Gas Fire Pit: Top 10 Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Reviews and Buyers Guide

    Best Gas Fire Pit

    An outdoor fire pit is a must-have for every backyard or patio.

    Nothing paints a more beautiful picture than relaxing with friends and family around a beautiful fire.

    A fire pit provides a centerpiece to hang out with friends or to gather with loved ones on a chilly evening.

    An outdoor gas fire pit table provides the perfect solution for most backyards.

    They are an excellent choice because they have a dual purpose and can also provide a table in the daytime hours.  

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    When choosing the ideal fire pit for your backyard/patio/garden, you will have to decide whether to invest in a gas or wood-burning fire pit.

    They are faster to light than wood-burning options, and you can be warm in an instant with the push-button ignition feature.

    Gas fire pit tables also alleviate that constant worry of having to feed wood into the fire.

    The smell of a wood-burning campfire and the crackling sounds of the logs burning is admittedly beautiful, but this adds smoke which is unpredictable and aggravates allergies.

    An outdoor gas fire pit is the perfect smokeless option for most outdoor situations. 

    When choosing one for your home, look for one that is made from material that will last for a long time.

    Cast aluminum is unlikely to rust, while copper can stain.

    Cast iron is a solid but heavy choice, so it is difficult to move around.

    When it comes to types of gas, there are natural gas fire pit solutions as well as propane gas, although natural gas fire pit solutions are harder to find.

    Top 10 Gas Fire Pits

    Here are the 10 best gas fire pits!

    Gas Fire Pit ModelBTUDimensionsWeightPrice
    Outland Living Series 401 Gas Fire Pit
    Editor’s Choice
    35,000 BTU44 x 32 x 2396 lbs Check Price
    Bali Outdoors Square Gas Fire Pit50,000 BTU28 x 28 x 2549.5 lbs Check Price
    Best Choice Products Gas Fire Pit30,000 BTU28 x 28 x 9.140 lbs Check Price
    Outland 863 Portable Gas Fire Pit58,000 BTU21 x 21 x 9.225.5 lbs Check Price
    Legacy Heating vc-CDFP-S-CB Gas Fire Pit50,000 BTU56.7 x 21.3 x 2464.9 lbs Check Price
    Christopher Knight Home Crawford Gas Fire Pit40,000 BTU32 x 32 x 24155 lbs Check Price
    Blue Rhino Gas Fire Pit30,000 BTU33 x 31.9 x 9.761.7 lbs Check Price
    TACKLIFE Gas Fire Pit50,000 BTU28 x 28 x 2555 lbs Check Price
    Endless Summer GAD15258SP Gas Fire Pit50,000 BTU30 x 30 x 25.494 lbs Check Price
    Legacy Heating CDF-WMGB28 Gas Fire Pit48,000 BTU28 x 28 x 2458.5 lbs Check Price

    1. Outland Living Series 401 Gas Fire Pit

    Outland Living Series 401 Gas Fire Pit

    This is the top outdoor gas fire pit table I reviewed and is at the top of many best fire pit lists.

    Measuring 44 x 32 x 23 it serves as a gas fire pit table to hold drinks, food, and other items.

    In addition, there is an optional glass wind guard fence that is available for purchase and really adds to the sophisticated look of this propane gas fire pit table.

    My only complaint is that I wish it was 50,000 BTU so there would be more heat output.


    • Beautiful award-winning design
    • Includes arctic ice glass rocks
    • Weather resistant wicker material


    • Not as powerful as other fire pits at 35,000 BTU
    • Self ignitor can be unreliable at times

    2. Bali Outdoors Square Fire Pit

    Bali Outdoors Square Fire Pit

    The Bali Outdoors 28” gas fire pit is another top-rated outdoor fire pit that we reviewed.

    It is a square fire pit table with dimensions of 28 x 28 x 25, weighing 70 pounds.

    There is a hidden control panel with electronic ignition and requires a propane gas tank to operate.

    One of its best features is its high heat output.

    At 50,000 BTUs, it surpasses other fire pits on this list.


    • High heat output at 50,000 BTU.
    • Includes lava rock.
    • Includes a tabletop cover.


    • Assembly can be tricky
    • Ignition can be unreliable

    3. Best Choice Products Natural Stone Fire Pit

    Best Choice Products Natural Stone Fire Pit

    This propane fire pit is unique in that it features a circular stone design that is close to the ground.

    As a result, it creates a campfire feel that other outdoor gas fire pits may lack.

    It includes lava rocks and a stainless steel burner with a spark-ignition button.

    It weighs lighter than you would expect for a stone gas fire pit, coming in at 40 pounds.

    The propane hose is long enough at about 120” so the propane tank can be hidden away safely.

    No assembly is required for this beautiful stone fire pit.


    • Hard to find a stone gas fire pit
    • Unique circular shaped design
    • No assembly required


    • Does not have a compartment for the propane tank
    • Heat output only at 30,000 BTU
    • Not big enough for large spaces

    4. Outland Living Firebowl 863 Cypress Portable Fire Pit

    Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Outdoor

    The Outland Living Firebowl is a 21″ diameter and 58,000 BTU propane fire bowl which is fabulous in my opinion because it produces a clean smokeless flame rivaling that of a typical campfire.

    I loved the lower profile of this fire pit because it increases the functional heat radius.

    The stainless steel burner gives it a very natural flame, which my guests enjoyed.

    I found this lightweight, portable fire pit very easy to set up, even without tools.


    • Clean, smokeless flame rivaling the flame of a camp fire
    • Lightweight and portable outdoor gas fire pit
    • CSA approved bowl means it is safe to use during most campfire bans


    • Not enough rocks supplied and they are not as durable as they should be
    • Burns propane quickly and is, therefore, expensive to run

    5. Legacy Heating VC-CDFP-S-CB Fire Pick

    Legacy Heating VC-CDFP-S-CB Fire Pick

    This rectangular fire pit table with table lid comes in a lovely modern hammered black finish. 

    It has a dimension of 56.7” x 21.3″ x 24″ and heat output of 50,000 BTUs.

    Constructed out of strong aluminum, it also has a full stainless steel burner.

    I loved that the lava glass, table lid, and protection cover are all included. So when you open this fire pit table up, you really are ready to relax and enjoy it.

    You do need to purchase a 20 lb propane tank though, as this is not included.


    • 50,000 BTUs
    • Easy assembly
    • Includes lava glass


    • Table lid does not sit flush
    • Rude customer support

    6. Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoor Square Fire Pit

    6. Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoor Square Fire Pit

    This Christopher Knight Home propane fire pit, featuring 40,000 BTU, would be an amazing addition to any patio.

    I loved the vast range of seating possibilities that come with this fire pit.

    It is sure to provide you and all of your guests with a warm, cozy glow on those chilly summer evenings.

    This fire pit is not quite as hard-wearing as some of the other ones on the market, so you might not get as much use out of it as you would like. 

    But it does come with lava rocks, which is a nice touch.


    • Comes complete with Lava Rocks
    • Vast range of seating options


    • 40, 000 BTU – so not as powerful as most others on the market.
    • Not very hard wearing

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    7. Blue Rhino Outdoor Fire Pit

    Endless Summer 30 inch

    The Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit provides warmth and comfort outside all year long.

    I thought the Blue Rhino was perfect for my porch and would be a beautiful addition to any patio.

    I loved the easy-to-start electronic ignition and the decorative side panels conceal the propane tank perfectly.

    When looking to entertain, this fire pit provides the attraction of a cozy and soothing fire without the hassle of having to tend to a fire.

    It has dimensions of 33″ x 31.9″ x 9.7″ and heat output of 30,000 BTUs.


    • A beautiful propane gas fire pit
    • Easy to start ignition
    • Gorgeous decorative side panels


    • On the small side
    • Not as powerful as some of the others tested

    8. TACKLIFE Strong Stripe Steel Fire Pit

    TACKLIFE Propane Fire Pit Table

    This gas fire pit table by TACKLIFE has an attractive design combined with high heat output.

    It comes with lava stones and a fire table cover which are must-have accessories for any outdoor fire pit.

    Weighing in at 55 pounds, it is a bit lighter than its Bali Outdoor fire pit counterpart, but its dimensions are identical at 28 x 28 x 25.

    It is a propane gas fire pit so it requires a propane gas tank for use.


    • 50,000 BTU heat ouput
    • CSA Certified
    • Easy to assemble
    • Auto ignition works well


    • Sharp corners
    • Included lava rocks aren’t very attractive

    9. Endless Summer GAD15258SP Fire Pit

    Endless Summer GAD15258SP Fire Table

    The Endless Summer GAD15258SP is another square outdoor gas fire pit table that is slightly larger than its counterparts. 

    Measuring at 30″ x 30″ x 25.4″ and weighing in at a hefty 94 pounds, this is a fire pit table you don’t want to move around too often.

    The most distinguishing feature of this propane gas fire pit table is its slate tile tabletop and leaf panel design.

    Its tabletop cover sits flush with the rest of the table, allowing it to serve as an effective outdoor patio table.

    Assembly can be tricky, however, as instructions can be hard to understand.


    • 50,000 BTU heat output
    • Includes table cover
    • Attractive tile mantel and leaf design


    • Lighter can be unreliable
    • Assembly instructions are confusing

    10. Legacy Heating CDF-WMGB28 Fire Pit

    Legacy Heating CDF-WMGB28 Fire Pit

    This is a rectangular fire pit table that comes complete with a table lid.

    The fire pit table is in a mocha finish and the heat output is 50,000 BTUs.

    This fire pit table is made from aluminum and has a full stainless steel burner.

    Like many other gas fire pit tables on the market, it comes with lava glass and a protection cover included.

    You will need to purchase a 20 lb propane tank to use with this fire pit table.


    • 48,000 BTUs
    • Table cover sits flush
    • Easy to assemble


    • Ignition can be tricky
    • Insufficient lava rocks

    How to Choose the Best Gas Fire Pit? – A Buyers Guide:Best Gas Fire Pit

    Propane fire pits are very convenient.

    They produce a beautiful flame without requiring the user to add wood.

    Most propane fire pits are fairly big and, are, therefore, a focal point in the patio.

    Propane fire pits are often beautifully designed with fancy pebbles, faux wood, or glass.

    Many propane gas fire pits are available as fire pit tables which provide excellent functionality in the daytime too.

    Portable Propane Fire Pit:

    A portable propane fire pit is a fabulous investment that you will never regret.

    Portable propane fire pits provide

    warmth and ambiance as well as cooking facilities – nothing beats a baked potato from an evening outdoor fire.

    Portable propane fire pits can easily be moved anywhere in your yard.

    Some designs come with wheels, while others are simply lightweight and easy to carry. 

    Copper Bowl Fire Pit:

    Some of the most striking outdoor fire pits are propane copper designs.

    Copper has a high melting point, and as such is durable and will last for an extremely long time.

    Copper bowl fire pits are very expensive.

    Fire Pit Table:

    Many propane fire pits are designed with a table-like appearance. They have a rim that surrounds the flames.

    This ledge provides a safe area for children ensuring that they cannot get dangerously close to hot flames.

    The ledge in the outdoor fire pit is also useful for placing your glass or plate whilst sitting around the fire pit with friends.

    There are a number of benefits to having a propane fire pit, as well as some disadvantages.

    Propane is expensive and there is always the possibility that you will run out whilst entertaining.

    Some cooks complain that food cooked over propane lacks the depth of flavor of a wood-cooked meal.

    But ultimately a fire pit table is a wonderful addition to a backyard or garden, as they provide a fabulous focal point to gather around.

    Natural Gas Fire Pits:

    If you have the capacity to install a natural gas line in your backyard, you may consider purchasing a natural gas fire pit.

    These are available in a similar range to the propane designs but are a permanent fixture to your backyard.

    One advantage of natural gas fire pits is that they won’t run out of fuel.

    Sunken Design:

    A sunken natural gas fire pit is built into the patio or ground.

    However, safety can be a concern with these designs since the flames are so close.

    Square, Round, or Tabletop Design:

    Much natural gas fire pit is raised above the patio with stone, brick, or copper designs.

    These are a stunning addition to any outdoor space.

    Whilst natural gas is not expensive, installing the line in your backyard can be very costly.

    The lines are also permanent, so you won’t be able to move your fire pit.

    With so many options to choose from, there is a perfect outdoor gas fire pit for every patio.

    Everyone enjoys a toasting hot fire on a cool evening.

    If you decide to invest in a new fire pit this season, you can start looking forward to many nights spent entertaining your guests around an open flame.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much does a gas fire pit cost?

    Gas fire pits typically range in price from $300 to $1400 

    Can you cook on a gas fire pit?

    You can’t cook on most propane gas fire pits.

    However, there are more coming onto the market with this facility nowadays. 

    Do gas fire pits give off heat?

    This depends on the fire pit. Many portable fire pits that use propane do not give off much heat at all.

    How much does a backyard fire pit cost?

    The average cost to build a backyard fire pit table is $700. Ready to run gas fire pit tables are available from as little as $300. 

    How long do gas fire pits last?

    You should expect good quality and well-maintained gas fire pit to last at least 20 years

    How do outdoor gas fire pits work?

    There is a housing that contains the gas line from the house or a portable propane tank.

    The top of the housing is a large heat-resistant bowl.

    An ignition switch turns the gas flow on, igniting the burners and giving the appearance of real wood or coal fire.

    Do gas fire pits need to be covered?

    Whilst it is not essential to cover your gas fire pit. A cover will increase the longevity of your gas fire pit.

    Gas fire pit tables are particularly practical as the table acts as a robust cover from the elements. 

    Our gas fire pits better than wood?

    Propane gas fire pits offer many advantages over wood fire pits.

    They are faster to light, offering instant heat on a chilly evening.

    They are also quick to turn on and off, saving time and energy.

    Gas fire pits are a great option in areas that prohibit burning wood and they mean that you do not need to worry about feeding wood into the fire constantly.

    They are also more predictable than wood-burning fire pits which makes them a good deal safer.

    Is 40,000 Btu good for a propane gas fire pit?

    40,000 BTU is adequate for the needs of most people.

    This will provide heat for approximately 1,500 square feet.

    Final Verdict!

    After reviewing the above 10 gas fire pits, the Outland Living Series 401 Outdoor propane fire pit table remains the Editor’s Choice.

    The Outland creates the perfect warm ambiance in any summer country garden.

    The extra glass wind guard fence is a beautiful and perfect addition for relaxing and watching the burning fire whilst keeping the fire safely enclosed.

    The Outland propane gas fire pit is fantastic and this is backed up by the brilliant customer reviews and high ratings.

    As far as gas fire tables go, the Outland really is one of the finest.

    This is a gas fire pit table that combines functionality with beauty.

    In conclusion, all of these propane gas fire pits are a good choice.

    I like those with higher power outputs and prettier designs.

    A propane fire pit really will give you the perfect evening garden for entertaining guests.

    Many allow cooking and, in my opinion, there really is nothing nicer than a baked potato cooked on the open fire whilst enjoying a glass of red wine.

    Many of the outdoor fire pits have a wide ledge where you can rest your glass and a plate of nibbles a gas fire pit table is, just perfect in my opinion!

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