Can You Use an Electric Fireplace Outside?

    Electric Fireplace

    As there are many types of fireplaces available in the market, some different kinds are used to fulfill the deals for different purposes.

    We know some of them as Electric Fireplace, Gas Fireplace, Wood Fireplace, and these are the most commonly used ones available in the market.

    But here in this topic, as the title explains, we will only be over-viewing the most commonly asked question which states that can be an Electric Fireplace be used as an outdoor electric fireplace.

    Which is asked by most people these days. As the electric fireplace uses different technology to acquire the consumer with the warmth and the desired temperature.

    They want as there is no actual flame used in this mechanism, it may be able to use as an outdoor electric fireplace.

    With given need as a power supply, and as the basic question by many people as they ask, that is an electric fireplace safe and stable to be used as an outdoor electric fireplace?

    The answer is YES Absolutely YES!! You absolutely use an electric fireplace outdoor just by pre-checking at the time of purchasing and by making sure that it is an outdoor-rated model of an electric fireplace.

    You can get all the instructions on the user manual and care guide which you receive at the time of purchasing.

    As we already mentioned, the outdoor electric fireplace rated models are the ones that can be used for serving both the purposes such as an indoor and outdoor fireplace.

    These fireplaces are most commonly recessed into the walls, which are further needed to be hard fitted were as some electric fireplace even need an outdoor cover that is essential.

    Its protection from elements that may be harmful when it is not in use whereas there are some other electric fireplaces which are the ones which allow you particularly to place them over the subject.

    But, the electric fireplace which is recessed in the wall is the one that gives you an authentic and built-in wall effect and looks more realistic compared to others.

    We have further explained below that why some Electric fireplace can be used outside and others can not in detail.

    As not every electric fireplace can be used as an outdoor electric fireplace, that is not by the outdoor-rated standard.

    Because the ones that are eventually come with some kind of weather protection coating which helps them to work efficiently well in the outdoor weather conditions. 

    The majority of the electric fireplaces are indoor ones we recommend you to see it written that it is an outdoor-rated fireplace if you are thinking to use it in any other place than indoor purposes.

    The outdoor-rated standard is basically a seal that ensures you that you can efficiently use your fireplace as an outdoor electric fireplace.

    Safely in typically weather conditions as compared to the models which are indoor rated only.

    How does an electric fireplace works, an electric fireplace is overall different from the other kind of fireplaces such as wood-burning fireplaces or gas fireplaces because there is no real flame present inside it.

    Instead, an electric fireplace produces an imitation of flickering flames which is done by reflecting light off through the rotational mirrors present.

    Which gives the illusion of flames heating up inside and has a conventional space heater present which generates the heat supplementary. 

    As it is an electronic product, the source required to make it work is electricity.

    Most of the electric fireplace comes with a power cord which can be directly plugged into standard sockets with electricity connectivity.

    Where is some other electric fireplace which are the ones that intended to be more permanent and onetime setting up ones and may require you to hard-wire them in your home electrics?

    Even if you’re using it as an indoor electric fireplace or as an outdoor electric fireplace.

    Either way, to satisfy your home with the warmth of mild temperature and to work your electric firepower you must have any source of electricity.

    This is a suggestion though, even if you are using an outdoor-rated eclectic fireplace, we suggest that you keep it as clear from any wet condition and in a safe surrounding.

    It does not get damaged by the unnecessary moistures which might make the mechanism fail and put a tease to your situation.

    Generally, there are two ways that allow electric fireplaces to produce heat:

    • Fan forced heating
    • Infrared heating 

    Fan Forced Heating:Fan Forced Heating

    The fan-forced heating electric fireplaces use a simple mechanism in which the electric firework uses the air blower as its essential item which blows air in the electric fireplace over an element placed inside it.

    Which turns the air into warm air that further gets blown out to the room through the vent placed in the electric fireplace.

    The air that is blown in the room stays warm for a period and for a while the room even stays warm even when the fireplace is turned off.

    Infrared Heating:Infrared Heating

    The infrared heating electric fireplaces use other mechanisms to produce the warmth temperature rather than the fan-forced based electric fireplaces.

    Which uses the air blown over a heating element making the air warmer. In infrared heating uses infrared light technology that can be felt instantly that the room temperature is turning mild and warm.

    The infrared heating fireplaces are capable of tuning the desired temperature even in a larger place but with all these drawbacks there is this disadvantage of this electric fireplace.

    That when you switch it off the warmth would disappear instantly in a short period of time.

    These electric fireplaces are even desired by those who live in warm climate places whereas an outdoor electric fireplace.

    These fantastic electronic devices come with a handful of handsome features that are simply superb, one of the worth mentioning feature of an electric fireplace is that it can be used as built-in wall decoration.

    That creates the illusion of fire without producing any warmth and this is the most desirable feature by anyone who lives in a warmer climate place another wholesome feature of an electric fireplace.

    That you can manually change the color of the light of the flame through a remote and can get a classy look rather.

    The traditional fire look there are many more awesome features provided in electric fireplaces by different kinds of companies we recommended you to check before you purchase any. 


    In this article, we hope that we enlightened you with all the questions you had for using an electric fireplace as an outdoor electric fireplace safely.

    We have discussed the topic in detail for making it easy for you to understand all the information that is present in this article is from verified sources and we hope you like the hard work.

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