10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Table Reviews

An outdoor fire pit table is a beautiful and functional addition to any patio or backyard.

Fire pit tables are a must-have for various reasons. They are a crowd-pleaser and a natural gathering area for friends and family and are also versatile in that it can be used all-year-round regardless of the season.

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There are several advantages of outdoor fire tables over other types of fire pits:  Not only are they are safe and comply with environmental guidelines and laws, but firepit tables are also energy-saving and multi-functional, with some even including grills for cooking. They also provide 360-degree heat, allowing everyone around it to feel the warmth equally.

When selecting the best outdoor fire pit table for your backyard, you should consider safety features, BTU rating, flame medium and the material used. The portability of the fire table is also a crucial factor, as well as additional features like a grill or pizza oven.

Fire pit tables come in different styles including patio tables with fire pits, dining tables, coffee tables, rectangular tables, round tables and square tables depending on your preferences. Selecting one can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we have reviewed and compiled a list of the top 10 fire tables.

Top 10 Outdoor Fire Pit Tables

Here are the 10 best outdoor fire pit tables:

Fire Pit Table ModelHeat Output (BTU)DimensionsWeightPrice
Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit Table
Editor’s Choice
35,000 BTUs44 x 32 x 2396 lbs Check Price
Bali Outdoors Rectangle Fire Pit Table60,000 BTUs42 x 24 x 24.277.5 lbs Check Price
Christopher Knight Home 296658 Fire Pit Table40,000 BTUs32 x 32 x 24117 lbs Check Price
Best Choice Products Rectangular Fire Pit Table50,000 BTUs57 x 22 x 24.7574 lbs Check Price
XtremepowerUS Premium Fire Pit Table40,000 BTUs38 x 38 x 25.5125.7 lbs Check Price
Bali Outdoor Square Fire Pit Table50,000 BTUs28 x 28 x 2570 lbs Check Price
Legacy Heating VC-CDFP-S-CB Fire Pit Table50,000 BTUs56.7 21.3 2464.9 lbs Check Price
Endless Summer GAD15258SP Fire Pit Table50,000 BTUs30 x 30 x 25.494 lbs Check Price
Global Outdoor Fire Pit TableNA (uses wood logs)34 x 34 x 23.684.5 lbs Check Price
Endless Summer GAD15256SP Fire Pit Table50,000 BTUs30 x 30 x 25.469.4 lbs Check Price


Outland Living Series 401 Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

  • It is constructed from aluminum making it durable
  • It is weather and rust resistant
  • Has a one year warranty
  • It is easy to install
  • The unit is hefty
  • Getting the cover, protective fence guard, and glass lid costs extra

Check Price

The Outland Living Series outdoor fire pit provides elegance and warmth in any outdoor living space all year round. The Outland Living Series is a high quality, propane fire table, constructed with an aluminum frame and resin wicker to ensure longevity and can hold up to 35,000 BTU. This propane fire pit table features an auto-ignition, an easily accessible interior compartment for switching out propane tanks, a UV & water resistant cover, a glass wind fence guard, a clear glass lid insert, stainless-steel burner, chrome knob, and arctic ice glass rocks. The Outdoor Living Series is designed with a flat rectangular top and looks like a patio table with a fire pit. The Outland comes in different colors including; espresso brown, and slate grey.

Bali Outdoors Rectangle Propane Fire Pit Table

  • Wallet-friendly price
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Has electronic ignition and safety valve
  • No protection from flames for children
  • The ignition system has faults

Check Price

The Bali patio table with fire pit is well constructed with sturdy aluminum frame for longevity and a natural slate table top with wicker base for additional style. The Bali is a propane fire pit table that comes complete with a 60,000 BTU, making you able to enjoy the warm fire without tending to ashes. This gas fire pit table features removable ceramic tiles for ease of change during replacement, lava rocks, and a stainless-steel burner. The Bali is designed with a dark color and textured surface to add style and elegance to your backyard. The removable ceramic tiles allow you to switch up different colors depending on your preference.

Christopher Knight Home 296658 Rogers Round Stone Propane Fire Pit Table

  • Constructed from steel and magnesium oxide making it durable
  • Powerful and efficient
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with waterproof cover included
  • Limited heating range
  • Has no windshield protection

Check Price

The Christopher Knight home 296658 is a gas fire pit table that measures 32x32x24 inches and has an attractive and functional design of natural stone finishing with pieces varying in color. The steel and magnesium oxide construction makes this propane fire pit table able to withstand high heat and harsh weather conditions. The Christopher Knight outputs 40,000 BTU and features a battery-operated igniter to assist with controlling the fire, a bag of lava rocks, and a waterproof PVC outdoor table cover.

Best Choice Products Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Has a lid that makes it dual-purpose
  • Easy assembly
  • Has a short warranty period of 90 days
  • The cover isn’t very durable.

Check Price

This Best Choice Product is a patio table with fire pit, made of heavy-duty weather-resistant aluminum for durability and has an elegant and sturdy rectangular design that can conceal the gas tank within its frames. These gas fire tables come with a 50,000BTU. The Best Choice patio table with fire pit features a lid that converts the gas fire pit into a table when not lit up, a thick protective nylon cover, glass beads for an amplified look, an adjustable stainless-steel burner, and a base that can store and keep out of sight a 20-pound propane tank. This gas fire pit table only comes in color black.

XtremepowerUS Premium Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

  • Comes with a thermocouple flame failure device for added safety
  • Has a variable flame setting
  • Can be lit with butane or propane gas
  • It is difficult to assemble
  • It is not weather resistant or rust resistant

Check Price

The Xtreme Power US premium is a well-designed patio table with fire pit, constructed from sturdy steel to avoid damage, and has a heat output of 40,000 BTU for ample warmth. This propane fire pit table features an electronic ignition, a thermocouple flame failure device, variable flame settings, amber glass rocks, easy access door to the interior, and a lid that transforms the propane fire pit table into a regular table. This patio table with a fire pit has an elegant square design complete with fine details and hammered bronze steel finish. Comes in bronze color only.

Bali Outdoor Square Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Has an electronic ignition and safety valve
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Has one year warranty
  • No protection from flames for children
  • The tabletop cover insert must be purchased as extra

Check Price

The Bali fire pit table has a modern look with matte black finished steel and a 50,000 BTU burner. It weighs 70 pounds, is 25 inches tall, with a 28-inch wide, square fire pit table top. Features include a hidden control panel with electronic ignition, lava rocks, a safety valve, and a large cabinet for holding and completely covering the gas tank. The Bali  is designed with distressed edges which give it an elegant rustic look. This patio table with fire pit only comes in color black.

Legacy Heating VC-CDFP-S-CB Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Durable
  • Flame control knob
  • Easy assembly
  • Multi-functional
  • The cover is thin and not durable
  • The product rusts easily when wet

Check Price

The Legacy Heating rectangular fire pit table is constructed from sturdy aluminum and stainless steel, with a hammered black finish for extra protection from the elements. This propane fire pit table has a stainless-steel burner giving out 50,000 BTU. This unit features a table lid, a protection cover, a bag of glass beads, a control knob, an easy access door for the propane tank, and an extruded aluminum lid. Available in two colors, black, and mocha.

Endless Summer GAD15258SP Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Durable
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Easy to assemble
  • The ignition button does not work well
  • It is heavy and difficult to move

Check Price

The Endless Summer gas patio table with fire pit is designed with a metal porcelain enamel top, tapered legs, safety pin hole patterns, and a stamped steel leaf design base. It has a heat output of 50,000 BTU with its stainless-steel burner with integrated ignition. The Endless Summer gas outdoor fire pit table is constructed from sturdy steel, making it durable and able to handle harsh weather conditions. This unit features a slate tile mantel, brown fire glass, and weather resistant protective cover. This gas fire pit table is available in different colors, including brown, and black.

Global Outdoor Square Fire Pit Table

  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-functional
  • Deep bowl for larger fires
  • Have adjustable legs
  • Rusts fast
  • The cover is flimsy

Check Price

The Global Outdoor fire pit table is a patio table with a fire pit, made of strong steel for durability. This fire pit table features a genuine slate-top, a deep bowl for larger fires, adjustable leg for versatility and ground protection, protective mesh screen, weatherproof cover, grate, and a safety poker tool. This patio table with fire pit comes in color black only. The Global Outdoor patio table with fire pit burns wood and fire logs.

Endless Summer GAD15256SP Gas Fire Pit Table (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

  • Easy assembly
  • Push button starter
  • Hidden control panel
  • Has a challenging ignition
  • Low-quality cover

Check Price

The Endless Summer fire pit is constructed from a sturdy frame for durability. This gas outdoor fire pit comes with a 50,000 BTU stainless-steel burner and integrated ignition. This Gas fire pit table features a resin tile mantel, a stamped wicker base, table insert, brown fire glass, and a protective cover. This gas fire pit table comes in bronze color but is also available in multiple colors including bronze and black.


Firepit tables are a must-have for backyards. We carefully selected the tables above based on their excellent reviews, high ratings, BTU ratings, and craftsmanship to make it easier for you to pick the best fire pit table based on your preferences and needs.

Our favorite fire pit table is the Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit Table. We especially like the wicker material and elegant look when you add the wind guard.


1. Do fire pit tables keep you warm?

Yes and No, depending on the BTU output of the fire pit table. The higher the BTU, the higher the heat produced. Some patio tables with fire pits have a low BTU as their fires are designed primarily for ambiance while others have a high BTU and can keep you warm.

2. Can you put a fire pit on a wooden deck?

Fire pits should be used on hard surfaces like stone, or concrete. Fire pits should not be put on wooden patios or decks without non-combustible protection underneath. See our post on deck fire pits.

3. How much does a backyard fire pit cost?

The cost of backyard fire pits vary depending on the fire pits design, BTU output, type, and features. Most backyard fire pits range from $150 to 500$.

4. What is a suitable BTU for an outdoor fire pit?

For outdoor fire pits, the recommended BTU levels are between 30,000BTU to 60,000 BTU. You can get higher BTU, up to 100,000, if you are planning to cook on your outdoor fire pit.

5. Can I put a fire pit on decking?

Unless you have non-combustible protection or a small grid of pavers, putting a fire pit on your decking can cause damage to it. Fire pits are advisable to use only on hard surfaces.

6. How far away should a fire pit be from the house?

All fire pits should be at the minimum recommended distance of 10 to 20 feet away from a house or any other structure. The further away you install the fire pit, the less the likelihood of a fire hazard.

7. How can you put a fire pit under a deck?

You can buy a fire pit pad manufactured to protect deck surfaces from high temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees. You can also opt to build your fire pit pad over the deck using pavers, bricks, tiles, or metal. The deck should be able to handle the weight of the fire pit, and the fire pit pad should extend at least 25 inches in all directions for added safety.

8. Do gas fire pits give off heat?

Gas fire pit tables give off little heat due to their less BTU per cubic foot as compared to liquid propane fire tables. You can get a higher BTU gas, but you will have to pay more.

9. How much propane does a fire pit use?

Nearly all fire pits use a standard 20- pound propane tank that holds roughly four gallons of liquid propane. This tank can last anywhere from 5 to 10 hours, depending on the BTU levels.

10. Is 40,000 BTU suitable for a fire pit?

The suitable level of BTU will depend on where the fire pit will be placed. For fire pit tables, 40,000 BTU is adequate, and one can even go over that. For indoor fire pits, 15,000- 20,000 BTU will be enough.

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