Solo Stove Lite Review – Campfire or Lite – which is the best?

    Solo Stove Lite Review - Campfire or Lite - which is best?

    One of the best things that we enjoyed the most are camping and mountain climbing. It’s extremely nice to experience the beauty of nature while taking a long walk through treacherous and dangerous paths. Aside from that, it’s a treasured moment to bond over with your family and friends.

    But nonetheless, it is important to bring tools in order to survive for how many days into the camp. Likewise, you’ll need cooking utensils like stove and pan to start with. However, you cannot bring all of these things into one bag. Thus, Solo Stove Lite is here to help you!

    Solo Stove Lite Review - Campfire or Lite - Which is the best?

    An all in one cooking medium that you could use during camping and emergencies. Cook food faster than you’ve never done before. To know more details about this product, then you are in the best place. Just scroll down below to find out.

    • Well-Engineered Design

    A highly patented design fabricated mainly from compact materials like nichrome wire and stainless steel to induce cooking efficiency. This 5.7-inch tall premium stove incorporates a double wall system to create ultra-clean gasification and secondary combustion allowing fuel to burn completely with minimal smoke. Aside from that, it includes an ashtray in the bottom for intuitive disposal of ashes.

    • Lightweight and Portable

    The best thing about this stove is that it’s really very small. Measuring about 3.8 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide when packed on, the stove could easily fit on small bags as needed. Aside from that, it is really not heavy weighing about 9 ounces. It is totally a one of a kind lightweight cooking product that you should have.

    • Complicated Mechanism

    At first reading the manual, you’ll be confused upon how the device will work. Establishing a fire will be a challenge as similar to any other stoves. It’s not automated and does not produce fire by using any fuel. But nonetheless, like any survivalist will do, it takes extreme planning to build a fire using this device. A good tip will be choosing first small twigs, leaves, and branches to start on the operation.

    • Limited Space for Solid Fuels

    Since its small, you can’t add bulky wood or charcoals into the cooking medium. Thus, only leaves and twigs could be used for producing fire. It could be a bit difficult but still doable if you’ll just try and do your best.

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    Key Features of the Solo Stove Lite

    Heavy Duty Construction
    The small stove is quite solid and durable. It is made mainly from premium stainless steel with few touches of nichrome wire as needed. The material does not melt on even burning it over into high temperatures.

    Multi-Purpose Heating Device
    Cook any food or roast over marshmallows or barbecues over the stove! There’s a wide range of activities that you could use into this small yet very reliable device. Aside from that, you could also boil water or eggs using this stove. This is extremely a useful device, especially in emergency situations.

    Long Lasting Utilization
    It is made from premium grade 304 stainless steel so you’ll keep assured that it will last for a long time. Not just the device itself, cooking will be not interrupted because the fire will not cease until you wanted it to.  Approximately, boiling water could take as much as 8-10 minutes depending on the volume and the intensity of the fire. Nonetheless, just make sure that all contents are well-attached and the ashtray is clean to maximize the performance of this device.

    Easy Cleaning
    Its parts are detachable so cleaning is not really hard. For some, they just tap over the stove to a rock and then it’s all done. Ashes are removed as it’s undesired. But if you want to clean it intricately, then it is advised to pour over warm water before washing it using a dishwashing liquid to remove the combustibles including the black tar that adheres to the device.

    Environmental-Friendly Device
    Upon utilization the device, you’ll not just save money but also energy utilization. You will not use any liquid or gaseous fuel while operating the device. Aside from that, it works on the production of less smoke so it does not contribute to air pollution.

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    What Are Users saying about Solo Stove Lite?

    Almost all reviews pointed to positive feedbacks regarding this stove. The users love how small yet conveniently established the device. It’s smart design and mechanism makes it unique among other brands excreting less combustible smoke while still maximizing its efficiency. A user even teases out on how the device works faster than his stove at home. Aside from that, it’s easy to use.

    Though for some, it would be hard in the beginning, later on, it would be easy as what you wanted it to be. Additionally, it’s highly flexible not just through camping but also to indoors during emergency situations.

    What Are Users saying about Solo Stove Lite?

    However, few users just hope on an incorporation of a windbreaker to help it getting stable with strong winds. Also, the package does not include a manual. It would be helpful for beginners to use a manual to figure out how to use the device.

    Aside from that, this device does not work when damp or moist. It would be intuitive if the manufacturer adds such function since camping is way too unpredictable especially with weather patterns.

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    Compare with Solo Stove Lite vs. Solo Stove Campfire – Which is the best?

    Well, just looking for the name you’ll eventually get an idea how these two devices differ. Since a lot of users have been clamoring for a bigger setup, then Solo Stove Campfire is an ultimate answer to their prayers. Measuring about 9 inches tall, this device is much bigger than the latter which is only 5.7 inches tall.

    Compare with Solo Stove Lite vs. Solo Stove Campfire - Which is the best?

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    As expected, Solo Stove Campfire is much heavier about 5.9 pounds. Thus, this device caters more wood and other solid fuels as you needed it to have. Other than the size, everything still the same with the device. Both cater different markets so it’s expected that Solo Stove Campfire will be more expensive as compared to the small one.

    How better than any top rated Ohuhu Camping Stove?

    Though Stove Lite is prettily expensive than the latter, Stove Lite could definitely win over Ohuhu’s price with its consistency and durability. Both are completely lightweight that cooks around used in through camps.

    But nonetheless, the mechanism of Stove Lite is more intuitive than the Ohuhu camping stove. It excretes less smoke for which Ohuhu does not incorporate into its design.

    Does Solo Stove Lite worth the money you spend on it?

    Reviews say that it is worth buying for. It’s a one of a kind device useful not just to camping but also to different emergency situations. It’s an ultimate survival kit that you should have in your homes in case things happen unexpectedly.

    Does Solo Stove Lite worth the money you spend on it?

    It’s something new in the market that you should acquire one. Aside from that, the device is prettily affordable so there’s really not that much loss if you’ll just try it.

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    An intelligent camper should get all the tools necessary before starting on hiking or mountain climbing. Nonetheless, this device would be a great add-on that you should have your survival kit. This device is highly versatile and durably made to cater on fire building convenience.

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