Solo Stove Campfire Review – Campfire Vs Titan which is the Best?

    Solo Stove Campfire Review

    There are instances that we want to walk around into the woods and experience the beauty of nature. Nonetheless, whether alone or with your loved ones, it is important that you should bring the necessary supplies and tools in order to survive the adventure in the wild. That is why most campers bring a large travel bag to contain all those things needed.

    However, many people face a struggle of packing out one thing from the other. You can’t put all things necessary into the bag. Likewise, Solo Stove Campfire will help you.

    The solo stove campfire will simplify your cooking process when you are out for camping. It is a versatile yet lightweight survival tool that you should have. If you are interested in purchasing this classic fire pit device, then check this review.

    Solo Stove Campfire Review - Key Features of Solo Stove Campfire

    • Patented and State of the Art Design

    A well-engineered design that is patented (#D701,721) with its empowering heating mechanism. It functions via natural convection through the holes of the stove channeling air to the bottom of the fire and in between the walls of the stove itself. Nonetheless, it does not just burn fuel, it reduces out the smoke being produced by the device.

    • Flexible Utilization

    There are a lot of things that you could do with this device. Cook any food you wanted from soups to any regular food you want. Aside from that, you could roast barbecue or marshmallows, fry eggs, or even boil water as needed. Boiling a 34 fl oz water could take about 2-4 minutes depending on the intensity of the fire.

    • The Cooking Ring Seems Unstable

    Atop the stove lies the cooking ring where you will put your pans. Nevertheless, the ring feels to be flimsy according to some of its users. It would be made better if the manufacturer will add another ring to stabilize it or redesign the ring for it to hold out the pot as it should be.

    • Difficult to Start Fire

    Since most of us are using automated stoves where you’ll just need to turn on the ignition switch, starting with fire could be a bit complicated for a lot of users. There’s no accompanying instructions manual also to direct the operation. Though it could be hard for the first time, utilization it for numerous times will make it easier as you wanted it to be.

    At a Glance Solo Stove Campfire Review

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    What users saying about Solo Stove Campfire?

    This device has been totally an emergency saver device. Not just catering camping necessity, it is also useful for day to day activities. Might as well, a lot of users had kept this device into their homes and cars just in case anything happens. Users love the concept with this device, quite small yet very versatile as needed.

    What are users saying about Solo Stove Campfire?

    Aside from that, it’s easy to use. Liquid or gaseous fuels would not a necessity. It does great for any type of food and quite durable. It adapts well to different temperatures and weather conditions. It does works even at strong gustiness of wind with the fire still working over.

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    Though, some users just wished to incorporate a feature to control the intensity fire. There are users who experienced to have difficulty with cooking foods like a pancake which easily got burn out when cooked.

    Also, there are few users who find the device expensive as to the quality you get from it. Though, there are also users who disagree with that.

    Compare with Solo Stove Campfire vs. Solo Stove Titan

    There’s really nothing much to debate over with these two devices because they both all come from the same manufacturer. Nevertheless, both have the same structure, size, design, and even heating mechanism. Everything seems similar to these two products except for its add-on.

    Compare with Solo Stove Campfire vs. Solo Stove Titan

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    Solo Stove Titan includes a pot having a diameter of 5.5 inches and height of 6.1 inches. The pot is made from premium steel and caters about 61 fl oz. volume. Nonetheless, the pot seems to be useful yet still small to cater a lot of people.

    The pot would do well with two or three people serving. But for an increase of about 30 dollars for the latter’s price, some may find it too expensive for a pot.

    Key Features of Solo Stove Campfire

    Heavy Duty Construction
    Made from premium stainless steel and nichrome wire, this small stove is fabricated to be used for long-term utilization. The outer shell of the device does not have any welds or seams that reduce out the strength of the material. This double walled mini-stove also has a high melting point. A typical nichrome wire melts at very high 2552 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Maintenance and Fuel Free
    The only maintenance that you would do is cleaning for which is easily done with this device. It won’t really cost you a lot of liquid or gaseous fuels. All that you have to acquire a couple of twigs, wood, and leaves to start a fire.

    Weighing about 2.2 pounds, this device does not consume so much space in your bag. Additionally, it’s quite small having a diameter of 7 inches and height of 6.7 inches when packed.

    Utilization of this device eliminates the heavily and canister based fuels which are known pollutants. Aside from that, this device burns completely generating less smoke and black tars. Thus, it promotes environmental conservation producing minimal pollution.

    Easy Cleaning
    Basically, though the device burns completely, it secretes still few ashes. It’s easily cleaned using warm water. No worries also about corrosion because it will never rust as what other devices possess.

    Does Solo Stove Campfire worth the money you spend for?

    Yes, definitely. It caters bigger space for cooking with a multi-purpose function that is not just useful during camping but even with day to day living situation. This could be helpful to store around especially during emergency situations as needed.

    Though some may find the price expensive, the quality and the flexibility you’ll be getting is not for the price to consider. This is built for long lasting utilization so spending a bit of money won’t be a matter.

    How better than any top rated Ohuhu Camping Stove?

    Ohuhu camping stove has been known by users for its affordable price. It’s much smaller than this product catering only a few sticks and wood for cooking. Additionally, it has a different heating mechanism and produces a lot of smoke especially when using it.

    How better than any top rated Ohuhu Camping Stove?

    In terms of durability, Solo’s product has an edge. Overall, though Solo can’t compete with the price that Ohuhu have, surely it could go against the product’s durability and quality.

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    Overall verdict

    The concept of this new device generates a potentiality to the modern market. It’s safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. It does not need maintenance that much plus its lightweight and portable. There’s really nothing to complain about this device except for its price. But nonetheless, the cost is entirely reasonable with the flexibility and quality it manifests.

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