Best White Electric Fireplace Reviews (2023)

    Top 10 best white electric fireplaces

    One of the most popular color choices for fireplaces today is a white electric fireplace.

    White electric fireplaces are very popular because they fit in with almost all interior designs of homes.

    They add warmth and can brighten up any living room while adding an elegant touch.

    From classic and traditional styles to a modern and sleek look, a white electric fireplace can be found in numerous styles to fit your personal style. 

    best white electric fireplaces

    Top 9 White Electric Fireplaces

    Here are the best white electric fireplaces in a comparison chart:

    ImageElectric Fireplace ModelPrice
    Southern Enterprises Rollins
    Best Overall: White TV Stand
    A feature-rich convertible fireplace with beautiful design elements
    Check Price
    MagikFlame Artemis Electric Fireplace
    Best Overall: White Fireplace Mantel
    Top-of-the-line fireplace with the most realistic flames and sounds found in an electric fireplace
    Check Price
    Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove
    Best Overall: White Fireplace Heater
    Classic design, operable door, high adjustability with multiple viewing angles make this a solid choice.
    Check Price
    Ameriwood Home Carver
    Runner Up: White TV Stand
    Modern electric fireplace with ample storage and glass doors
    Check Price
    WE Furniture Tall Rustic Wood
    Runner Up: White TV Stand
    Rustic electric fireplace with ample storage and glass doors
    Check Price
    Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace
    Runner Up: White Fireplace Mantel
    Traditional design with a solid feature set at an affordable price.
    Check Price
    Real Flame Crawford Electric Fireplace
    Runner Up: White Fireplace Mantel
    A modern fireplace that is 50%-60% thinner than other mantel electric fireplaces
    Check Price
    GMHome Free Standing Electric Fireplace Heater
    Runner Up: White Fireplace Heater
    Stylish design in a compact package makes this a solid value buy.
    Check Price
    HomCom 16" Electric Fireplace Stove
    Runner Up: White Fireplace Heater
    Small and compact, this fireplace stove also features an operable door.
    Check Price

    The Different Types of White Electric Fireplaces:

    We have divided the list of white electric fireplaces into 3 different categories. These three types of fireplaces represent the vast majority of white fireplaces available:

    1. White Electric Fireplace TV Stands / Entertainment Centers
    2. White Electric Fireplace Mantels
    3. White Electric Fireplace Heaters

    White Electric Fireplace TV Stands / Entertainment Centers:

    Best White Electric Fireplace

    Electric fireplace TV stands have become one of the most popular styles, probably even more popular than the mantel and heater styles.

    This is because they are multi-functional; not only do they serve as a warm, focal point for the room.

    They also act as a storage unit for the television and related peripherals.

    Some key considerations when choosing an electric fireplace entertainment center include:

    • Dimensions/Size:

    Get the right size fireplace entertainment center to not only fit your TV but your peripherals as well.

    For example, measure the width of your peripherals and compare them to the size of the shelves to make sure they’ll fit.

    • Doors vs Open Shelves:

    A style choice, but know the pros and cons. Doors can be transparent or opaque depending on what you would like to store or display.

    Open shelves are generally cheaper and appropriate for peripherals that need remote control access.

    • Modern Features: 

    There are quite a bit of new features being integrated into these electric fireplaces, including Amazon Alexa Voice Control and LED backlighting.

    White Electric Fireplace Mantels:

    Mantel electric fireplaces are a more traditional and sophisticated type of fireplace to place in your room.

    Compared to the TV stand or heater, the mantel fireplace is designed with style first, function second.

    Mantel Styles:

    While selecting the style of mantel fireplace is a personal choice, it is a good starting point.

    Before you get into features and sizing, knowing what style you want is key.

    Do you want a more traditional, classic style? Look for design elements such as crown molding, pillars, and intricate carvings and designs.

    Looking for a more modern look? Look for clean lines, simple designs, and maybe even backlighting.

    Mantel Size:

    Next, consider the size of the mantel fireplace.

    Most mantel electric fireplaces will be between 34″ and 43″ tall,  25″ to 48″ wide, and between 11″ to 15″ deep.

    However, one particular fireplace, the Real Flame Crawford comes in at under 10″ deep and was specifically designed to save space.

    Fireplace Features:

    The majority of mantel fireplaces have adjustable settings and remote control, with differences in the amount of adjustability.

    Higher-end fireplaces will include thermostats that shut off the heat when a target temperature is reached, while other units will allow you to control backlighting, flame effects, and even set a timer.

    The best mantel electric fireplaces will have flames that not only look real but sound real.

    For example, the MagikFlame Artemis has digitally sampled sound and internal speakers to mimic the sound of a crackling fire.

    Best White Electric Fireplace Reviews:

    1. Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Fireplace

    Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Fireplace

    The Southern Enterprises Rollins white electric fireplace is one of our favorite electric fireplaces.

    It has a transitional design that will look great in any living room.

    With faux stones, a brick interior firebox, and tall, glass cabinet doors, its design stands out amongst other electric fireplaces.

    Feature-wise, it includes a remote control that can control its heat, temperature, flame size, log brightness, backlight, as well as other features.

    LED lights are also included and can be switched on and off by touch.

    Finally, it is also a convertible fireplace, which means it can fit into a corner of a room, or flat against a wall.

    On the downside, it is a smaller fireplace, and can only hold up to a 50″ TV and heat a room to 400 sq. ft.

    It is also more expensive than other fireplaces in its category.

    This is to be expected since the features and design of this white electric fireplace do go beyond its competitors.


    • Beautiful design elements including Faux Stone, glass doors, brick interior.
    • Rich feature set including LED cabinet lighting and remote control.
    • It is a convertible fireplace which means it can fit both a corner and against a wall.


    • On the smaller side if you have a TV larger than 50.
    • One of the more expensive options.

    2. MagikFlame Artemis White Mantel Electric Fireplace

    MagikFlame Artemis White Mantel Electric Fireplace

    The MagikFlame Artemis white electric fireplace mantel is a premium fireplace that features top-of-the-line technology and craftsmanship. It measures at 52″w x 43″h x 15’d.

    There are several big differences between this premium fireplace than the others on this list.

    First, the underlying technology is different. The Artemis uses HD projection and holographic glass to present the fire and its effects.

    As a result, the logs actually look like they are burning, whereas other cheaper units show the flames behind the logs.

    The second is the sound. A real fire is not just flames; a real fire has sound.

    With built-in speakers, the Artemis adds crackles and pops of real burning logs to further up the realism.

    The third difference is the material and craftsmanship. MagikFlame produces its fireplaces in the USA, whereas most competitors use manufacturers in China.

    The Artemis is made out of real wood, where competitors use cheaper materials.

    Of course, all these premium features do add up to the cost, and the Artemis costs a pretty penny.

    Still, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line fireplace and do not want to sacrifice realism, quality, and features, the Artemis is for you.


    • Ultra-real flames, effects and sounds
    • iOS and Android app to control
    • Includes background nature sounds
    • High reliability parts and craftsmanship


    • Very expensive
    • Sensitive to viewing angles

    3. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove DFI-5010

    Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove DFI-5010

    The Duraflame 3D white electric fireplace stove is a stylish heater that heats up to 1,000 square feet.

    It boasts realistic log and flames, a digital thermostat, five adjustable colors, brightness, and flame speed settings.

    It also comes with remote control, however, the remote is limited to turning the heater on/off.

    To adjust the temperature and other settings, you need to use the control panel on the unit.

    In terms of design, this white electric fireplace heater has clean lines, with polished design features such as beveled glass on both the front and side of the unit, operable door with a handle and legs.

    Its stove-like design mimics the look and feel of a traditional wood stove fireplace and makes for a stylish space heater alternative.


    • Traditional stove design with beveled glass and operable door
    • 3D flame effect technology
    • Five adjustable flame colors, brightness, and speed
    • Adjustable digital thermostat and timer
    • Includes a remote control


    • Cannot change the temperature with the remote
    • Control panel is difficult to manage in the dark

    4. Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand

    Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand

    The Ameriwood Home Carver white electric fireplace TV stand is a simple, modern fireplace that is small and compact enough to be placed in any room of your house.

    It can also heat up to 400 sq. ft.

    It has a 23″ electric firebox and includes a remote control, 4 touch panel settings, and built-in reflectors to create a realistic flame effect on the logs.

    The entertainment center can hold up to a 60″ flat-panel TV weighing up to 95 lbs.

    The Carver comes with ample storage for a unit of this size, featuring two open shelves to place your cable box and other peripherals, and two closed shelves with tempered glass doors.


    • Stylish, modern look
    • Realistic flames with no heat option
    • Available in 3 colors: White, Black, and Gray


    • Requires 2 people to assemble
    • Some components are of questionable craftsmanship

    5. WE Furniture Tall Rustic Wood Fireplace Stand

    WE Furniture Tall Rustic Wood Fireplace Stand

    The WE Furniture Tall Rustic Wood electric media fireplace is similar to the Ameriwood Carver in form but comes in a very different style.

    It is made out of Barnwood which gives it a beautiful, wood, rustic look.

    What the WE electric fireplace TV stand lacks, however, are modern features. It does not come with remote control, which is a very common feature nowadays. And there are no adjustable heat or flame settings.

    What it does have are two switches on the fireplace itself, one to turn on/off the heat, and one to switch on/off the flames.

    Similar to the Carver, it comes with two open shelves and two closed shelves with glass doors.

    It holds TVs up to 64″ and can heat a room up to 400 sq. ft.


    • Rustic design, barnwood look and feel
    • Easy to use controls
    • Energy efficient


    • Remote control not included
    • Limited adjustment features

    6. Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace Mantel

    Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace Mantel

    The Southern Enterprises Calvert antique white electric fireplace mantel is a traditionally styled fireplace with fluted columns and floral trim.

    It is available in two colors: ivory and espresso. The mantel can support up to 85 lbs and its dimensions are 44.5 W x 14.5 D x 40.25 tall.

    Features include a multi-colored LED flame, a remote control that can adjust the flame speed, log brightness, and temperature.

    A programmable timer and automatic overheat protection are also included.

    We like the Calvert white mantel fireplace as it is of great value.

    With this, you can get a nicely sized, traditionally designed mantel fireplace a solid feature set at an affordable price.


    • Traditional design with floral trim
    • Heats up to 400 sq ft, including heat off mode
    • Includes a remote control to program thermostat, timer, logs and flames
    • Protective glass
    • Mantel can support up to 85 lbs


    • No multi-speed fan
    • Materials and sturdiness is OK given the price

    7. Real Flame Crawford Electric Fireplace

    Real Flame Crawford Electric Fireplace

    The Real Flame Crawford white mantel electric fireplace is a simple, modern looking fireplace measuring in at 47.4″ w x 9.5″ d x 41.9″ h.

    The unique quality of the Crawford fireplace is that it is very thin. While other electric fireplace mantels are typically 13″ – 16″ deep, the Crawford is only 9.5″ deep.

    This means that it’ll take up less space and a smaller footprint, which is great for smaller rooms or narrow areas.

    However, this also means that you need to anchor the fireplace to a wall to prevent it from tipping it over.

    The fireplace is made out of wood and veneered MDF. It includes a remote control and has a programmable thermostat, timer, and brightness settings.

    It is also available in chestnut oak.

    The Crawford is an excellent choice if you are looking for a modern, white fireplace and want to maximize space.


    • Modern design with clean lines
    • Shallow depth at only 9.5″ deep
    • Remote control included
    • A programmable thermostat, timer and brightness settings
    • Sturdy wood material


    • Must be anchored to a wall
    • Can be noisy

    8. GMHome Free Standing Electric Fireplace Heater

    GMHome Free Standing Electric Fireplace Heater

    The GMHome white electric fireplace heater is a small, vertically set electric fireplace stove that can heat up to 400 square feet.

    It is designed to be very lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily move it from room to room.

    While it does not come with remote control, it does have two heat settings with adjustable flame brightness.

    It also supports having the flames on without the heat just for ambiance.

    The flames are only viewable from the front, and the door does not open as it is for design purposes only.

    This is a great value pick as it delivers quite a bit of heat in a stylish design package for a very affordable price.


    • Great value for the price
    • Stylish design with intricate craftsmanship
    • Heats up to 400 sq ft.
    • Two heat settings with adjustable brightness
    • Lightweight and very portable


    • Does not come with a remote control
    • Flames are only viewable from the front

    9. HomCom 16″ Compact Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater

    Compact Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater

    The HomCom electric wood stove fireplace is another small, compact heater with great value.

    It heats up to 323 sq ft.

    And has 2 heat settings, with an adjustable thermostat and brightness level, although it does not come with remote control.

    It allows you to have the flames on without the heat, but if you want heat, you must have the flames on.

    The control panel is ingeniously tucked away behind a flip panel in the front of the unit, allowing it to be easily accessible while hidden.

    One of the nicest features is the operable glass door, which is a nice feature for a fireplace heater in this price range.

    This white electric fireplace heater packs in a lot of features for an affordable price, making it a great value.


    • Great value for the number of features
    • Operable door
    • Two heat settings heat up to 323 sq ft.
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Adjustable brightness


    • Bulbs are prone to burning out
    • No remote control

    How to Choose the Best White Electric Fireplace? A Buyer’s Guide:Best White Electric Fireplace

    When it comes to choosing the best white electric fireplace mantels, some features are needed to be kept in mind.

    These factors will determine how good the product is in terms of performance and in terms of providing value for money. 

    These factors are mentioned below.

    If you want to make sure that you can choose the best product on the market, go through this section thoroughly.


    This doesn’t take a genius to figure out – an electric fireplace primarily consumes electricity to function. 

    A lot of manufacturers decide to stick with a power cord and a plug, the standard.

    These Electric fireplaces are rather simple to start and all the users need to do is connect the cord into one of the electric sockets in your house and they can start using it right away!

    However, there are electric fireplaces that feature a design that makes them become more of a permanent part of a home, such as the built-in fireplace.

    These fireplaces may require the users to hard-wire into home electrics. 

    Nevertheless, these types of units also come along with a plug-kit.

    This allows the users to be able to stick to the basics and allows the users to plug the electric fireplace into an outlet instead.

    This is why when you buy an electric fireplace, make sure to check whether it has the option to be plugged in or you will need to hard-wire it.

    Flame Effects: 

    Flame effects are considered one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing an electric fireplace.

    If you were wondering how the flame effects are created in the fireplace, they are created by reflecting light off rotating mirrors.

    This allows the fireplace to be able to generate a visual image of flickering flames. 

    Depending on the product you choose, it will vary as to how real the flames look.

    However, the fireplaces that come at expensive price tags have to offer more realistic flame effects. 

    However, an expensive product doesn’t have to have real flames. 

    You should see the reviews of the people who have previously brought the products.

    This will help you determine whether how realistic or how fake the look will appear. 

    Having said that, don’t expect anything fancy if you buy an electric fireplace on a very low budget. 


    This is also one of the most important factors.

    There are a lot of fireplaces that are available for purchase on the market. All of them come with a different kind of heater.

    When it comes to manufacturing electric fireplaces, manufacturers stick with two main types of heaters in an electric fireplace:

    Fan-Forced Heater:

    These kinds of heaters are usually seen in most of the electric fireplaces on the market today.

    Their functionality resembles the functionality of a conventional homie space heater.

    The fan-forced heater blows air over the heating element which in turn, genertates warm air for the room.

    Infrared Heater:

    This type of fan is rather uncommon between manufacturers when it comes to manufacturing electric fireplace mantels.

    Infrared heaters are considered a better choice if you are looking to heat a large area.

    They work rather efficiently which makes them a better choice than the forced-fan heaters.

    However, these infrared heaters are rarely seen and are featured in pricey models.

    Make sure that you choose the electric heater considering the functionality you are looking to acquire from it.


    Since the electric fireplaces are electric appliances, it is to be understood that the flames generated by them are not real.

    There are a lot of modern electric fireplaces that come with LEDs. This helps the electric fireplace to be able to create more real flame effects. 

    However, if the price is an issue, you are going to be limited to options that use bulbs.

    LEDs are considered to be more durable than standard bulbs.

    If you are going to be buying an electric fireplace, then you should consider an electric fireplace that comes with an LED. 

    If you end up choosing the electric fireplace that uses bulbs instead of LEDs, you may need to change these bulbs out more frequently.

    This is not an ideal situation to find yourself in. 


    There are a lot of products available on the market for purchase right now.

    With so many options on the market, there are products that incl; use different kinds of features that make them a better choice than others.

    These features may include Thermostatic control, Remote control, Timer functionality, Multi-color flames, Flame only functionality, Overheat protection, and Flame speed, and brightness control.

    Each of these features has their own worth and prove useful in their own unique way.

    If you want to have the ultimate experience, then we suggest that you consider an electric fireplace mantel that includes all of these features.

    White Electric Fireplace Heaters or Stoves:White Electric Fireplace Heaters or Stoves

    The best electric fireplace heaters have features that either make them more realistic or convenient.

    Features such as multiple viewing angles, an operable door, and adjustable settings will either make the flames more realistic or make it easier for you to operate.

    Single vs Multiple Viewing Angles:

    A key feature of higher-end electric fireplace heaters is the number of viewing angles built into the heater.

    These premium models will allow you to view the flame from three sides: front and both sides.

    This is accomplished by having a glass pane on each of the 3 sides.

    Cheaper units will only have a glass pane on the front, and side views are not available.

    Faux vs Operable Door:

    Another key feature of top electric fireplace stoves is an operable door.

    Higher-end fireplace stoves allow you to open the glass door, which provides for a more realistic experience similar to a traditional wood stove.

    You can operate the stove with the door open or closed.

    Adjustable Settings and Remote Control:

    While all-electric fireplace heaters allow you to adjust the heat output (BTU), the higher-end models will come with more customization options.

    For example, features such as adjustable thermostats, brightness settings, and  LED backlighting are available to add to the convenience of operating the fireplace.

    Also, not every electric fireplace heater will include a remote control.

    For heaters that do not come with a remote, a control panel located on the unit itself will be where you control the fireplace.

    Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces:

    We did not cover wall-mounted electric fireplaces but we do have a dedicated article on the best wall-mount electric fireplaces.

    This is because there were not enough white electric fireplaces to include in this review.

    Top 3 Best White Electric Fireplaces of Each Style:

    We’ve selected the following white electric fireplaces as the best overall for each category:

    We love the faux stone design, its rich feature set that includes LED lighting, and the solid build quality.

    We love the ultra-realistic flames, high-end wood materials, and internal speakers to mimic the sound of a real fire.

    We think this heater is a great combination of design with its multiple viewing angles, features including the operable door, and multi-adjustable settings for added convenience.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the most realistic-looking electric fireplace?

    When you are looking to buy an electric fireplace, you are only going to be looking for options that offer realistic flame effects. Having said that, this article includes some of the best electric fireplaces.

    That offers a realistic flame when they are powered on.

    Who makes the best quality electric fireplaces?

    Specifying a specific brand is not the best way when it comes to highlighting the best product as it is unjust to the other brands that try equally hard and come up with a pretty good product.

    Nevertheless, to be able to find out the best kind of electric fireplace, you should consider going through the buyer’s guide section mentioned in the article above.

    The buyer’s guide section was essentially written to help you be able to choose the best product for you in your price range and the one that serves your needs.

    What is the best energy-efficient electric fireplace?

    There are a lot of options when it comes to considering energy-efficient electric fireplaces.

    These fireplaces are mentioned above.


    We like the Southern Enterprises Calvert Electric Fireplace as our value pick.

    We like the traditional design, solid feature set, and affordable price point.

    There are other styles available in this line such as the Sicilian Harvest.

    We also like the MagikFlame Artemis White Electric Fireplace as our premium pick.

    We loved the realism of the fire and the fact that it has internal speakers to mimic the sound of a real fire.

    If you had money to splurge, the Artemis would be a fine choice for a white electric fireplace mantel.

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