Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand Review

    Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand Review

    There’s something about looking at a fireplace that makes you want to reminisce old relationships and events. A peaceful calm envelops individuals and families looking at the crackling fire as the comfortable warmth fills the room. However, as the years go by, looking at the same fireplace may become a boring feat.

    Don’t get the previous statement wrong as there’s nothing wrong with the comfy tenderness of the warm fire brought by traditional fireplaces. Still, some households might want more from their hearth. With that in mind, homeowners can take advantage of electric fireplaces with modern touches.

    Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand Review

    The Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand can become the answer to your prayers. You’re not just going to get a fireplace with this piece of furniture, but you’re also going to take advantage of different furnishings rolled into one package.

    Now, you’re here to check out this modern fireplace as you might still be on the fence about purchasing this item. Continue reading as we explore the pros, cons, features, and everything in between to help you with your ultimate decision.

    • Excellent and plenty of storage options
    • Premium wooden design
    • Bluetooth remote for wireless fireplace control
    • It can heat up a large room of up to 400 square feet
    • Long assembly time

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    Key Features of the Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand

    Additional Storage
    Whalen’s fireplace features storage areas for gadgets, books, and knick-knacks. It has two glass cabinets, two large open compartments, and a shelving. These areas are ideal for storing entertainment accessories for that peaceful days and nights at home. You can neatly store all your gaming and television components, and you might even have extra space for your place of spaghetti and meatballs.

    Adequate Heating
    This fireplace offers a warm glow to any household that electric heaters and stoves can’t provide. It offers satisfying temperatures to heat up a decent amount of space inside homes like a large living room. Its warmth is also clean so you don’t have to worry about messy ashes dirtying up your nice floor. The heat emanating from this piece of furniture can deliver warmth up to 400 square feet.

    Remote Control
    Gone are the days wherein you have to use flints and gas to light up firewood inside your homes. With this modern-day fireplace, all you have to do is push a button to light the fire. You can also use the peripheral to turn it off as well. This media fireplace and TV stand have a remote powered by Bluetooth technology for easy and hassle-free connectivity.

    A Great Place for Your TV
    Searching for the right location to place your large flat screen TV can become a difficult challenge for just about any household. This media fireplace has shelving that also acts as a TV stand. This area can hold and fit flat panel TVs up to 70 inches in size. Furthermore, the furniture can withstand weights of up to 135 pounds so you’ll know its shelving won’t crumble with the heaviness of your TV. 

    What Users Saying About the Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand

    Most of the reviews for this fireplace lean to the positive end. Plenty of verified users are satisfied (and some are even highly satisfied) with the great utility of this product. Its main use is to provide comfort and warmth to homes, but people are finding its premium design to be a great asset as well.

    What Users are Saying About the Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand

    The crackling flames found in its fireplace are said to be very close to realistic. Looking at these flames are also therapeutic as it can help relieve worries and stress that may accumulate throughout the day. It’s also relatively easy to assemble but may require some professional assistance if users aren’t tech savvy. If you decide to install it by yourself, then it may take roughly 4 hours to complete.

    Regardless of the long amount of time to put all the pieces together, customers state that it’s all worth it in the end. Furthermore, the directions found in the instruction manual are detailed enough to greatly help even beginner Do-It-Yourselfers.

    However, there are some interested buyers who do have questions about the product. Since there are already buzzes about its assembly procedures, some buyers asked if it would be possible to order this fireplace pre-assembled. Unfortunately, that wish isn’t possible; therefore, if you do wish to cut down on installation time, then you may want to seek help.

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    Compare Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand vs. Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

    Perhaps the first characteristic that you’ll notice from these two fireplace TV stands is their size. The Walker Edison W58FP18ES is shorter than Whalen’s offering but it can carry more weight. The Barston Media Fireplace can hold up to 135 pounds on its shelving whereas the W58FP18ES can hold up to a maximum of 250 pounds.

    Compare Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand With Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

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    Next, you’ll notice that the storage spaces also have different designs. The Barston Media Fireplace has glass cabinets whereas Walker Edison’s furniture only has open shelves to store your books, video game consoles, and other knick-knacks.

    What’s the Disadvantage of Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand

    Perhaps the main disadvantage of acquiring the Whalen Barston Media Fireplace is its assembly time. Owners who will work on assembling this piece of furniture alone should allocate a few hours for the product’s completion. Furthermore, this fireplace TV stand should also have an adequate space in homes. Placing it inside small areas may result in crowding up the area.

    Why Should You Choose It or Not?

    Why Should You Choose It or Not?

    If you’re looking for a quality fireplace and TV stand rolled into one piece of furniture, then definitely consider getting this product from Whalen’s. It presents a suitable level of durability plus it can carry large screen TVs like they were nothing. Also, the addition of glass cabinets allows homeowners to store their items without worry of getting loads of dust on them.

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    Final Verdict

    The Whalen Barston Media Fireplace TV Stand has plenty of features on offer for different households. It presents a premium wooden design that won’t clash most interior designs. The warmth emanating from its fireplace can spread comfort to a large area, and it even has excellent storage spaces for different items. This product is an investment worth spending for the benefit of all household members.

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