Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace Review – Truly How Durable It Is?

    Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace Review - Key features of the Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace

    A fireplace is mainly an electric heater that imitates the look of a traditional fireplace.

    The fire-like effect is triggered by the light-emitting diode (LED) and a mirror device that rolls and reflects light.

    Since fireplaces with or without heat can be used, they are perfect to build a cozy look without additional heating.

    Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace

    Many electric fireplaces have thermostats- and remote controls to allow activity and heat adjustment.
    Infrared quartz: Heat is provided via infrared light that is invisible. Regardless of the air around it — people, furniture, and bodies — light heats the objects it touches, to create a warmer atmosphere three feet away.

    Infrared heat in quartz leaves humidity in the air to create a comfortable atmosphere at home.

    Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace Review

    electric fireplace

    Forced Fan: In the room, there is a silent fan that blows overheated coils for heat.
    All except the area containing the heating element remains cold to the touch when both forms of the fireplace are in operation.

    Therefore, people with children and pets consider electric fireplace because it is safe and convenient.
    The regular 120-volt fireplace works with two forms of heat: infrared quartz and forced fan

    Fireplaces have already been a big part of the lives of many people. The warmth of fireplaces gives convenience to all people and families most especially during winter.

    Since winter is already part of the seasons in a year, fireplaces are more than a need but a necessity. As years passed by and technology is getting more advanced, fireplaces are also developed into a more innovative and convenient to use.

    As of today, fireplaces are now introduced as more convenient and modernized.

    Using woods is now out of the sight, but rather the use of electricity for fireplaces is commonly used.

    Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace is one of these fireplaces with a modernized appeal. It can be a great choice for personal or for family use.

    Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace Review

    • Made from solid and strong woods with a high quality
    • Has two cabinets
    • The shelves are adjustable
    • Easy to install
    • You can place your television set at the top
    • Since it has shelves is will also require bigger space to set up
    • The fire is not so flickering and it appears to be less real

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    Key features of the Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace

    Dynamic embers effect
    With the use of electricity, this fireplace will still give you dynamic and real-like embers that will let you enjoy the warmth and goodness of fireplace without using real firewood.

    Remote controlled fireplace with up to 9 hours timed shut off
    The use of Valmont Electric Fireplace will not give you any hassle moment because you can easily adjust it even if you are just lying in your bed. Its remote control is easy to use plus you can set it to a timer so that you can enjoy the warmth without keeping in mind to adjust it.

    Has two cabinet with adjustable shelves
    Valmont Entertainment Fireplace is not just a great fireplace to use but it will also let you keep your important things. Big or small, you can place them well with its adjustable shelves on both sides of the fireplace.

    Has five brightness settings using LED lights
    The LED lights in this fireplace are the reason why this fireplace will give you extra warmth and light every time you use it. You can easily change its settings and adjust the brightness easily until it will meet your standard and preferences.

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    Compare Real flame 7720E Calie vs. Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplaces

    Both of these fireplaces share good quality but they are made from different materials. Real Flame is made from veneered MDF construction while Valmont Entertainment is made from real wood but it has also some parts which are made from veneered construction. When you look at them physically, they have great features and their colors are suitable for fireplaces. Both of them have also cabinets where you can place your books and other things.

    Compare Real flame 7720E Calie Entertainment vs. Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplaces

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    Although they share some features, they also differ from each other when it comes to convenience and number of uses. Valmont Entertainment Electric fireplace has two cabinets with adjustable shelves but these are just simple and typical cabinets. The Real Flame 7720E Entertainment electric fireplaces have cabinets but it can also be stored as well. It has to drop down style with a center glass door which helps your things even more safety in it.

    These two fireplaces have almost the same settings and light effects. Their physical features are also almost the same. However, one last thing that makes them different with each other is the fact that Real Flame 7720E fireplace will require being assembled before setting up while Valmont Entertainment Electric fireplace is just so easy to set up.

    What users saying about the Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace

    The majority of the users of Valmont Electric Fireplace TV Stand are satisfied with its quality. They like its many features but what they adore the most is the fact that this electric fireplace is so easy to assemble. About 90% of its users gave thumbs up with its ease of setting up.

    According to some of the users, this electric fireplace is just right for their money because of its quality. Some also said that even if it appears to be darker in personal still its color and style fit their rooms and furniture.

    All in all, the majority of the users of Valmont Entertainment Electric fireplace are satisfied with the quality and convenience this fireplace can give.

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    How durable and affordable Valmont Entertainment Electric fireplace

    Valmont Electric Fireplace has a bit high price compared to other electric fireplaces. However, this price is just right when it comes to its durability.

    It is made of high quality and durable materials which means that this electric fireplace can last.

    It has also high heating capacity which is very easy to adjust so you can enjoy your personal preference.

    Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace Review - Key features of the Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace

    Why you consider Regal Flame Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace

    Valmont Entertainment Electric fireplace can be a great choice. It is made of real wood and durable materials which will make it to last. It has also added features that add to its usefulness. It will not just serve as a fireplace but storage as well.

    It is easy to control with its remote control plus it has dynamic embers to let you enjoy the warmth and real like embers.

    The physical look of this fireplace is easy to suit your furniture that will surely add beauty to your room.

    Lastly, this fireplace is just easy to assemble and will not cost much of your time to set up.

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    How You Should Choose An Electric Fireplace?

    Electric Fireplace

    Here are a few things you need to consider when buying an electric fireplace so that you get the right one for yourself.

    Measure the space where you need an electric fireplace and how you will use the unit.
    If you need something for a smaller area, then your best option is Forced fan fireplaces that are suitable for areas around 400sq.ft.

    However, if the area is around 1000 sq.ft , then infrared quartz is what you need.

    The maximum heater size is around 1,500 square feet for efficient work. Be mindful that heating is subject to the environment of the home.

    High ceiling spaces, windows, and drafts keep the heat differently and affect the efficiency of the electric fireplace. Hold the fireplace free from textiles that can burn or overheat. Don’t hang Christmas stocks on your cloak during the use of the heating system

    Final Verdict

    Valmont Entertainment Electric fireplace is a reflection and a perfect example of a simple yet unique and great fireplace. When you will look at it physically, it has a simple beauty yet it will give you a perfect example of a real fireplace from the old times.

    For personal and family use, this fireplace is suitable to use, it can be used conveniently and its materials used in manufacturing guarantee its every user that it can last. From the heat to additional features, all helped together in making this electric fireplace a good choice.

    Having said that, we come to the end of our review about Valmont Entertainment Electric Fireplace.
    Hope that you get to learn new things about fireplaces and also about this amazing thing.

    Keep the points in mind while shopping for an electric fireplace and we can assure you that you will always get the right one for yourself.

    Lastly, we would like to thank you for taking out time and reading our review. You can leave us a comment about this review and we really appreciate your feedback and look up to it.

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