’s more to that.

Touchstone 80025 Sideline ensures us that it has both the elegant physical durability as well as the quality made materials from the inside.

It is made to last for a long time. Most customers approve of the durability of the item. The Touchstone 80025 Sideline Electric Fireplace shares both excellent performance and long-lasting use.

Why you consider Touchstone 80025 Sideline – does it worth the money?

Yes, absolutely worth each penny! Definitely rocks! I mean, whenever I have friends or guests coming over, they never failed to mention how this fireplace looks cool and fab.

The ambiance it creates is well enough known towards satisfied buyers like myself. Good quality item. Durable and I love the features and certainly technology hits the rock on this item.

Good for my kids and pets, cool tech-glass face made so no worries, totally safe!

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Touchstone 80025 Sideline Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace- Top Qualities in it!

As you have read out the review in-detail about this Touchstone 80025 Sideline Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace, below you can see and get a chance to read more of the qualities present in this fireplace.

Firstly, this product offers an in-wall installation. Such fireplace heaters are simple and easy to install. This product is recessed and mounted in a wall and enhance the look of your room.

It has got a simple-looking rough frame that makes this electric fireplace more antique looking. The package is included with easy-to-follow instructions.

By reading out this manual, it will be easy for the homeowners to install and mount this unit in a trouble-free manner.

For wiring, you can either go for hard-wired mode or you are free to go for plugged mode. Hence, this Touchstone 80025 Sideline Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace is extremely innovative looking and you should give it a try.

It runs on two-heat setting modes. It is engineered in a way to offer you with high and also low heat options. You can use this respective and reviewed fireplace during any time of the year and that is the use of it.

This is a practical looking fixture that can boost your home décor. It looks lovely and meets your décor needs too. This fireplace heater manages to keep you all snug and toasty during the cold season time.

The Best Option For Chilly Weather Times

No doubt, buying this fireplace heater is an ideal and best option for you to face chilly weather times. It gives you with ample amount of warmth and coziness.

You can utilize this heater with only flames and also with no heat. If you could not get a heater for your lounge that gives realistic and LED- generated flames, then get your hands on this amazing suggestion.

It creates lifelike flames, so when you will buy this in-wall electric fireplace, do let us know! You can set the intense blaze by fixing and adjusting the five setting options. This reviewed fireplace has got both of the great looks and great performance.

This is a totally exciting package that you can try out. It allows you to set the desired temperature, desired atmosphere, as well as desired time settings.

It is the very correct time to feel and experience the warmth given out by this Touchstone 80025 Sideline Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace.

Furthermore, it automatically turns off from 30 minutes to around 7.5 hours duration.

If you have been using some traditional looking fireplaces, then set them aside for now and try this model. You will be satisfied with all functions and operations of it.

Besides, this is an innovative fireplace that can add up the supplemental heat if your room size is up to 400 square feet.

If more of the wall mounted electric fireplace heaters will be launched and made by this same brand, then we will let you know.

Final Verdict

When you talk about fireplace over the Internet, this one never fails to highlight itself by the quality and durability it was made for.

You’ll never be more than satisfied if you decide to try Touchstone 80025 Sideline. The features speak for itself, comfort and convenience are all present.

Checkout the customer reviews from users, it deserves it. The price was commendable comparing with the elegance and safety it can provide to your household.

Hassle-free fireplace for any season to come. Overall, this is a FAB-TECH Fireplace to consider, both cozy and cute. This might be the best choice over a traditional fireplace.

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