Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand Review

    Walker Edison 58" Wood TV Stand with Fireplace in Espresso Review

    Have you grown tired of your plain looking TV divider? Have you always wanted to have a fireplace in your house but you do not have a chimney? Are you living in an apartment but want to have that ambiance and the comfort that a fireplace offers? Or are you just up to renovating your whole house and buying some new, innovative stuff to upgrade your lifestyle? If the answer to either of those questions is yes then this Walker Edison W58FP18ES review is for you.

    The Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV stand can beautify your home in the most unique way. This electric fireplace TV stand has a rich texture finish and looks classy and elegant because of its laminated look. The TV stand accommodates up to 60 inches TV size and supports up to 250 pounds of weight.

    Meaning you may go ahead and put the TV, your books, and much other stuff on that stand without having to worry about its durability and as to how just how much it can withstand. Additionally, it is composed of adjustable shelves to accommodate various things of various sizes. Lastly it also has comes with an electric fireplace insert which adds to the elegant effect that it gives to your home.

    Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand Review

    • Elegant finish
    • Laminated
    • Can accommodate up to 250 pounds
    • Has electronic fireplace insert
    • Can accommodate up to 60 inches TV size
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Made of high grade MDF
    • Might take up too much space
    • Heavy
    • Does not offer any other color variations
    • Quite expensive

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    The Walker Edison Fireplace TV stand not only gives you a new and elegant TV stand. It also gives you an electronic fireplace which can give you the ambiance and the warmth that you are looking for to have in your home.

    Key Features of the Walker Edison Fireplace Tv Stand

    Rich Textured Finish
    the rich texture of the Walker Edisson Fireplace TV Stand will surely leave your guests in awe because of the elegant touch that it gives your home. Though it does not offer any other colors, the shade and the wooden texture still gives off that classy feel no matter where this TV stand is situated.

    Accommodates up to 60” TV
    Yes, you may go ahead and add this to your theater room or home theater showcase because it caters up to 60” television size which is good for those of you who loves to stretch out in front of the Television and watch their favorite movies.

    Includes Electric Fireplace Insert
    Perfect for family or couple date night, the Edisson Walker Fireplace TV stand has given us our every entertainment need. It provides the perfect ambiance and warmth while giving us the finest entertainment.

    Adjustable Shelving
    Aside from putting both your TV and having fireplace in the stand, you may also go ahead and put some books and CDs in the shelves since it is composed of adjustable shelves which can suit the size of the stuff that you need to organize.

    High-grade MDF
    This feature adds to the durability of the tv stand and fireplace.

    Durable Laminate
    This, more than anything adds to the aesthetics of the fireplace and tv stand since it gives us that mirror and shiny finish that we do not find in our usual set of furniture.

    Supports up to 250 lbs
    You may literally put anything on it. Anything that needs to be organized and will cater to your aesthetic and entertainment needs can be placed on top of the shelves or even in them just make sure that they do not exceed 250 lbs.

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    What user saying about Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

    Upon reading various reviews about this fireplace tv stand, we have extracted that the fireplace actually emits realistic effects and can heat up a decent sized room very well. Some say that despite the shelves being adjustable, they are still too small for some of their stuff and this so far has been one of the bad things that people say about this model.

    What user saying about Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

    Also, we have gathered that the Walker Edisson Fireplace TV stand is very reliable because it does not heat up the stuff that it carries which is contrary to what most of us might think because it also carries a fireplace along with it.

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    Compare the Redflame Electric Fireplace Tv Stand vs. Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace Tv Stand

    Compare the Redflame Electric Fireplace Tv Stand vs. Walker Edisson W58FP18ES Fireplace Tv Stand

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    The Redflame Electric Fireplace TV Stand is one of the toughest competitors of the Edisson Walker Fireplace Tv stand. However, the most evident difference is that the former needs to be assembled and the aesthetics of the latter is less refined than that of the latter.

    Disadvantage of the Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace Tv Stand

    Walker Edisson W58FP18ES Fireplace Tv Stand

    The thing with this fireplace tv stand is the fact that there is a possibility that when it is not duly supervised or checked while the fireplace is running, it might be prone to over heating. Another factor is that it doesn’t come  in different colors which should have been a big plus if only it did.

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    Final Vardict

    Every too often, when buying these stuff for our home, we worry about buying the latest and innovative stuff because we think too much about the durability of the item or the capacity of the item because we know that we just cannot have everything all at once. It’s just too good to be true thinking that you can have the design, the technology, and the capacity all in one furniture for your home.

    This is what the Walker Edisson W58FP18ES Fireplace Tv Stand offers. It adds that elegance to your home while all at the same time allowing you to put and arrange all your stuff on it. And lastly, as if that in itself is not enough, it comes with the electric fireplace which saves you from all the hassle of building that conventional fireplace, or putting up a chimney, gathering firewood, and starting up a fire just so you can feel warm.

    With this TV stand, you will not only be able to enjoy watching television, but you will also be able to enjoy the warmth, the ambiance, and the coziness of your home all year round.

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