What Does Seasoned Firewood Mean?

    In this article, we will be lending you all the information that we have and we could gain from different verified sources to ensure that we lend the correct information to you.

    As it is the basic question on many people’s faces that what does seasoned firewood means? 

    The seasoned firewood may typically be sold under the name of seasoned wood that would be denoting its meaning as seasoned wood.

    Which has the perfect and right qualities to let it be used as firewood for different purposes.

    If you are taking wood from your property through various natural sources such as tree loaf for burning wood.

    Then the first thing you should do is to ensure that is it properly seasoned for the reason that it would be burning in your fire.

    Season firewood or seasoned wood is basically the wood that is kept novice for a time and kept outside to be dried at an extensive time limit when chopped from a tree loaf.

    This is done in order to make the chopped piece of the wood ready for burning in the fire efficiently when used in the fire.

    As the tree is a natural and organic creation, it is grown from a seed with water, sunlight, and spoil it has a water content of over 60 percent in it even after getting chopped from the root.

    It stays green and full of moisturizers that are the essential problem for making it a perfect seasoned wood and for solving this matter the chopped pieces are kept away for a while.

    Further below, we have explained in detail that what does seasoned firewood means and everything related to it as well as why we need to season the firewood.

    What does the firewood seasoning cycle look like and how much period of time it may require doing all the seasoned wood process.

    Take it in this way that as everyone knows trees take their extensive size with all the care by a person watering them everyday time to time which makes them high in water content.

    So believe this when the wood is chopped it would be rich in water and moisture content.

    Most of the actual moisture content of a chopped wood can be depending on the type of tree you have chopped for your firewood and what type of tree you are going to use for seasoned wood.

    But a freshly chopped piece of wood from a tree would always be too fresh to be used as seasoned firewood. 

    In order for you to use a chopped piece of wood from a tree as firewood, you need to be focusing on lowering the moisture content to the recommended levels to make it a useful piece of wood for your firewood.

    There is a whole process of drying out the wood in order to make it useful as firewood and for it to burn efficiently on fire is known as seasoning.

    Seasoned Firewood Mean:

    The whole process of seasoning wood involves many steps, which include leaving the wood outside to be dried for an extended time period after it is chopped from the tree.

    It may take over months and some time years to dry the moisture content of the wood that is, either way, decreased to a certain level that is acceptable to be used as firewood depending on different conditions.

    Such as the climate of the area where you are currently chopping the wood and where you would be keeping it to dry out.

    Many different major criteria quickly affect the wood that is being dried off for firewood and factors.

    That allow you to get a handful of advantages that allow you to dry out the moisture quickly out so the time.

    It takes for wood to reach the certain recommended moisture level required for firewood usage can vary between each situation

     These are the things that are kept in the notice for seasoned wood 

    Seasoning Firewood:What Does Seasoned Firewood Mean

    The wood is cut from trees eventually, and when it is chopped it is green and healthy all from the inside as it is rich in water and moisturizers was it as moreover off about 60% of water.

    Whereas the greenwood is hard to ignite and is eventually pretty hard to light it up, even if you do it would burn poorly and would not provide you enough heat for the best result you are always suggested to use seasoned wood for your fires. 

    Seasoned wood comes in handy even though you are trying to enjoy a good day with your family in your backyard lighting up some well-seasoned wood to enjoy the warmth or even.

    If you are making and late-night program with your friends with soft music, singing, and coffee around a well burnt seasoned wood loaf it would be all easy in lighting it up.

    Splitting Wood:

    As the trees are giant stems, where the wood and bark is formed to keep the initial inner part of the tree unexposed to the sunlight, all the moisture is kept inside it.

    Splitting it and facing the inner part to the sunlight or wind would make it eventually dry, there’s another advantage of doing it is that.

    It would discourage and demotivate all the wood-eating or we may say wood-boring insect to infest at the loaf.

    Stacking Wood:Stacking Wood

    Stacking wood is also a fascinating way to dry all the moisturizer away from the wood there are these steps of stacking wood for seasoning.


    It is important to keep in the notice for deciding a place where you are going to be stacking your piles of wood as it is going to be present.

    Therefore a long time so it is very much important for making the right decision at the very beginning as the wood would be kept captive.

    Therefore a long time period would you use the location for your near future about six months to a year.


    Choosing a spot where the sunlight has access would be considered a great choice as the sunlight would make the wood get dried off easily. 


    Direct contact with the soil of your stacked wood might be an issue for you because it would necessarily not dry at the bottom of the part which is in contact with the soil.

    It is suggested to place a plastic sheet underneath your piles or place your piles on a concrete floor would be nice as the adjacent ground would eventually help dry out the wood by sucking the water into them.


    For having great seasoned wood, it is suggested to keep your stacks in a position where there is a positive airflow running through them for quick drying purposes.

    These are all the necessary things that are kept in the notice for having well-seasoned wood.
    You can always check that is the piece of wood is acceptable as seasoned firewood by these means,

    • The piece of wood is in brownish color rather than the freshly chopped wood, which gives you a greenish tint color.
    • Looking at the ends of the loaf, you would be able to see cracks and openings 
    • The seasoned wood is comprehensively lighter compared to the fresh wood of the same size.
    • The bark of the wood is easy to peel off.
    • The loaf would sound completely hollow when hit by another piece of wood.

    All these facts would make it all easy for you in differentiating the difference between seasoned firewood and fresh. 

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