Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert Review

    Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert Review

    What kind of heating and atmosphere can you expect from the Regal Flame Fireplace bring to your living space at its current price point?

    Find out by reading our Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert Review below.

    Fireplaces add a romantic or homily atmosphere to any space in your home. It is not just about the warmth of the fire, but the sounds and sight of the flame dancing over burning wood are just soothing to watch.

    However, fireplaces are hard to maintain and it can turn into a fire hazard.

    1# Regal Flame 23″ Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert, Black Frame


    Electrical fireplaces do the job in bringing different kinds of heat into your home.

    These appliances remove the cumbersome work of igniting the woods or keeping the flames alive.

    At the press of a button, you can bring up the temperature of your room to the level you want.

    One of the notable alternatives to classic fireplaces is the Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert.

     The heating solution to your living room or lounge area that also delivers a mountain cabin kind of vibe.

    We take a close look at the Regal Electric Fireplace to help you see if this is heater can be of value to your living space.

    • Digital flames are customizable
    • Three different heat settings
    • No fire or fumes safety concerns
    • The LED display provides realistic looking flames
    • No specific temperature settings

    While the Regal Flame Fireplace has a high and low heat setting, it does not allow you to set the temperature to your desired setting.

    The high setting may be too hot for your liking or the low heat might leave you in the cold.

    It would help if the electric fireplace lets you set the temperature at just the right level that is not too hot or cold.

    • Does not produce the aroma of burning wood

    The charm of a fireplace does not just come from seeing flames dancing in a small cove, it is also the aroma of the burning wood. Some people enjoy the smell that comes from real fireplaces.

    Unfortunately, you can only get half of the benefit of an electric fireplace if you want to take a good whiff of that timber or oak turning into ashes.

    What Users Saying About Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert:

    Nearly all reviews for the Regal Flame Fireplace are highly positive. Majority of them complement the appliances improvement of their living space’s ambiance.

    Some are praising the device’s ability to create a virtual fireplace in their area where burning wood is heavily regulated. Regal Flame gives them the chance to experience the coziness of a mountain cabin fireplace.

    Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert Review - What Users Saying About Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert

    On the other hand, some are pointing out the shortcomings of the electric fireplace. This includes a thermostat setting, which allows you to set the temperature.

    Others say that it should provide the sound of crackling wood to add more realism to the fireplace display.

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    Key Features of the Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert
    • Safe Alternative

    This space heater gives you most of the benefits of a fireplace without the dangers that come with it.

    One of the safety concerns with burning wood is the live fire that may spread if anything flammable were to come into contact with it.

    Another fireplace hazard is the fumes that come from combusting wood, which is toxic if you inhale too much of it.

    In addition, the electric fireplace has an overheat protection that shuts down the appliance if the temperature of the outlets gets too high.

    • Realistic Flame

    The selling point of the Regal Fireplace is its LED display that shows realistic looking flames on burning wood.

    Even the glow coming from the screen feels authentic to your eyes and skin. As an added bonus, you can change the flames’ brightness.

    You can dim it down so you can get a romantic soft glow across the room. Turning up the brightness will give you an intense blaze to liven up your house party.   

    • Custom Flames

    Why settle for the old school fireplace logs in your electric fireplace? Regal Fireplace Insert allows you to change the color of the flames and its fuel source.

    Change the fire to mystical blue or radiant orange. Flames can also come from pebbles or crystals. This can make your party, social event, or family gathering more interesting.

    • Adjustable Heat

    The space heating has a high and low setting. This allows you to make it extremely hot for incredibly freezing climates or subtly warm for those chilly nights.

    The Regal Flame Fireplace also a no-heat setting that lets you turn on the fire display without any warmth coming from the appliance.

    The adjustable heat can help you save power by setting just the right amount of heat for specific climates.

    Compare BCP Embedded Fireplace Insert vs Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert

    We look at the closest competitor to the Regal Flame Fireplace, the Best Choice Products Fireplace Electric Insert. In terms of display, Regal is the clear winner with its use of LED technology.

    The LED display provides an authentic looking flame than the ones from Best Choice Products.

    Best Choice SKY1826 Review – What’s the safety system in it?

    The two electric fireplace only allows you to set the heat to either high or low. Both units do not have a thermostat setting.

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    What’s the Disadvantage of Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert

    The main problem with the Regal Flame Fireplace is its lack of realism. It does not give you the smell or sound of burning wood. You also could not poke or manipulate the flames in anywhere like the ones on an actual fireplace.

    Another issue is the limited heat settings. Without a thermostat, the electric fireplace fails as an effective heater for your living space.

    Why Should You Choose It or Not? What’s the Disadvantage of Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert

    Regal’s Electric Fireplace does its job at giving you a virtual fireplace that does not produce fire or toxic fumes.

    The display and heat it provides can improve the look of your living space. This is a good buy if you want a functional decoration for your house.

    Final Verdict!

    The Regal Flame Electric Fireplace may not give you the whole experience as the real thing or be efficient at controlling the climate of your living space.

    As a decoration though, it can be an attractive centerpiece for your lounge or entertainment area.

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