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Flameline Roluxy Electric fireplace Insert Review

Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of Flameline Roluxy Fireplace. Scroll down to read Flameline Roluxy Fireplace Insert Review.

Every homeowner wants to achieve a warm and comfortable place to stay when the cold winter season strikes. This can be achieved through a fireplace. However, you don’t want the ashes and mess of a conventional fireplace, so it is important to invest in a reliable electric fireplace to keep everything clean and free from fire hazards.

A electric fireplace offers varying options for the homeowner. It can provide a different color of flames, temperature, and viewing experience. A good electric fireplace mimics the natural flame of a traditional flame without smoke and ashes. No cleaning or tedious maintenance needed because you need to do is plug and play.

Flameline Roluxy Electric fireplace Insert Review

If you want to experience warmth and comfort in a stylish way, it is better to buy a best electric fireplace to ensure your home is kept warm in a comfortable level, allowing you to enjoy the flames and the heat.

Presenting, Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace. This is an ultimate electric fireplace that can provide the heat you need for a comfortable winter season. Enjoy the indoors with your family and pets in an optimal temperature during the cold days.

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Key Features of Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace

Flame Effect and Five Levels Flame Option
The Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace has three-color night lights feature. The flames look amazingly real with whispers of blue flame. It has a five-level flame option for you to choose from.

Heat Modes
There are two heat modes available that you can choose from. You can use this electric fireplace all year round and during summer, allowing you to enjoy the flame effects and warmth you need, most especially during very cold days.

Real Log Flame Effect
Enjoy the calming flame effect like a real log flame within the comfort of your own home. With its realistic brick panels and stunning flames, you can feel the real feeling brought by a real fireplace without the ashes and smoke. Be relaxed and change the flame effect according to your mood, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your homestay.

Real Log Speaker Effect
Whether you are chatting with your kids, reading a newspaper, or sleeping, you can always turn on the real log speaker to hear the real-like natural log being burned with  Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace log speaker effect.

Overheating Protection
The automatic temperature adjustment feature or automatic overheat protection offers an utmost protection against overheating, thus preventing fire accidents. The timer function is also a protective feature good for 1 to 9 hours.

The Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace has a front hot vent, providing heating or warmth up to a distance of 450 sq. ft. It doesn’t have any ethanol, gas, gel cans, or propane needed.  Now, you have a peace of mind that overheating is prevented while you enjoy a comfortable stay at the comforts of your own home.

Other Features
The Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace has a realistically-looking brick panel, allowing you to experience a real fireplace at its best. It has LCD display showing all the functions of this electric fireplace. Another major feature is the adoption of the LED technology, providing 100% energy-saving capability to keep your electricity bill lower.

This electric fireplace comes with an easy to grip and navigate remote control for easy turning on and off and setting the timing. Flameline offers a 1 year warranty as well as lifetime support which is beneficial when issues arise.

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What Users are Saying About Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace

What Users are Saying About Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace

Generally, the reviews are positive about the Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace. It is one of the best-looking fireplaces that offer realistic flames. It has stunning glowing logs with beautiful whispers of blue flame. 

When the fireplace is not being used, it looks like a real fireplace because of its realistically-looking brick panels. It is easy to install and the price is affordable as compared to its competitors.

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Compare With Flameline Roluxy vs. Valuxhome Electrical Fireplace

The Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace is more affordable than the Valuxhome Electrical Fireplace, with a difference of $50.  Valuxhome Electrical Fireplace is bigger in size (36 inches) than the Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace (28 inches).

Compare Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace With Valuxhome Electrical Fireplace

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Both electric fireplaces have a realistic sound and look, with 3-night lights color options. They also come both with two heating options as well as a front hot vent for supplemental heating. The difference comes with the distance the heat reaches which is 400 sq. ft. for the Valuxhome Electrical Fireplace while 450 sq. ft. for the Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace.

Both electric fireplaces adopt the 100% energy-saving and amazing LED technology. They also have the same overheating auto kill switch for home safety. The timer setting timer both come from 1 to 9 hours with user-friendly remote control for easier turning on and off.

What is the Disadvantage of Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace

Generally, there’s no major disadvantage of the Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace because all customers who gave their product reviews in Amazon provided a 5-star rating.

What is the Disadvantage of Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace

While a customer mentioned he was hesitant to purchase this electric fireplace at the place because of its cheaper price, he was surprised with the flame effects and other cool features of this product, making it as one of the most affordable and best electric fireplaces in the market today.

How the Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace is Reasonably Priced

In Amazon, the price of Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace is $279. It is a lot cheaper than Valuxhome ($329), R.W Flame ($369), and Touchstone ($399). Now you realize how affordable the Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace is.

The manufacturer offers free shipping. Now, everyone can afford a reasonably priced electric fireplace for a more comfortable home. Enjoy every moment spent with your family and friends inside your home in a comfortable way with the warmth that the Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace provides.

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Final Verdict

The Flameline Roluxy Electric Fireplace is an affordable electric fireplace. While it is cheaper than other brands, the quality cannot be discounted. Its features are more likely the same with highly-priced brands like Valuxhome. It deserves the all 5-star ratings in amazon, leaving all of its buyers happy and completely satisfied.

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