10 Best Fire Starters—Field Tested & Reviewed


    If you have not yet tried out some of the field-tested and approved fire starters, then we can help you out in this area.

    Here you can have a look at the details on the Best Fire Starter options and start a fire with ease during cold weather times.

    With the help of these suggestions, you will never be able to catch a cold. In addition, they come in the form of water-resistant igniters.

    You will find these fire starters quite easy to use and they give out a heat spark instantly.

    A few of the Best Fire Starter options have a compact and integrated compass as well as SOS whistles!

    You need to make use of these fire igniters if you want to assure survival at your end.

    Though they are small, they work wonderfully and support you in starting the fire in a blink of an eye.

    Thus, check out their reviews! We hope that you will find these recommendations as survival-born and also adventure-ready.

    This is the most important gear that you have to carry whenever you are out for hiking, trekking, and camping.

    Best Fire Starter Reviews:

    10. Ust StrikeForce Fire Starter – Durable and versatile

    Ust StrikeForce Fire Starter- Durable and versatile

    You might be wondering why to choose this Ust StrikeForce Fire Starter?

    Here are the details for you. This product calls and claims to itself as a durable and versatile fire igniter.

    You can have this Best Fire Starter for your camping and backpacking times and also for your backcountry hiking and trekking times.

    In addition, this is a durable fire igniter that we have recommended to you. It comes in the form of a flint-based bar and manages to last up to 4000 strikes.

    You can see that the striker is built up and constructed right there on the detachable cap so that the flint can remain protected.

    Customers have preferred using this fire starter because it tends to ignite and start a fire on a range of tinder options.

    Now, you do not have to worry about whether you will be able to start a fire during cold and adverse weather conditions or not!

    Simply invest in this Best Fire Starter and make this job easy enough for you. It claims to show high performance and does not work in a way like the rest of the ordinary matches.

    Now, whenever you plan your next camping or adventure trip, you should take this fire starter and see how your fire-starting job will become simple and quick.

    Suggest this product to your friends and they will love it too!


    • Last up to 4,000 strikes
    • Works in the rain
    • Versatile and reliable to use


    • None

    9. Überleben Zünden Fire Starter – Handcrafted Kind of Hardwood Handle

    Überleben Zünden Fire Starter- Handcrafted kind of hardwood handle

    Want to know the best part of this Überleben Zünden Fire Starter?

    Now, here you can see the review and get to know why this fire igniter has captured our attention. This is a must-have gear that you have to keep during camping and trekking trips of yours.

    Most importantly, this is the Best Fire Starter and comes with a handcrafted hardwood handle.

    It is made with the help of traditionally inspired materials and is composed of an ergonomic design.

    This is the kind of fire igniter that starts a fire in a second and you will be amazed by looking at its performance.

      Besides, you can see that this Best Fire Starter carries the ideal blend of softness and durability. It consistently outperforms and is marked as one of the leading and popular fire starter options.

    No matter, you are at the highest altitude; this fire igniter will be able to start a fire.

    The total length of this fire starter is 5 inches and you can have it in three different and varied thicknesses.

    It gives out 12,000+ strikes. This fire starter is so lightweight that you can easily carry it around your neck.

    You can even call it a Multi-tool striker because it can function as a concave tinder scraper and bottle opener.

    We think that lots of qualities are present in this fire igniter; you should not ignore this product and try it as soon as possible.

    It is made in a way to ignite the fire with no toughness and hassle.


    • Consistently outperform
    • Available in 3 thickness variation
    • Hassle-free guarantee


    • You may get the late delivery

    8. SURVIVAL SPARK Fire Starter – Super Grip

    SURVIVAL SPARK Fire Starter- Super grip

    The next suggestion that you can have is this SURVIVAL SPARK Fire Starter. If your current fire igniter is not working, then do grab this Best Fire Starter.

    This one is a high-end and even all-weather-ready fire igniter. It claims to mark itself as weather-resistant and also windproof resistant.

    Most importantly, it strikes up to 15,000 times so that you can start the fire multiple numbers of times.

    This one is a great emergency tool that we have selected for you. Moreover, it comes in the form of a Magnesium fire starter stick.

    You will also get a large scraper, compass and also whistle, and lanyard. Its length is just 5.5 inches, that is why this fire starter gets easily fit in your survival kit.

    Starting a fire with the help of this Best Fire Starter will no longer be a hassle for you. You just have to strike it and fire will get started on its own.

    Lastly, on buying it, you will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Try this fire igniter and stop using any other old and traditional fire starters.


    • High quality and all-weather fire starter
    • Windproof and weather resistant
    • Strikes up to 15,000 times


    • The design should become more compact

    7. Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter – Rigorously Tested

    Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter- Rigorously tested

    Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter is one of the rigorously tested fire igniters that you can surely try out.

    You can say and start to believe that this is a compact fire starter. It is accompanied by a ferrocerium rod and also a metal striker.

    The induction of the emergency whistle makes it a popular and the Best Fire Starter.

    If you often go out camping and hiking and you think that there will be a need to start a fire at that site, then always carry this fire igniter.

    Most importantly, it is small and compact and gives you extended years of use. This Best Fire Starter is made on the principle of watertight construction.

    It manages to keep your tinder all safe and dry. Its catchy part is that it gives out more than 8000 strikes.

    So, if you are looking for a fire starter that is rigorously tested, then do try this recommendation. It is the most suggested survival gear.

    You do not have to carry any other equipment for starting fires, simply invest in this product and see the great performance.

    It is time to prioritize your survival modes and start investing in the survival essentials.


    • Compact fire starter
    • Ferrocerium rod
    • Waterproof storage compartment


    • Minimum warranty

    6. EXOTAC Firestarter – 3000 Strikes Per Rod

    EXOTAC Firestarter- 3000 strikes per rod

    How about using this EXOTAC Firestarter! The best and highlighting part is that this fire starter gives out 3000 strikes per rod.

    You can worry-free invest in this Best Fire Starter because it is lightweight and made of high-performance materials.

    It comes in the collapsible strike tool design. Furthermore, this fire igniter rod is waterproof. It gives you a prodigious amount of spark and that is the USP of it.

    This is the most important outdoor survival essential that you have to get for yourself. You can store it in your backpack and carry it wherever you go!

    Thus, whenever you have planned for hiking, camping times, and hunting times, get this Best Fire Starter.

    In addition, this recommendation is CNC machined and injected with a USA high-grade 6061 kind of anodized aluminum body.

    This fire starter is the name of ensuring rugged protection and durability!

    It is with the help of replaceable rods as well as a sharp tungsten sort of carbide striker that you will be able to experience a never-ending fire-starting time!


    • Collapsible strike tool design
    • Waterproof Ferro rod
    • Up to 3000 strikes per rod


    • It is a bit heavy

    5. Coghlan’s Fire Starter – 2 Year Warranty Time

    Coghlan's Fire Starter- 2 year warranty time

    Coghlan’s Fire Starter comes on the next spot from our side. On buying it, you will get 2 years of limited warranty time.

    This is a waterproof Ferrocerium fire starter product that you should not miss out on buying. In addition, this Best Fire Starter makes your fire-starting time easy and breezy enough.

    You can strike up to a thousand times upon using it. Furthermore, it helps you make and ignite fire no matter you are at the highest altitude.

    This one fire starter is of 5/16-inch diameter and it is around and about 3-7/8 inches long.

    Lots of customers have praised using this rugged flint fire starter because it works ideally during rain and snow weather times.

    If you have already tried out this Best Fire Starter, then let us know your experience.

    In the single box, you will get two fire starters, and that you can use them a thousand numbers of times.

    We think that you should not waste any time and use this fire starter recommendation as soon as possible.


    • Lightweight
    • Ideal for camping
    • Starts fires in any kind of weather


    • No collapsible design

    4. Bayite Fire Starter – Resistant Towards Wind

    Bayite Fire Starter- Resistant towards wind

    Bayside Fire Starter is so easy and simple to use.

    If you are right now looking for a kind of fire starter that helps you in starting a fire in a quick time, then you can blindly trust this Best Fire Starter.

    Furthermore, the length of this rod is 6 inches and its diameter is 12.7mm.

    This one is an extra-large fire starter rod that is super thick as well. It makes a massive amount of hot sparks and that is the unique selling point of this Best Fire Starter.

    With the use of it, you can light a fire regardless of how harsh and adverse the weather conditions will be! All in all, we can say that this fire starter fits all weather conditions.

    You can even use the backside of it as a blade and utilize it in the form of a box cutter.

    It gives 3000 degrees C spark no matter if you are living at any altitude. Hence, this fire starter is durable and lasts for 12,000 strikes.

    You can now believe that this is the perfect emergency fire starter tool that you need to try out.

    You can have it for Bushcraft, Hiking, and even for Hunting, Fishing times and also for Camping, EDC, and Emergency times.


    • Super thick and large
    • Weather-resistant
    • Approximately 12,000 strikes


    • Limited application

    3. Holtzman’s Fire Starter – Starts Fire With No Hassle

    Holtzman's Fire Starter- Starts fire with no hassle

    Besides, you can have this Holtzman’s Fire Starter!

    It makes and starts a fire with no hassle and that is the appealing quality of it.

    In addition, the product comes in a gift box, which means you can give this Best Fire Starter as a gift to your friends and fellows.

    This fire igniter is carefully engineered and withstands tough weather conditions. It makes and ignites the fire no matter how hard the wind is blowing!

    Moreover, it is genuinely lightweight, versatile, and also highly portable. If your current go-to fire-starting tool is not meeting your expectations, then you should invest in this Best Fire Starter.

    Feel free to use it during camping, hunting, hiking, trekking, and backpacking adventures of yours.

    It shows excellent and ideal craftsmanship as well. This exclusive fire starter lasts for years and years.

    There is no need to buy cheaply made fire starters and end up investing in this model. It does not skip a beat and makes the fire on the immediate notes.


    • Highly portable fire striker
    • Ideal for hiking adventures
    • Easy-to-use fire-starter rod


    • Beginners may find it tough to use

    2. West Lake Fire Starter – Jumbo Size

    West Lake Fire Starter- Jumbo size

    Moving to more of the recommendations on the Best Fire Starter options, we have this West Lake Fire Starter.

    The package comes with two rods and you will not get any striker and any other accessories along with the package. This is a compact-looking fire starter and generates instant fire.

    No matter, you are camping and trekking during whatever weather conditions, you can use this fire starter in a hassle-free manner.

    Most importantly, you can use this Best Fire Starter 16000 times. It sparks showers at the range of 5,500 F (3,000 C) so that you can ignite a fire during any weather time.

    We have concluded that this is the perfect and ideal emergency tool that you can get right now. It is available in the jumbo size and comes in the form of 1/2″ in diameter and carries 5″ length.

    You do not have to encapsulate this worry now whether you will be able to make a fire during cold weather times or not!

    With the assistance of these kinds of products, you can perform the task of igniting fire with ease.


    • Instant fire
    • You can use it over 16,000 times
    • Ideal emergency fire starter


    • None

    1. DOSMAMZ Fire Starter – Small and Compact



    DOSMAMZ Fire Starter- Small and compact

    DOSMAMZ Fire Starter is a compact-looking fire igniter that you can get!

    It comes in the form of a super-hard alloy steel striker and works with perfection. Furthermore, this Best Fire Starter comes with a lanyard hole.

    The highlighting part of this product is that it is replaceable threaded.

    It gives out 8000 fire-starting strikes and that is why we have marked it as one of the top-selling products.

    You may find this fire striker waterproof and packages itself in a collapsible and self-contained format.

    No matter if you are camping in any condition, this fire starter will work ideally. Moreover, if you are trekking at the highest altitude, this Best Fire Starter will process its operations with ease.

    Hence, this is a great survival tool that we have suggested to you. You can suggest it to your friends and fellows and let us know about their reviews and experiences as well.

    We think that your hiking and camping times will become hassle-free because fire starters like these have arrived in the market.


    • Aircraft aluminum body
    • Collapsible and self-contained kind of waterproof fire starter
    • Great survival tool


    • Expensive

    How to Choose the Best Fire Starter? – Buyer’s Guide:Fire Starter

    Versatile to Use:

    You should look for the Best Fire Starter that is versatile to use. Like, you can conveniently carry it during your hiking and camping times!

    If it is versatile to use, then you can carry that fire igniter during your hunting and fishing times as well.

    Works and Functions in All-Weather:

    Avoid buying that fire starter that does not work in all weather conditions.

    We have seen that all of the Best Fire Starter versions manage to make and ignite fire during harsh and cold weather conditions.

    It has to come in the form of a reliable and trustworthy fire-starting tool and should be able to work during rainy, stormy, snowy weather times and also during foggy and windy weather times.

    Gives out Ultra-Hot Sparks:

    It is better to hunt and search for that kind of fire igniter that gives out and successfully produces ultra-hot sparks.

    In other words, it should be able to produce 5,500° F sparks and should be able to work at any kind of altitude.

    Long-Lasting Design:

    Experts have advised purchasing a fire igniter that is composed of a long-lasting design. Its design has to look portable and ergonomic looking.

    If it lasts for 12,000 strikes, then that is amazing enough.

    Types Of Fire Starters:FIRE STARTER

    Here you can check out some of the main types of fire starters.

    We hope that this section will give you enough guidance on the types and major kinds of fire starters that are currently available in the market:

    Wood Friction Fire Starter:

    Firstly, we have this wood friction fire starter. This one is the oldest form of fire starter that is still used by hunters and campers out there.

    You just have to rub two pieces of wood and they will ignite the fire on their own. In addition, this respective fire starter generates enough heat.

    Ferro Rod Fire Starter:

    Then we have this Ferro-rod striker!

    You might have heard about this practice that lots of pre-agricultural people made use of iron pyrite for the sake of creating low-temperature sparks.

    It is from that period that we saw the emergence of Ferro-rod fire starters.

    For creating a flame, you need to direct these sparks with the help of a char-cloth or you can even use dry tinder.

    Talking about the modern versions, we have seen that the current fire starters are made of alloy so that you can end up getting longer burning sparks.

    One of the best advantages offered by this fire starter version is that it works regardless of harsh weather and moisture conditions. 

    They are marked as one of the light as well as packable kinds of survival fire starters.

    Fire Piston:

    Next, for igniting the fire, you can use a fire piston. We have also known it with the name of fire syringe or with the title of slam rod fire starter.

    Moreover, this fire starter runs and functions on the principle of thermodynamics.

    This fire piston comprises a thick-walled tube and injected itself with one opening.

    As soon as you are going to depress the rod on rapid and immediate notes, then the air present inside the tube will be able to get compressed and heat will get ignited and sparked.


    This one is the best of all and a high-tech kind of fire starter that you can shop for! It functions itself on early firearms technology and ignites a fire in the best manner.

    When you combine the lighter right with the mechanical striker, then the fuel source will start and make the fire.

    With the help of a lighter, you will be able to make a small and constant sustained flame.

    On the other hand, if you are camping and hunting during wet as well as windy conditions, then it is better to invest in a storm-proof fire starter.

    With the help of this survival tool, you can start and make fire on cheap and budget-friendly notes. In addition, you do not need any skills to use this fire starter.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What Is the Best Firestarter?

    There are lots of Best Fire Starter options and here we can recommend you with the brands like UST strike-force, Survival spark, Light my fire, Exotac.

    You should choose that version of fire starter that is all-weather proof-ready and strikes thousands of times.

    It has to be compact and lightweight and should make your hunting and camping adventures easy and hassle-free.

    Furthermore, look for the best and high-end fire starter model that is odorless and manages to start even when wet.

    How Does a Firestarter Work?

    The working mechanism of the Best Fire Starter versions looks simple enough. You need to grip and hold the large piece of flint right there in your one hand.

    Sharpen the one edge of your flint and strike it against the rough steel. This is how you can run and make it work with any fire starter!

    It is with the generation and development of friction that fire will get ignited immediately.

    What Does Bear Grylls Use to Start a Fire?

    We have seen that Bear Grylls made use of fuel, oxygen, and heat to start a fire.

    So, if you want to make a fire, you will also need these important elements.


    As we have mentioned to you complete information on the Best Fire Starter options.

    If you think that your camping and trekking time is not becoming enjoyable and you find a lot of trouble while igniting a fire, then you have to start trying out these recommendations.

    These fire starters are lightweight and compact.

    The USP of these Best Fire Starter versions is that they show watertight construction.

    No matter, it is raining or the wind is blowing, these products will help you start and make a fire in the blink of an eye.

    In addition, their watertight construction supports and backs in keeping your tinder dry and safe.

    You can surely trust these recommendations!

    They work in the best manner and remain to stay rigorously tested. Furthermore, these fire starters give out a spark for 8000+ strikes.

    Simply discard your old and traditional fire starters, and try these latest versions. We are confident that you will have a great time using them.

    Keep in touch with us and more of the reviews on high-end models of fire starters will be shared with you.

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