FIREBIRD Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Review

    What users saying about FIREBIRD Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Heater?

    Surviving through winters is sometimes not as easy as it should be. Statistics show that there are people who are getting sick and even died because of cold. That is why it’s important that a safe and easy to use heater is accessible to everyone.

    In this product review, we will consider one electric fireplace that you could use to provide the heat during the cold days. Presenting to you, FIREBIRD freestanding electric fireplace stove heater

    • Vintage Design
    • Simple Operation
    • Cost-Efficient
    • Heats Conveniently
    • Difficulty on Installation

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    What users saying about FIREBIRD Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Heater?

    This inexpensive free standing electric fireplace has a decent quality not that sturdily made as expected. It has limited features employing only a single heat setting with no additional flame effect. And since it has only one setting, the operation is very easy. You don’t have to click a lot of buttons to use it. There is no remote control accompanied or could be used upon using the device, so you’ll have to touch the switches into the panel to run it.

    What users saying about FIREBIRD Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Heater?

    Other than that, there are a lot of users who have complaints upon installation of this device. It tends to come in hundreds of pieces like a jigsaw puzzle that you could assemble as needed. However, with the instructions included, the assembly is no problem to most of its users. Though, it will take you a lot of time upon setup.

    But nonetheless, the device is still good.  It heats quite well and has a classic fireplace design for which a lot of users tend to love. Its price is very convenient for the quality you’ll be experiencing.

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    Compare Duraflame DFS-750-1 vs. FIREBIRD Freestanding stove Insert heater

    Looking at both devices, you’ll find a lot of similarities between them. Both have a similar vintage like design concept. Selection of either two of the devices depends on your personal preference. The Duraflame DFS-750-1 is highly black metal finished with an operational door and handle into it.

    Inside of this door, the fireplace insert is situated. It also includes four short and curvy legs. Like the latter, the Duraflame is square shaped bordered on its top. However, the Firebird has its edge in terms of size and weight. It’s much bigger and heavier than the other device. As to its heating capability, both devices have 1400 watt power.

    Compare Duraflame DFS-750-1 vs. FIREBIRD Freestanding stove Insert heater

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    Both also are capable of heating at a maximum of 400 square feet of space. Both include single heat settings with no additional flame effects into it. With regards to its price, the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton seems to be 30 dollars cheaper than the latter.

    But nonetheless, the device isn’t currently available for purchase in Amazon or any other retailing online shops. However, if you’re looking for something closer with the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton, then the Firebird is an excellent option, to begin with.

    Key Features of the FIREBIRD Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Insert

    Uniquely Design and Made
    Having dimensions of 31.75 W x 30.25 H x 9 D, this incorporates a classic fireplace design having a square freestanding front as needed. Its exteriors are mostly made from wood with its center portion possesses the fireplace insert adding beauty and glamor to the device.

    Nonetheless, it includes also four-squared shape bases attached to the edges of this device. Above the fireplace insert, an engraved flower-like design is put to add the vintage vibe for this device. Its topmost portion is bordered with the same wood material for sophistication and quality.

    Heat Distribution
    This device warms your place or space in a convenient power of 1400 watts. This amount of energy could approximately cater a 400 square feet area as needed. Additionally, it includes only a single heat setting or level with a 120 volt and 60-hertz input frequency available for use.

    Flame Design and Effects
    The LED flames are located at the centerpiece of the main design of this device. The LED innovated red colored realistic flames are embedded into a set of logs to create authenticity upon the operation. This 3D flame effect intuitively will keep you relax and comfortable upon a long day of work.

    Safe for Use
    Since it does not use any fuel or gas to provide heat, you’ll assure that the device does not excrete any by-products such as smokes or ashes into it. Nonetheless, the device also includes a safety shut off valve to prevent overheating upon the use of this device. Its CSA certified and considered safe for use to areas and states in the USA and Canada.

    Ease of Operation
    Exactly on the front panel of this device, it incorporates easy to press switches for use on turning on/off the power or heating the device as needed. These switches are identical and directly labeled as to what purpose it is. It resides in the front vent which exhausts clean air into it.

    What’s the disadvantage of FIREBIRD Freestanding Stove Insert?

    With its affordable price, you’ll expect that this device will not be that perfect as other expensive electric fireplaces. It does have some flaws that you should consider before buying this device. First, you’ll be having difficulty with the installation of this device.

    What’s the disadvantage of FIREBIRD Freestanding Stove Insert?

    You’ll have to spend a lot of time on its setup since you’ll basically all by yourself assemble everything as needed. Also, its material quality is not that intuitive and sturdy. It’s quite decent yet still efficient for installation into your spaces. Its flames are okay. Just like the material quality, it does not go as intuitive as other similar electric fireplaces go.

    Aside from that, the device has very limited heating and flame capability. Extra features on flames and variation on heat could be a huge improvement for this product.

    Why should you choose it or not?

    If you are looking for an entry level fireplace, then this device is an excellent choice for purchase. It’s easy to use and heats spaces efficiently. Its unique design perfect to place in your living rooms or bedrooms. The flames are very realistic with a simple layout and design for convenient use.

    Aside from that, the device is functional with responsive and accommodating customer service. But nonetheless, if you wanted a fireplace that could last for long and is very versatile, then this device isn’t for you. It doesn’t have any additional features as such as color and flame effects.

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    Final Verdict

    In very cold places and regions, fireplaces are a necessity. Without these devices, they can’t survive through heavy winters and cold spring days. As a practical option, people tend to buy affordable fireplace inserts for use.

    If you’re looking for a simple and beautifully designed fireplace, then this FIREBIRD Freestanding Stove Insert could be considered.

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