SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace Review

    SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace Review

    Electric fireplaces are a trend nowadays. It’s safer and convenient of use as compared to typical fireplaces requiring fuel to provide you warmth during cold days. That is why a lot of people tend to invest in these top rated electric fireplaces. In this product review, we will take a look into one particular classic designed electric fireplace. The SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace – Mahogany is definitely one choice you should take.

    SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace Review

    • Convenience of Use
    • Ease of Transport
    • Uniquely Build and Design
    • Simple Assembly
    • Limited Heating Efficiency
    • Fans are a Bit Noisy

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    Key Features of the SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace

    Classic Fireplace Design
    This SEI Sicilian Harvest fireplace is elegantly designed resembling medieval styled fireplaces. Its modernly built from warm brown mahogany, wood-based for durability and reliability. It measures about 44.75″ W x 14″ D x 40.25″ H square shaped with the fireplace on its center.

    Its sides are engraved with two Greek column-like and above the fireplace includes a floral layout to add sophistication and glamor to the device. Surrounding the fireplace resides a metal screen covered with a transparent glass into it to add a realistic fireplace vibe.

    Weighing about 100 pounds, the device is meant for easy transfer and use. Nonetheless, you can easily disassemble and assemble repeatedly the device within only a few minutes. For instructions regarding its setup, you could easily refer to the user manual or the video that could be found easily on the internet.

    Multiple Use
    Aside from being a fireplace, you could also put a flat TV panel up to 42.75 inches over it. Other than that, you could put frames, figurines, or any collections at the top of the device. This fireplace is definitely made for versatility, not just a typical decoration or a fireplace for use.

    Heat Capability
    The SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace provides heat up to 400 square feet of space. It powers approximately about 1500 kilowatts as said by a user. It has three temperature settings (low, mid, high) for adjustments on the heat output of the device.

    Below the front vent of the device, set of controls is intuitively situated. Nonetheless, it represents five easy to understand buttons that are conveniently pressing for power, timer, flame effect, heat, and temperature settings as needed. Aside from that, the device includes also a remote control to simply manipulate over the device with the similar buttons located into its main interface.

    Flame Effects
    Empowered with the 3D LED Technology, the fireplace has a very realistic vibe with its interiors having a brick design. Its orange to red flames are sparkling through glowing embers, surrounded by a set of logs to create authenticity upon use. Nonetheless, it is multi-colored with three varying flame effects.

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    What users saying about SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace?

    What users saying about SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace?

    Basically, there are really not quite a lot of complaints with this device. In general, its users are contented with the quality and performance that this device gives to them. Nevertheless, the device is very realistic and beautifully made perfect for use in your homes and spaces during winters.

    Likewise, it heats the space efficiently according to what it’s advertised. It isn’t meant to heat more than 400 square meter space. Assembly is easy. Though, it will require a lot of effort since you’ll be assembling more than a hundred of pieces. Thus, you’ll have to get accompany especially during this period. But nonetheless, instructions are given and it’s easy to follow.

    You should not be getting a hard time at this point. The fan or blower that is also installed is very useful yet very loud. There are users who turn the blower off to avoid waking up especially at nights. Also, upon purchase, you’ll probably smell over a weird odor during the first few days of the device. However, this smell would not last long and will eventually dissipate.

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    Compare SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace with Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

    Both from different manufacturers, you’ll definitely expect that both devices have different design and features. With just looking from it, you could eventually identify one from the other. The SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace is decorated with engraved designs while the Southern Enterprises is heavily brick filled with different stones surrounding the fireplace.

    But nonetheless, both have the fireplace-like vibes that fit for your rooms and spaces as needed. Aside from that, the Southern Enterprise seems to be much bigger and heavier than the latter brand.

    Compare SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace with Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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    As to its heating function, the Southern Enterprises has its edge providing heat up to 1000 square feet area. It includes also multiple heat adjustable function with five flame varying effects that are quite intuitive as compared to the latter with only three.

    Additional features and functions are also incorporated in Southern Enterprises Electric Fireplace. It has safety locks for secure use with children and elderlies. The latter does not have any functions as based on the reviews from its users and the device’s advertisement itself.

    With the price, the Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand is definitely more expensive than the SEI. Its around 200 dollars more costly for which is quite reasonable for its extension of features from its design to flame effects. The SEI is recommended especially for practical users who definitely would want to go for simpler use and classic design.

    What’s the disadvantage of SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace?

    What’s the disadvantage of SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace?

    This device is excellent for providing heat with a convenient design and build. Assembly is easy but it requires more effort since the package comes with a hundred pieces. It would be difficult for an elderly to assemble it. Thus, it’s recommended that you’ll have someone accompany you during the installation to make things faster. The fan also being installed could be a bit nuisance.

    It’s best to turn it off or replace the fan to avoid disturbing especially during at nights. Nonetheless, as said, the device heats just a limited area up to 400 square feet. Thus, it’s not advised for use into larger rooms to exhibit greater performance and efficiency.

    Why should you choose it or not?

    If you’re into the design rather than its features, then this device would something for you. It has a realistic fireplace-like design matched with a classic and timeless style that will definitely enhance the ambiance and warm your room during cold winters.

    The features are quite decent and limited with a few flame effects and temperature adjustments. But nonetheless, it’s still prettily good with positive ratings and reviews on Amazon.

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    Final Verdict

    Purchasing a fireplace for winter is definitely a hassle. You have to look over a design that would match to your living room, giving an authentic vibe to improve sophistication and the ambiance. If you are still on search, then you should consider the SEI Sicilian Harvest Electric Fireplace. Its simple yet has a timeless quality and design that’s definitely worth to have for.

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