CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit Review

    CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit Review

    The great outdoors is a fun place to be with your family and friends but there are days and probably nights when the temperature can be a hindrance to all the excitement that’s in store.

    Staying out on a chilly morning or a freezing evening can be a hassle if you’re not fully equipped with an outdoor heating unit. CobraCO SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit is an effective fire holder that can provide the essential warmth you need especially outdoors. It is a suitable buddy for long talks and bonding with the people you love the most since it can set up a great ambiance for get-togethers.

    It is a very portable addition to your front yard or backyard that you can carry anywhere you like. Experience one-of-a-kind conversations and activities with this durable fire pit by your side.

    CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit Review

    • Very durable and will last a long time.
    • It doesn’t rust.
    • Provides optimum protection and warmth.
    • Easy to use.

    Depth is too deep
    The depth of the tub is a bit too much and oxygen can’t smoothly reach the bottom for extended burning. People managed to drill some holes on it to compensate for this problem.

    The cover disintegrates easily
    The included cover didn’t last that long and was easily broken down.

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    What Users Saying About CobraCo Fire Pit

    It has a high rating by a lot of customers who have tried using this fire pit. They loved how the tub doesn’t rust or corrode even when exposed to water or weather. Longtime users were very pleased by its durability which really did last for how many years already.

    What Users Saying About CobraCo Fire Pit

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    The actual fire pit really does accentuate any garden or patio with its slick design. A lot of people enjoyed the very easy set up of this fire pit which only took them a few seconds.  Some customers did some modifications to the pit by drilling some holes or covering it with other materials to compensate for the disadvantages that this fire pit holds.

    People were a bit skeptical about this product because some experienced the fire didn’t reach the bottom of the tub and there’s not enough oxygen going through it making it impossible for the flames to keep on burning.

    Overall, it did please a lot of people with its design, functionality, and its ability to provide a cozy and warm environment during the cold days and nights.

    Compare CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit vs. Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit

    Let’s go to deeper depth by comparing the CobraCo Copper Fire Pit with Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit. The latter is much larger in terms of height and diameter and a bit lighter compared to the former.

    Compare CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit vs. Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit

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    There were issues regarding the paint works and material present in the Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Fire Pit. The paint job didn’t last as expected and the metal legs developed rusts as well.  The design was also not that appealing to people which resulted in modifying the color by spray painting it or brushing a different color on it.

    With a higher volume, the Sunnydaze can accommodate more firewood to sufficiently heat up a large area. It is also much cheaper compared to CobraCo Fire Pit but it doesn’t mean it is better than the other.

    You will definitely want to stick with something that is a little pricey but will definitely look brand new even after years of usage.

    Key Features of the CobraCo Fire Pit

    Deep Durable Tub
    The main body of this fire pit is made from a durable pure copper material that is manually hammered to perfection until the right depth is achieved.  This copper tub turns a rustic orange color when firewood is placed and burned inside it making it naturally blend to the surroundings. It rests perfectly on a sturdy iron stand which makes it easier to maneuver all over the garden or patio without tumbling or falling apart.

    The deepness of this tub is suitable for longer fire and warmth which makes it convenient to use since it doesn’t require constant feeding of logs for the consistent burning of the flame.

    Safety Guaranteed
    This fire pit is equipped with a durable screen made from wire mesh that fully covers the top of the tub that is painted with the high-temperature resistant finish. This mesh will prevent embers and fire debris from flying away and causing damage and safety hazards.

    Cleaning it is also a breeze and wouldn’t take much of your time. All you have to do is to tilt the tub into a garbage container and watch the ashes flawlessly empty to the bin.

    There’s also vinyl cover that comes with this fire pit. It securely fits the tub to protect it against snow, leaves, and other external factors that might fall inside it. There’s no installation needed because all you need to do is to pull it out of the box, place it on the stand, and it’s good to go.

    What’s the Disadvantage of CobraCo Fire Pit

    The only major problem that people pointed out regarding this fire pit is the inability of oxygen and fire to reach the bottom. This resulted in people drilling holes on the bottom of the tub to allow oxygen to flow smoothly in and out of it.

    Why You Should Choose It or Not?

    Why You Should Choose It or Not?

    CobraCo Fire Pit offers the best possible quality warmth and comfort for outdoor recreational activities for your family and friends. This fire pit will surely lead the way from freezing nights to heated bonding moments.

    The materials used are of the finest quality that serves up to the expectations of the users. It also complements any garden or patio with its beautifully engineered design and contour.

    Final Verdict

    CobraCo Fire Pit is a great addition to your outdoor happenings especially for those days that are chilly and cold. It is both durable and portable to carry around which will surely be convenient for several years of usage. If you’re after an easy to use and worth it fire pit then CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit is the best choice for you to have in your possession.

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