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Xbeauty Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

The cold weather may be bothersome for most people especially for those who are not accustomed to lower degrees of temperature which is why an appliance that can heat things up to a comfortable level is needed around the house. Xbeauty Recessed Electric Fireplace is a modernized heat provider that will surely make the ambiance more comfortable for you and your family despite the cold weather outside.

XBeauty Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace: A review on the stunning XBeauty wall electric fireplace and why it is such a popular recessed fireplace. #xbeauty #wallelectricfireplace #recessedelectricfireplace #FireplaceLab

You don’t need to fret because this sweet baby over here will definitely have your back in terms of providing warmth, comfort, and satisfaction to your whole family. This fireplace heater is also a safer alternative to the conventional fireplace that uses real fire and smoke that can be a threat to safety.

  • Easy plug-in installation and energy saving
  • It can either be either a wall recessed electric fireplace or a  wall mount fireplace
  • Real flame display is exquisite and lifelike
  • Convenient adjustments and settings
  • There are no foreseen problems from this product and people who have tried it really liked it a lot and didn’t give any negative feedback towards it.

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What Users Saying About Xbeauty Electric Fireplace

The reviews garnered by this electric fireplace provided an outstanding 4.8 out 5.0 rating which proved that it is an ideal and worth it unit to have inside a house. People really do love the way that it can be fully recessed or mounted directly to their walls which provided convenience and instant ambience.

What’s more fascinating about this electric fireplace is the high-end quality that it provided the satisfied customers as well as the way the heat is released which is through the front side and not on the top end of this appliance. This allowed a more functional top side wherein you can place a television, mantel or any other home decor or  device without worrying that the heat will hit it directly causing some major damages to it.

What Users Saying About Xbeauty Electric Fireplace

Another thing is the display of flames that it projects and the different settings that you can choose from. A lot of people were thankful for the right amount of warmth that it sends out and the flame effects that looked like the real stuff but customizable in so many levels, flame brightness and multicolor flames to name a few.

There are actually no bad reviews written regarding the Xbeauty Electric Fireplace which is a big plus for those who are looking for their very own heat provider during a cold night or even day.

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Compare Xbeauty Electric Fireplace vs. Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace

Both of these electric fireplace come with something that separates them from each other. But before we go on to their differences, let’s brush through the features that kept them together.

These two units come in a 50” length that can fit perfectly to any wall surfaces and both of them are designed elegantly with a black colored frame and glass panel that will match any themed house. And I guess, that’s it about its similarities.

Compare Xbeauty Electric Fireplace vs. Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace

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Now unto their difference. Unlike the Xbeauty Electric Fireplace, Touchstone Electric Sideline Electric Fireplace only has 2 heat settings and only 3 color options compared to the 12 flame colors, 5 different flame speeds, and 5 brightness settings for the flame of the former. That’s a lot of unique customization options that will match your daily mood.

Aside from these, there’s only one way you can install the Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace which is mounting it to a wall. Although it can be installed in a recessed manner, it is no way close to the fully recessed capability of Xbeauty Electric Fireplace.

There are also claims that the one from Touchstone produces grinding sounds and there were issues regarding installing this one in a brightly lit room wherein the flames are much dimmer and not as a high intensity flame. It is also more expensive than Xbeauty’s.

Key Features of the Xbeauty Electric Fireplace

Top of the Class Design
Xbeauty Electric Fireplace boasts a slick and elegant design that will fit perfectly to any type of wall with its convenient dimensions and workability wherein you can either mount it directly or even suspended to your wall. Whichever way you install it will not affect its functionality.

Realistic Flame Effects
The amazing and stunning crystal ember bed will keep you in awe while the flame’s intensity can be duly adjusted depending on your preferences. What’s more ecstatic with this electric fireplace is the ability to choose from the 12 available colors of the fire projections that it shows which allows you to mix and match some color combinations up to your likings.

Convenience is the key! The remote control that comes with this unit is enough for you to change the settings accordingly which includes adjustments for the temperature, brightness, colors of the flame, and a timer control. It also has a touchscreen capability that is smooth and hassle-free to maneuver on.

Aside from these, it can provide a solemn warmth to a maximum area of 400 square feet. It is the future of fireplaces and will definitely last for years with zero emission, world-class design, and affordability.

What’s the Disadvantage of Xbeauty Electric Fireplace

A lot of customers really liked this product and there is actually no posted disadvantage regarding this electric fireplace. We firmly believed that it is somewhat underrated and people should go on and try this magnificent warming device.

Why You Should Choose It or Not?

Everything that you ever wanted for an electric fireplace is present in Xbeauty Electric Fireplace. It is a good choice for quality and value since it has a lot of great settings compared to other heat providers in the market. It is highly customizable and it adds up to the beauty you already had in your living room or even in your bedroom.

Key Features of the Xbeauty Electric Fireplace

Its overall features are to die for and with its innovative heat release system, unlike a traditional fireplace, you’ll definitely be not looking for other units aside from this one. From the number of options of heat and color to the convenience that it provides, it is 100% bestseller and a must buy for those who value money and safety for their families.

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Final Verdict

The Xbeauty Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is the heat and warmth provide of the future that is equipped with a lot of functionalities which will not bore anyone in the house. It is a great find if you’re looking for high-quality yet not that costly electric fireplace that can be customized in a lot of different ways.

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