Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit Review – its Features Truly Worth?

    Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit Review

    Who would not love bbq or make smores right on your backyard patio?

    We all love the aroma of the grilled foods through the fire pit.

    Not just the grilled foods, but the heat that it gives us that keeps us alive against the extremeness of weather conditions. But nonetheless, it’s quite difficult to find a product that will satisfy your necessity for grilling and heating purposes.

    Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit Review

    Most fire pits are especially utilized for warming and could not be used for grilling. Well, you don’t need to search for more. Introducing, Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit. It is a multi-purpose stove and fire pit that incorporates durability and consistency.

    If you wanted to know more about Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit, then check this review.

    • Heavy Duty Construction with Great Design

    Mainly black polished, this fire pit’s body is fabricated from high quality iron mesh, making it very sturdy. It has four equal legs patterned and linked with parallel bars. The square fire pit measures 32 x 32 inches is heavily accented with a faint metal rock. The centerpiece of the tabletop is intended for fire as needed.

    • Multi-purpose Utilization

    The device could be used in three ways. First of all, it could be a stove or a griller wherein you could cook or grill a variety of foods including barbecue, meat, and smores. Second, it could be utilized as a fire pit wherein you could warm on against the coldness of the weather.

    And third, it could be transformed into an ice pit. Store around drinks, wine, or beers by packing ice on the device.

    • Easily Get Corroded

    Upon exposure to water or moisture, this device easily rusts upon. Nonetheless, the manufacturer incorporates a protective cover that you could put into whenever rain comes. Another option also is to refinish the device with an anti-corrosive paint to prevent accumulation of rust, which would act as a suitable outer cover if gets applied properly.

    • Shallow Fire Bowl

    Few users find the square shaped bowl a bit shallow (about 9 inches) for additional firewood or fuel. Nonetheless, it is really not ideal for long-term utilization. Though you could remove ash from time to time, it’s still impractical, especially for businesses.

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    Key Features of Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit

    Easy Assembly
    With its simple design, all that you have to do is attach some screws and bolts to the parts of the device, then it’s done. You’ll definitely install the device with no sweat and effort. Just read through the manual to guide you upon installation. Perhaps, some users have problems with the stability of their fire pit because they forgot upon reading the manual. Be careful also of the number of screws in the package. Some users have received lacking amounts.

    Safe and Secure
    The device is incorporated with a mesh lid with a handle that you could cover the fire bowl whenever you feel unsecured. The mesh screen is also designed so things stay visible to help keep you on track regarding what’s happening with the fire inside.  Included also in the package is a poker to move and adjust to fuels as it needs to.

    Lightweight and Portable
    Transfer it from any place wherever you are! This fire pit is definitely portable. Weighing about 25.8 pounds, transporting it would not require too much effort as it should be. Two or three people would suffice on keeping the device mobile.

    What Are Users saying about Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit?

    As shown in the advertisement, the device works multipurpose as a fire pit, stove, and ice pit, basically any need you may have in your outdoor space. Nonetheless, it does work in wonders and quite durable for a price it has.

    Additionally, the device is easy to install given all the necessary equipment plus the manual that is incorporated into the package. There are few users who have problems with installation because there are lacking screws into the package.

    Another thing that user loves about this product is its design. It’s absolutely perfect in the backyard and quite really big for a stove or fire pit. Though, there are users who’re not content with the depth that the bowl incorporates. But nonetheless, looking at its price, all its features truly fits into a perfect on stop shop fire pit.

    What Are Users saying about Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit?

    Overall, most users are quite contented with the product. Though some users still question over the functionality of the device and even the integrity of the manufacturer. Upon package, some didn’t receive any grilling metal, lid, and screws. The customer support is also weak and unresponsive according to some reviews of its users.

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    Compare with Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit vs. Outland Firebowl Premium

    There’s definitely a lot to compare with these two products. They are extremely different from shape, design, and even fuel used. As for its design, Outland Firebowl Premium is a bit smaller with a circular bowl for which you could put all the charcoal within it. This is really different from table-like and bulky design with the latter.

    Compare with Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit vs. Outland Firebowl Premium

    As to its heating mechanism, Outland Firebowl Premium produces fuel using a propane heater empowering with 58,000 Btu quality heat distribution. This is completely opposite with the latter who produces fire manually using firewood or charcoal as needed.

    As to purpose, Outland Firebowl Premium is exclusively used as a fire pit. It’s totally unsafe for grilling purposes since you’ll be using a propane heater. Whereas, the latter is multi-purpose and could use triple in one.

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    As to its price, Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit is much cheaper for about $50 as compared to the latter. Thus, using Yaheetech means getting a cheap yet multi-purpose fire pit plus stove as needed.

    Does Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit worth the money you spend?

    Does Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit worth the money you spend?

    As by looking at its price, a lot of people will be skeptical upon buying the device. It’s quite cheap for a fire pit. But nonetheless, its users have proven exactly wrong. It’s cheap yet still durable fabricated. Though there are still concerns, this device is worth is totally worth a money to be spent on with its versatile features and solid material quality.

    How better than any top rated ZENY Outdoor Fire Pit Square Metal Firepit?

    Indeed, this is the closest competition that Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit should definitely have in its market. Both products have the same range of price, design, and even structure if you just look at it. Additionally, they have the same material build, purposes, and add-ons.

    As to its weight, Zeny Outdoor seems to be heavier than a couple of pounds than the latter. Though, it’s really difficult to judge which is better between the two. But nonetheless, Yaheetech has definitely something to fight over the latter product.

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    Final Verdict

    If you wanted to invest in a multi-purpose fire pit incorporating a lot of features, then it’s totally worth with trying this product. Its well-built with a great design which suits upon grilling and bonding moments with your family and loved ones.

    It could have some minor issues but those things could be barely managed as necessary. Likewise, it is quite amazing with the cheap price you’ll be getting for this product.

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