10 Best Fireplace Grates Reviewed! 2022 – (Buying Guide)

    fireplace grate

    Uhhh! Alas! The summer is rolling out, autumn is coming very soon and winter is not far behind.

    I guess this is time to prepare for the holiday season and there is nothing better than talking about how awful 2021 has been and how glad we will be that it’s gone while sitting with your family near a warm fire in the comfort of your own home.

    So today we bring you the 10 best fireplace grates to prepare you for the holiday season and keep you and your family safe.

    There is a lot to keep in mind when buying a fireplace grate let’s start with the basics, there are 2 types of fireplace grates.

    You can buy out one a steel grate and the other being a cast iron grate, steel grates are usually only used for logs as steel cannot handle the high temperatures that coal reaches, cast iron grates are used for both coals and logs and they usually last a lifetime without any problem as they most of them are very robust and thick.

    • The quality of the grates you need to buy depends on your usage of the fireplace if
    • You are a daily burner than you should probably get the thickest and the heaviest grate your money can buy.
    • If you use your fireplace like once a month a medium or high-grade grate should do just fine for you.
    • If you burn only on rare occasions a low-grade grate should just be fine for you and all your needs.

    Here are our top 10 suggestions for a premium fireplace grate:

    1- Panacea 15424 Cast Iron Fireplace GratePanacea 15424 Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

    This grate would fit perfectly in a fireplace with a low height,  the medium-sized holes make it perfect for use with logs and coals and the cast iron build makes sure this grate is durable and suitable for along time of use.

    This and the distance between the bottom of the great and the fireplace is optimal for good airflow and ensure good burning of the fuel this grate does not come factory assemble but the home assembly is pretty easy and faf fee.


    • Cast iron build made to last.
    • Coal and log compatible.
    • Easy to assemble. 

    2- WBHome Fireplace Grate

    WBHome Fireplace Grate

    This strong 7 bar steel grate is perfect for big fireplaces and big logs made with the best materials and a clean glossy finish it has to be the thing standing out in your fireplace.

    The v-shape build of this grille ensures the logs stay in and don’t roll out while the fire blazes to make sure you and your loved ones are warm.


    • Inexpensive
    • Wide with long bars.
    • steel build. 

    3- HY-C Liberty Foundry G27-4-BX Fireplace GrateHY-C Liberty Foundry G27-4-BX Fireplace Grate

    This 27-inch cast iron grate is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses, the 4-inch ground clearance makes it perfect for small fireplaces, even in the worst of conditions the strong cast iron will hold its ground and the small holes will hold your coals in perfectly and ensure that all the ashes are in a fine powder-like state and not in chunks making cleaning after easy and less time-consuming.


    • Cast iron build.
    • Small bottom holes.
    • Curved body to hold the logs and coals in and prevent rolling. 

    4- Minuteman International Tapered Iron Fireplace GrateMinuteman International Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate

    This fireplace grate may be expensive but it will be worth every single penny,

    This grate has robust steel built, with bars placed on the adequate distance to ensure undisturbed airflow and facilitate in the falling of ash making the burn more clean and efficient and this fireplace is just huge with a length of 35inches, a width of 32 inches and a 15-inch depth this size ensures that even the biggest of logs can be accommodated in this fireplace grate. 


    • Sturdy build.
    • Enormous size.
    • Great airflow.

    5- HY-C Liberty Foundry G500-28-BX Fire GrateHY-C Liberty Foundry G500-28-BX Fire Grate

    This small and curved fireplace grate is crafted with heavyduty cast iron, assembled from inside the box and ready to burn with the perfect dimensions to fit in your fireplace and ensure maximum airflow to get that flame blazing and keep you and your loved ones warm may it be your pets or your kids and wife.


    • Compatible with coal and logs.
    • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Good airflow.

    6- Yard Butler IFG-5Yard Butler IFG-5

    This fireplace grate is just averaged size made with steel and powder coated giving it a nice glossy finish, this grate won’t hold your coals but it will hug your logs with its v design plenty of air will reach the logs to ensure an efficient and clean burn so you can carve that turkey without worrying the fire will go out.


    • High-grade steel build
    • Moderate size to fit a wide range of fireplaces.
    • Perfect for logs.

    7- US Stove G26 Small Cast Iron Grate for LogwoodUS Stove G26 Small Cast Iron Grate for Logwood

    This cast iron grate was build to be economical and durable, this little grate is a bit unique and the reason being that this grate is a flatbed and is more goal-oriented and made for people with a tight budget the holes are perfectly shaped and sized to ensure good airflow and to ensure any ash that may have been collected falls to the bottom. 


    • Inexpensive.
    • Good airflow.
    • Cast iron body.
    • Compact.

    8- Hi-Flame HFG13 Fireplace Log Grate Heavy Duty Solid Steel grateHi-Flame HFG13 Fireplace Log Grate Heavy Duty Solid Steel grate

    Made with heavy-duty steel and given a clean and beautiful matte finish this grate looks quite good put it anywhere and it will blend right in, focused on more of a compact fireplace this little grate is suitable for both coals and logs however you might struggle with the really small pieces of coal but with its distance bar it will give you ample airflow to keep the fire raging and keep you warm.


    • Compact size.
    • Cast iron build.
    • Heat resistant paint.

    9- Pleasant Hearth 24″ Cast Iron GratePleasant Hearth 24 Cast Iron Grate

    This grate has a robust cast iron built and is available in multiple sizes, this grate is perfect for logs since it was spacious bars in a v-shape which allow ample airflow and clearance for the ash to fall through,

    The grates is coated with a high-temperature resistant paint to ensure that the look isn’t ruined even when the fire is blazing through thanksgiving to New Year.


    • Cast iron build.
    • Heat resistant paint.
    • Compact body.

    10- Amagabeli Fireplace Log GrateAmagabeli Fireplace Log Grate

    This beautiful fireplace grate comes from a well-reputed company that has proven itself over the years. Painted in a beautiful matte black finish, forged with heavy-duty steel it makes for an exquisite addition for your fireplace.

    The wide distance between the bars makes it perfect for big logs but not suitable for coals, the wide distance between the bars ensures optimal airflow and space for the ash to fall all resulting in a more clean and efficient burn.

    6 Reasons Why You Need a Fireplace Grate:Fireplace Grate

    Protection for your Fireplace Floor:

    When fuel is placed on a grate it ensures there is a significant distance between the grate and your chimney bottom this distance helps keep the intense temperatures of the fire off your chimney floor. 

    Resulting in an increased chimney life as even most of the heat resistant materials degrade over time due to long exposures of heat this saves you a lot of money on repairs and maintenance in the long run.

    Better and More Efficient Burn:

    Due to the better clearance provided by the grate air is able to flow under the grate fueling the fire with more and more oxygen, and the holes in the bottom of the grate allow a great amount of ash to fall through resulting in a more clean and efficient burn providing your loved ones with more warmth and less smoke while you enjoy your festivities.

    More Complete Burn:

    As the clearance allows small pieces of burned wood to fall through the grate making a bed of hot coals and allows the fuel to burn from the bottom allowing in a much more complete burn from the bottom up resulting in less smoke and more warmth for you and your family.

    Less Work for You:

    You don’t want to sit alone near the fire taking care of it making sure the logs don’t roll out and burn your precious carpet.

    While your family enjoys and you are stuck with this boring task, well then what are you waiting for, go buy a fireplace grate as most grates come with a curled back and front it ensuring the logs are kept in place and don’t roll out and create mess you will be cleaning all your holidays.

    Better Drafting:

    We all know hot air rises and cold air sinks its something we learned in elementary school well let’s put it to use when you place your fuel in a grate and burn it.

    It heats the air below in causing it to rise towards the fuel and into the chimney shaft, providing your fuel with more oxygen to burn and taking the smoke out with itself creating a better environment for your fire to burn.

    Fires are Easier to Light:

    As the airflow from under the fire is becomes better because of the extra ground clearance the oxygen reaching to the fuel is increased substantially helping with the rapid lighting up of the fire. 

    What Size Fireplace Grate Should you Buy?

    It’s best that you measure your fireplace before buying a grate, once you have measured it, we would suggest to you.

    Buy your grate at least 6 inches smaller in width and inches smaller in length for height we would suggest to you.

    Buy a grate at least 4 to 7 inches higher than the floor of your fireplace and nearer to the chimney opening but do make sure that it’s not too near or else the flames would just go right into the opening resulting in a significant.

    Drop-in you heat output and that’s something we want to avoid, by keeping your grate 4 inches smaller length and with wise, you greatly decrease.

    A hazard of fire or burns from the fireplace as the flames will be restricted to the inside anything coming closer than a safe distance from a fireplace should remain safe may it be a pet or a fearless toddler filled with curiosity and spirit of exploration.  

    Difference Between Steel and Cast Iron Fireplace Grates:Cast Iron Fireplace Grates

    Cast Iron Grate:

    Cast Iron grates are forged with the greatest quality of materials and usually last a lifetime given they are robust, thick, and heavy forged to sustain more heat these grates perform very well with both coal and logs.

    The heavier the grate the stronger and more efficient it will be and be with you to provide warmth in the long run. 

    Steel Grate:

    Grates made of steel are usually classified as low or average grade grates and these grates are only built for logs since they can not handle the high temperatures that come with burning coal but some manufacturers do manufacture some very good quality and robust steel grates that come with a lifetime guarantee.

    Should You Use a Grate in Your Wood Stove?

    No, you should definitely avoid using a gate in your wood stove as a wood stove is different than a fireplace in my ways for instance your fireplace may not have air control but a wood stove will have at least 1 or more air control.

    In order to ensure proper airflow for the fire in the compact firebox. Wood stoves are often lined with heat resistant bricks to ensure that the extreme temperatures inside.

    Don’t melt the outer box this ensures no fire hazard is created but these heat resistant bricks are often prone to damage by heavyweight or fall and the weight of a grate will surely affect the integrity of your heat-resistant bricks.

    And this damage can further damage your firebox putting you your family and your home at very high fire risk.

    Why Does Your Fireplace Grate Melt?

    Your fireplace grate can be melting for many varying reasons but we will explore them all to make sure you never run in this problem again.

    Now one of the possible reasons could very well be that you were sold a subpar fireplace grate by the dealer that might not have certification or may not be an authentic product leading to these results.

    Either you should go and claim it with your store or dealer or your online seller.

    Another reason leading to this decay might just be that you are using the wrong fuel with the wrong type of fireplace grate.  

    If you have an astel grate and you are using coal for your fuel this might just be the issue we would suggest you shift to logs but if you are encountering the same issues with a cast iron grate.

    Then it is either a subpar fireplace grate or it’s just time to upgrade and that brings me to our third issue that being that your fireplace grate has served its purpose.

    Now it’s time to change it in which case I would highly suggest 10 of the above-mentioned grates come from reputable companies and have tons of good customer reviews to back the quality and durability of these fireplace grates. 

    FAQs about Best Fireplace Grate: Fireplace

    1- Can I leave My Fireplace Burning all Night Long?

    As much as this option looks intriguing we would highly suggest you don’t follow through with it even if you have a state of the art fireplace with all the technology.

    Because fuels used in fireplaces emit massive amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that are very harmful to your health and can prove very deadly.

    If exposed for a long time as Carbon monoxide particularly doesn’t have a distinct smell and if enough is inhaled it can cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning silently choking you and your family to death in your sleep, the same occurs if you leave a car running in your garage.

    2- How do You Remove a Fireplace Grate?

    The real question is not “how do you remove a fireplace grate?”. The real question is “How do you remove a fireplace grate without making a huge mess?”

    Don’t worry we are here to guide you through the process the first and foremost thing to do would be to make sure the fireplace and the gratis safe to touch if yes.

    Then we should proceed to clean up as much as from under and the grate itself making sure non escapes the premises of the fireplace once you are done we would suggest you line up a thick piece of plastic with the edge of the fireplace.

    And do make sure it’s big enough to roll the whole grate in, once done wear your cleaning gloves pick up the grate from the fireplace (you may need some help as fireplace grates are known to be pretty heavy.

    So it would benefit you to have an extra pair of hands around) once you have the grate in the air give it a good shake to make sure any remaining dust or ash is taken care of.

    Then very carefully proceed to put the grate on the piece of plastic or tarp you have laid down, roll up the grate in it, and make sure to pack it tight so no remaining ash comes out.

    Now your grate is ready to go anywhere you want to take it may it be the recycling plant or to your new holiday destination.


    If this holiday season you are looking for better airflow through your chimneys, more warmth, and fewer fumes, all while keeping your fireplace cleaner and almost maintenance-free go out there today and get yourself a fireplace grate without even thinking because a fireplace grate won’t just be a decorative piece in your living room it will serve a function while you will be free from fireplace duty to enjoy time with your precious family.

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