Real Flame 8070E-W Kennedy Grand Electric Fireplace Review

With the realistic view of the fire burning and with the room being all warm and cozy, no one would think it is not actual flames on the fireplace. Electric fireplace has been the preferred choice by many users because of several reasons, one of which is its reliability and efficiency to provide high level of heat output to combat the cold and chill during winter. Real Flame 8070E-W Kennedy Grand Electric Fireplace is one of the many electric fireplaces available in the market today that boast for optimal features that can give you the warm and relaxing ambiance at home.

Real Flame 8070E-W Review - Why its considerable than cheaper one?

This white electric fireplace comes with the convenience as well and the look of an actual fireplace but less the hassles of actually having and maintaining one. It is designed with variable heat settings that can be adjusted and programmed to suit your needs.

It is built to be larger than normal-size fireplace, hence it could be towering in your house with its stylistic design. Real Flame 8070E-W Kennedy Grand Electric Fireplace is tailor-made for your comfort as it features a mantel and firebox with remote control, adjustable timer functions and LED light technology for a superior performance. And it is easy to install, you can even do it yourself.


  • Provides the look and appearance of an actual fire
  • Comes with several option on the lighting, heat and timer
  • Works with remote control for convenience
  • Adjustable and programmable heat settings
  • Durable and huge


  • Blower in the heater creates some noise
  • The unit is heavy

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Key Features of the Real Flame 8070E-W Kennedy Grand

Programmable Thermostat

Real Flame 8070E-W programmed thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature to the exact level that will suit your comfort. And it maintains consistent output all throughout as it follows your programmed temperature schedule. Thus, aside from the increased efficiency and lesser time on heat level adjustment it provides, it lets you save energy, time and money as well.

Convenient to Use

Built to provide you with a warm refuge during the winter conveniently, it comes with a remote control to make the necessary adjustments easier to do without even standing and touching the fireplace. It is designed with a timer function as well so you can set it on the pace that will suit your needs best.

Large Built

Aiming for a superior and realistic look of the burning flame, this 40” diagonal Real Flame 8070E Kennedy Grand Electric Fireplace is 30% larger than the standard firebox, making it a standout structure in your home. With the massive scale, it is designed with a black firebox in distinct white columns surrounding it for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Increased Heating Power

Brave the cold and chill with this lay-flat, grounded electric fireplace that provides up to 5100 BTU of heating power every hour. The firebox also include 1500 watt of infrared heating to keep your house warm and cozy.

Adjustable Settings

To meet the user’s individual needs, 8070E-W Kennedy Electric Fireplace is equipped with various settings to adjust the temperature, timer and even the brightness of its ultra-bright LED technology. So regardless how warm you want and how much the coldness of the outside temperature drops, it is equally possible to achieve the heat level you desire to keep the house warm.

Solid Construction

As it stands tall and mighty in your living room, you can be sure that it will be there for a long time as it is made with solid wood and veneered MDF construction, thus durable, sturdy and build to last.

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Advantages of Using Real Flame 8070E -W Electric Fireplace

Real Flame 8070E Fireplace is built to provide us warm and cozy home during the chilly weather. While many of us grew using the traditional standard wood or gas fireplace, a lot have however made a switch to the electric kind because of these advantages:

Easy and Minimal Installation

It requires less process as opposed to the normal fireplace that needs planning for the venting and other parts such as chimney, wood or gas.

Convenience of Use

They operate automatically, hence you can easily adjust Real Flame 8070E settings to the level that will suit you best. Most of these models are designed with programmed thermostat for constant and efficient heating process and comes with a remote control feature that allows you to use and control its functions even while sitting on the couch or away from it.

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Hassle-free Cleaning and Maintenance

The thing about automatic is, cleaning it is a breeze as you will not be worrying of creosote, passages and chimney being blocked and ashes to take care. And so does the upkeep as with the standard fireplace, it should be made sure it is clean and free from burn residue to maintain an efficient operation.

Safe to Use

Electric fireplace ensures your safety since it does not have actual flames burning, its surface does not get hot. It is safe for kids and pets especially. And you would still be able to enjoy a warm and cozy room regardless. Aside from that, it does no emit smoke or carbon monoxide.

Why its considerable than cheaper one?

The quality of the Real Flame 8070E-W is superb!! I am easily able to put my 40 inches flat TV it and some other electronics on it without any issues, even it stands pretty much high. The Real Flame 8070E fit my room and blended with the white casting so nicely that my guests figure out it was in the original creations of the room.

But the mere problem I face with was in the instructions. Step four was misleading, but I solved it myself. The parts fit exceptionally well, except for one part, which I was able to fix by seller help and instruction, supports are very responsive and polite. There are cheaper ones available on the market, but this Real Flame 8070E-W is considerably larger and really changes the ambiance of the room, and the parts are real wood, not like IKEA furniture, I think you know what I meant, The remote is also great and works better enough about 15 ft away.

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Final Verdict

Perhaps the main reason why many opt to use the Real Flame 8070E-W electric fireplace is the convenience. Unlike the regular, standard kind, it saves us the time and effort from the tedious process of preparing wood or gas to cleaning and maintenance. After all, both types function efficiently in providing warmth during the cold weather.

Additional features like the appearance and size is a huge advantage, considering a fireplace has become part of the overall interior design of the house. Hence, many high-end models have been very thoughtful and meticulous with the style and design to meet consumer’s taste and expectations.

Real Flame 8070E-W Kennedy Grand Electric Fireplace hit all marks as it is not only efficient and reliable to use, but convenient, large and stylish in its minimal black and white design. It fits well to most of the home design patterns and your needs for a cozy house to go home to after a long day.

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