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Solo Stove Bonfire Review – Is it the perfect stove for the backyard?

Solo Stove offers the Solo Stove Bonfire as the outcome of great minds thinking alike to create a product that promotes an efficient balance between minimalist outdoor design and combustion airflow efficiency. With durability and effectiveness in mind, this backyard bonfire unit delivers a more resourceful method of bringing you more heat as opposed to using ordinary firewood by its lonesome.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review

Check out our review of the Solo Stove Bonfire and why it has garnered rave reviews throughout the consumer world.


  • Setting everything up and packing it away after use can be done in less than a minute
  • It has a large drum to accommodate the enormous flame coming out of it
  • Minimal smoke exhaust
  • It is constructed out of a durable stainless steel material which can last for years


  • It is not meant for backpacking or camping trips but is still suitable for use in the backyard
  • It is not a good fit for cooking just about anything because of the intense heat, but it is still ideal for roasted marshmallows.
  • It has no handles for easy carrying, but a couple of extra pairs of hands can do the job if you’re planning on moving it around.
  • The bottom container doesn’t separate from the main unit which makes cleaning more difficult than other models, but scooping out the ash is still an easy task.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review – At a Glance

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Key Features of the Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire Review

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The Solo Stove Bonfire is made to last. It’s premium grade 304, and 430 stainless steel construction can handle more than just the average bumps and scratches. The durability of this model can even withstand the intense heat coming out of it. Expect the Bonfire to last for years as long as there’s still proper observance of correct cleaning and maintenance practices.

The Perfect Ambiance for Your Backyard

Backyard barbecues or just hanging out with family and friends with the Solo Stove Bonfire creates the right ambiance while you’re chatting it up with the people closest to your heart. Albeit the intense heat, it brings isn’t suitable for cooking food, you can still roast some marshmallows with it.

Efficient Wood-Burning Prowess

Lighting and burning firewood without proper equipment offers more hassles than convenience. With the Solo Stove Bonfire, it brings optimum wood-burning efficiency for all types of dry hardwoods. While softwoods can still be used with this unit, hardwoods such as maple, hickory, oak, or birch will last longer. Nonetheless, all of the wood will burn to ash which promotes cost effectiveness and added reliability.

Quick Heating

Other stoves will let you wait a few minutes before the flames start to pick up. With the Solo Stove Burner, on the other hand, the flames will start to stir up in less than a minute. Waiting times are shortened just to get the fire started, even if it’s frigid outside. Users can even add some catalysts, such as a few pieces of straw to make the flame light up faster than the norm.

Less Smoke

Once the Solo Stove Bonfire heats up, it does produce less smoke than other units on the market. It even produces less smoke than a regular campfire. However, it does take a good 10 to 15 minutes before it reaches this point. Nonetheless, it’s a practical choice if you want to minimize smoke emissions (so as not to scare the neighbors).

Quick Cooling

A remarkable trait of the Solo Stove Burner is it can rapidly cool. Even if temperatures can get significantly high while it’s burning wood, the stove will cool down in just a matter of minutes. Once it burns everything inside the drum down to ash and there’s nothing left to heat up, the temperature in the unit levels lower rapidly.

Easy Cleanup

Cleaning up the remains of the wood burnt with the Solo Stove Bonfire is just as easy as lighting it up. Since the unit cools down reasonably quick, you can scoop out the ashes from the wood you’ve used to heat up the surroundings. Once the ashes are out of the way, you can put in a fresh batch of wood to keep the flames going.

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What Users are Saying About the Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire Review

Rave reviews are piling up from users and owners of the Solo Stove Bonfire. At the time of writing, its Amazon product page has garnered 98 customer reviews, and these provided the item with a 4.8-star rating. It offers just about everything it advertised, which means it does give excellent value for money.

One Bonfire reviewer by the name of Mark Bernardin even exclaims that “this thing rocks!” His experience with this particular stove is nothing short of extraordinary. Flames will start picking up as soon as you ignite the drum. Once it hits the 10 or 15-minute mark, almost all of the smoke coming out of it disappears.

The reviewer even says that he’s going to get two more to give as gifts just because they’re “just so cool!”

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How Worthy is the Solo Stove Bonfire Compared to its Price?

Is the Solo Stove Bonfire expensive? Yes. Is it worth every penny you shell out just to acquire it? Yes.

Albeit the Bonfire by Solo Stove is a more expensive model as compared to other similar products on the market, it’s worth every cent. Its durability is top-notch, its heating performance is right on the money, and even cleaning and maintenance for the unit can be achieved using simple methods.

So is it the perfect stove for the backyard? It might not be the perfect unit, but it’s pretty close to it. It takes advantage of a unique airflow system that provides an efficient way of bringing heat and comfortable flames to your backyard.

The Bonfire offers a bunch of other benefits such as quick cooling, highly robust construction, and an efficient wood-burning prowess. With these characteristics combined into one ideal package, you won’t regret spending the extra dollars to get this quality product.

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Many stoves are circulating the market that can provide you with an adequate source of heating for your backyard or even for camping trips. However, many models are not on par with the number of benefits the Solo Stove Bonfire can bring into your life.

Yes, the Bonfire by Solo Stove is an expensive model, and it can put a hole in your spending allowance if you’re on a tight budget. Still, if you think about all the right things you’re going to get when you own it, you won’t regret shelling out the extra cash just to acquire this magnificent stove.

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