Solo Stove Titan Review – Bonfire VS Titan – Which is best?

    Solo Stove Titan Review - Key Features of the Solo Stove Titan

    Solo Stove Titan – Discover it’s key feature, how durable and what users saying about Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combination.

    A night out in a forest or a mountain is somewhat exciting bonding moment with your friends and loved ones. Looking at the stars, making a bonfire, and experiencing nature is one thing truly that you’ll treasure on. Nevertheless, experience more within your camping by cooking things all by yourself like a regular camper.

    Solo Stove Titan Review - Key feature, users opinion

    Take over the challenge and show your cooking skills at its finest. To ease you out into building fire, then this device will truly help you. Introducing, Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo.

    The combination of power between Solo’s premium products. If you wanted to know more, then continue reading this review below.

    Key Features of the Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo

    Durable Construction
    Both Solo’s products are fabricated from industrial strength stainless steel. These tools aren’t welded or seamed to ensure pure strength and resistance to extreme temperature. The stainless steel and nichrome wire incorporated within this duo have very high melting points.

    Environmental Friendly
    The good thing about the stove of this product is that it produces less smoke. It incorporates a powerful heating mechanism that allows it to deliver smokeless heating. Thus, the product ensures complete combustion while utilization it.

    Aside from that, there’s no need to use liquid or gaseous fuels which are canister based. Mainly, twigs, wood, and tinder could be used as a source of fuel to ignite a fire.

    Compact and Handy
    Weighing about 2.2 pounds, the stove is not that bulky with dimensions when packed about 6.7 inches by 7 inches. As regards to the pot, it weighs 12.5 ounces measuring about 6.1 inches in height with 5.5 inches diameter.

    Safe and Secure Utilization
    If you are worried about fire and other related risks or accidents, then these duo is completely safe. It does well even in strong winds and the pot is highly stable upon topping it over the stove. The pot includes even two handles, one at the top and the other on its side to prevent getting burnt.

    Easy to Assemble
    The stove is easy to assemble. Though there is no manual to guide you through, it is quite direct and straightforward as needed. Just lay over its parts like a jigsaw puzzle and voila! It’s done!

    Easy to Clean
    If things won’t do well with water, then use the incorporated nylon sacks to remove the soot from the stove and the pot. As a tip, wash it with warm water to ease things out!

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    • Highly Engineered Design

    This Solo’s premium duo is empowered with heating mechanism driven by convection. It consists of a double wall design that creates an ultra-clean gasification and secondary combustion. Nonetheless, the pot is designed to cater on the heating mechanism of the stove. It is shaped upon to blend well with the stability of the stove.

    • Versatile Combination

    Upon combining, the pair gives you an intuitive performance. You could use the pot and stove during camping, beach activities, and even through emergency situations. These two makes a perfect blend that you should have wherever and whenever you are!

    • Develops Rust

    This is not just for the stove but the pot as well. It is easily get corroded upon few utilization. Though it’s quite normal for stainless steel to experience this problem, it should at least not happen during only few usage. However, to avoid this recurring problem, the manufacturer suggests keeping both the pot and the stove in a dry area. Also, after cleaning it, make sure to wipe it over with a dry cloth.

    • No Temperature Control

    Everything is done manually through this device. There is no sensor indicating temperature levels or something to control the temperature. It would be helpful if the manufacturer would try to incorporate a temperature monitoring or regulator to avoid experiencing burns especially while cooking and frying foods.

    What Are Users saying about Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot?

    Reviews are prettily positive coming from the users of this combo. The stove and the pot are setup nicely with highly efficient design and structure.

    The tools are fabricated from premium stainless steel that resists well to high temperatures as needed for the device.

    Aside from that, these two tools are easy to use induces fast cooking or boiling. Also, this would do well not just with camping but also to emergency situations for which could be kept at homes.

    This is quite small yet bigger to its predecessors so you’ll expect more people to be accommodated while utilization the device.

    What Are Users saying about Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot?

    The only main issue that most users did not like the two tools is the formation of rust. Upon exposure to water, it easily gets corroded. Though stainless steel does corrode, users just did not expect that it won’t rust after utilization. Nonetheless, the manufacturer informs its users to keep these things as dry as possible to avoid experiencing such problems.

    Additionally, there are users who are having a hard time with the setup. The manufacturer should provide a manual especially for beginners who don’t have any related information with fire building.

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    Compare with Solo Stove Titan vs. Solo Stove Bonfire

    These two products have the same manufacturer so it’s expected that the two would have common grounds and features. First of all, both have the same design and material build. They have the same mechanism with wood burning capability.

    The only thing that differs Solo Stove Titan from the latter is its size. Solo Stove Bonfire is ten times bigger than the latter weighing about 20 pounds. Additionally, the product caters more wood and might as well, needs a bigger pot to be used.

    As to the price, it is expected that Solo Stove Bonfire will be two times as much more expensive than the latter.

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    Does Solo Stove Titan worth the money you spend?

    Dubbed as the #1 wood burning backpacking stove and recommended by Backpacker’s magazine, isn’t something that you should belittle on.

    It’s a must-have product to be utilized not just for camping but could be helpful during emergency situations.

    You could keep it in the car, house, or send this as a gift to a friend who is a fan of camping and adventures. Solo Stove Tital entirely durable, intuitive, and efficient heating medium that you should try on.

    Does Solo Stove Titan worth the money you spend?

    How better than any top rated Outon Wood Stove?

    There is so much difference between these two products. But nonetheless, they have entirely the same purpose for which is to light out some fire. Though, Solo incorporates a bigger weight than the latter. With the increase in weight means also an expensive price.

    Likewise, both devices work well. In terms of quality, Solo is way better than this device. Outon Wood stove does well with small quantities and practical people who want to purchase a product at a cheap price.

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    Overall, this combination is quite different yet still intuitive. The two tools perfectly balance out the need of its users in terms of heating and cooking. Though a bit expensive, this has truly delivered easy and quick cooking to its users.

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